A 70 year old friend of mine in London had a scary experience recently when accused of being a racist. This is his story:

“There are good laws; bad laws and good laws abused by bad men and women.

In totalitarian regimes, your enemy could go the authorities with a baseless accusation and you might end up ‘disappeared’.

In the UK the best way to damage someone’s reputation is to run to police claiming to have been ‘racially abused’. 

You need to produce no evidence; just a baseless and unsubstantiated claim. 

The police then have to spend hours investigating whilst real criminals go relaxedly about their business.

This is the scary experience of one resident.

“As I was preparing to leave my flat in London I saw a large BMW 4×4 parked with what appeared to its engine running.

I approached the driver and politely asked if he could turn off his engine: pollution levels being dangerously high in the area. The man replied that his engine was now off. 

This is something I gently do and am always met with courtesy.

In fact, because it was dark it was impossible to know the driver’s nationality.

Apologising profusely I said it must be the car next door.

I thought that would be the end of the matter: it was not.

The driver then said, “I will tell you what I will do”  

He proceeded to turn on his engine and revving it for a maximum of several minutes.

Astonished, I said to him, “ you really are stupid and rude: we don’t behave like that in this country.”

The burly, forty-something driver replied,“ We own this country”

I laughed and walked away saying, “You own this country? You really are an idiot”

Those were the last words I addressed to the driver for I did not wish his aggressiveness to turn to physical violence-my wife and son were close by.

A couple of weeks later I received this email from a PC Xxxxxxx at Kensington Police Station.

Good Afternoon, Mr Xxxxx

I am writing regarding an on-going investigation about a racially aggravated public order offence.
You are a suspect named by the alleged victim and you need to be interviewed about this matter.
Would you be able to come in for an interview on Thursday 12th March at 0730hrs?

This type of interview would be a caution + 3. You won’t be under arrest and you are entitled for a solicitor to be present.

If you fail to turn up for an interview, however, then you may be arrested in order to interview you about this offence.

Accused: Sorry, but can you please enlighten me?

PC Xxxxx


Someone has made an allegation against yourself that you racially abused him.

In order for this matter to be investigated, I need to interview you about this matter.

Are you able to come on Thursday 12th March at 0730hrs?

Accused: I am a seventy year old. Can we make it a later time?

I am now faced with the stress of having to prove the driver is a vexatious liar wasting police time and my own.

I am also faced with considerable legal fees to prove my innocence.

The police claim they are so under-resourced they can investigate only the most serious of crimes.

But here’s the irony….. thirty-eight of my close friends are either Nigerian, Ghanaian, Indian, Tunisian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Turkish, Asian or Middle Eastern.

The ten I have spoken to so far cannot believe what is happening to me: all are prepared to come forward to say I have not a racist bone in my body. 

More ironic is the fact that my wife is Japanese and my children and grandchildren all have French, German and Japanese blood and my cousins Jewish!

Were it not so serious it would be funny.

I don’t know what the driver claimed I called him to justify the allegation…..did he say this seventy year old threatened to beat up a man half his age? 
I  fear I am not that courageous!

What is interesting is that the police have not asked the driver what might have been the cause of the altercation which was the driver breaking the law by running his engine at maximum revs whilst stationary.

Were they to do so it would become obvious the driver was seeking to use the police in order to support his outrageous claim of racial abuse.”


Racism in all its forms and expressions is evil and should always be challenged.

But sadly there are people in the people of colour community who abuse charges of racism and make false accusations.

I had such an experience myself some years ago in the town of Balbriggan in County Dublin which has a very large Black community.

A black woman in a car drove right in front of me on the wrong side of the road and nearly caused a serious accident.

When I remonstrated with her and told her I was teporting her to the Garda she said: “If you do I will tell the Guards you racially abused me”.

I still went to the Garda station and reported her and her threat to accuse me of racial abuse.

In the politically correct society we live in it so easy to be accused wrongly.

