Marie Collins

MARIE COLLINS, the child abuse survivor and campaigner has spoken out about the total inadequacy and shortcomings of the new Vatican penalties for the abuse of children and vulnerable adults by clerics.

Marie condemned the Vatican for not including a NO ZERO TOLERANCE and NO MANDATORY REPORTING.

She went on to say that the Vatican still saw women and children as being “TEMPTRESSES”.

According to the new rules an offending priest CAN be punished.

But it still left to the local bishop to punish or not and decide the punishment.

This says Marie Collins amounts to NO CHANGE.

It also excuses priests who offended IN THE HEAT OF PASSION!

The document also equates CHILD ABUSE with ADULTERY!

Apparently the bishops of England and Wales asked the Vatican not to use tgis language.

TheVatican ignored them!

The Vatican excused it as TRADITIONAL LANGUAGE!

Collins said:

“As a survivor of abuse as a child it bothers me that I’m still being lumped in under ” thou shalt not commit adultery”.


There is only one way to sort the Vatican out:

1. Italy must renounce the 1929 Mussolini concard with the Vatican and bring it back under Italian and European law.

2. The international community should regard the Vatican as a rogue state and as an axis of evil.

3. Interpol and the Hague should investigate the Vatican as a criminal abuser of human rights and the rights of the child.

4. Take the pope out of the Vatican in handcuffs and march him and others off to be put on trial in a similar way to the Nazis in 1945.