John McAreavey – The “Disgraced” Bishop of Dromore

BORIS JOHNSON was able to be married in a full Roman Catholic marriage in Westminster Cathedral because the RC does not recognise the marriages of a baptised Catholic outside a Catholic church.

Johnson was baptised a Catholic but later joined the Church of England and was confirmed there.

This is all “How many angels can fit on the head of a needle” claptrap.

The RC did not get much involved in marriages until the 12 th century.

And when it did get involved it did so to control men and women and their sex life and bodies.

A typical nonsense of canon law is called the Petrine Privilege.


Petrine privilege, also known as the privilege of the faith or favor of the faith, is a ground recognized in Catholic canon law allowing for dissolution by the Pope of a valid natural marriage between a baptized and a non-baptized person for the sake of the salvation of the soul of someone who is thus enabled to marry in the Church.

In essence, it is an extension to marriages between a baptised and a non-baptized person of the logic of the Pauline privilege, the latter being dissolution of a marriage between two non-baptized persons to enable one of them, on becoming a Christian, to enter a Christian marriage.

According to Canon 1150 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, the privilege of the faith “possesses the favor of law.” In other words, whenever it is possible that the privilege is applicable, the law favors its granting. Nevertheless, dissolution of a marriage in favor of the faith, which is seen as having a biblical precedent in Jews putting away their non-Jewish wives recounted in Ezra 10:1–14, is rarely used.


Boris does not strike me as a man who is overly interested in religion at all.

I imagine he went through the Catholic ceremony for his partner’s sake as she takes her religion more seriously.

Mind you, I don’t think either of them will be practising the RC method of contraception – THE RHYTHM METHOD 🤯

As my father used to say “Where would you get a jazz band at three in the morning”. 🤣


When I meet couples who want to marry and have a “complication” like a divorce I tell them not to waste their time on annulments.

I advise them to look after all their responsibilities from the first marriage, especially with regard to children.

I then tell them to get a civil divorce and advise them that they can marry “in the eyes of God” and in the eyes of the law of the land.

I tell them it does not matter a jot what a pope or bishop or priest thinks.

Its what God thinks that matters.

And, as God is LOVE he is very pleased with every genuine expression of love between his children – whether that is someone who made a mistake before – or two men or two women who love each other.

And why should supposedly celibate men, who spend their evenings in gay saunas, dictate to genuine couples grappling with the challenges of life, family, finances etc?