Racism is an evil thing.

But so is calling someone a racist when they are not.


Happy Father’s Day, Bishop Pat 😊
Keep up the wonderful work in speaking up about abuse, covering up, and wickedness.
I’ve found the right bearing to my priestly ministry. No two ways about it!
God bless, Peter


Common sense goes a long way. We can’t say blackboard but we can say whiteboard. A colleague of mine said when she was young black people came from nearer the equator. A person is a person. The rest is variation on a theme. People are diverse not inferior or superior


I am very sorry to hear that your friend had such an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, people play power games and use whatever cards they have been dealt. In the past social status somehow conveyed the right to lord it over others, so Father X or Lady Y would enjoy putting waiters and shop assistants in their place. Today we hand out the race card, or the accusation of homophobia or transphobia, so we live in a kind of Stasi-run dictatorship where perfectly decent people live in fear of being delated to the authorities for apparent politically-incorrect behaviour. What is outrageous is that we demand that the police authorities patrol and investigate these non-crimes, thereby criminalizing the very people who generally uphold values of social responsibility. In the UK today, you would need your head examined should you dare challenge bad social behaviour, as it would likely explode in your face. Reprimand a kid for kicking in a bus shelter, and you’ll find yourself under investigation as a suspected paedo. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner is an absolute joke. i had expected Priti Patel to deal with this nonsense, but along with the rest of Boris’s team, she too is a waste of space.
Phew! I feel I should be writing to the Daily Telegraph instead of Pat’s blog!


Spot on with this post +Pat ! It is all to easy for some people to play the race card today when it is not true .


Sometimes, splitting the difference is a decent tactic. People who think they are “trying to ameliorate society” have got to try and puzzle out whether they really are. Then we can figure out completely fresh methods of actually doing so.
The good that Melleray devotees are effectively doing, isn’t burnishing the image of a sentimental “investment”, but warning the public to “go home by another way” and “not go down into the house”.
The RC doesn’t have any social glue (like the Durkheimists want it to) therefore it was Christ that kept us together until the Vatican City threw out the real beliefs and prayers (and not the nastiness in Ireland) like it was advised not to, and now we can look for Him where He is. Speaking solely for myself I am not here to “be inserted” by anybody except Christ.
A “thing” of course nowadays seems to be sexually protected strategic characteristics, but the very weakness in the RC policy is its organisational sacraments. Hence if they want to tinker with the proclaimed ontology of their personnel, now that they changed the meaning of “communion” 3 years ago, we can leave them to it.
It’s easy for laity, we can attend (phoning ahead) but not “go up” for more than a year, scarcely longer than most good Catholics in my day. Some decent priests are saying sermons, and there are Scriptures in your Missal if they get gabbled, and there is the Lord’s Prayer, neither of which belong to the RC nor are about the RC. If you do put money in the collection you are allowed strings attached.
Togoland is desperately short of abbots with a couple of years left of their term. After that the East End of London is the boom location for quangoes. Let’s have some imagination please.


Any language used whose purpose is to denigrate, humiliate, devalue and dehumanize others is totally unacceptable. There is a way of speaking the truth to others which need not be repulsive, prejudiced or racist because of colour, creed, class or profession. We often subconsciously use language which is offensive, believing it’s acceptable because it appears funny. For example, the many nasty, effeminising of senior clerics and gay people in general is a denigrarion of their dignity. Yesterday some commenters made remarks about the Papal Nuncio which were racist in tone. Feminine attributes have been heaped on seminarians and clerics and on Pat himself. We might say it’s all a bit of fun but surely, mature, respectful debate should not entertain any semblance of racism, bigotry or prejudice in a seeking of truth and justice. The race card can indeed be played but dishonesty never wins. We just all need to be more circumspect and careful in our usage of words.


Hey, nothing new here ! Even the police sift what they do through the prism of racism. It;s not too long ago that in various cities in the UK the police and authorities knew full well that taxi drivers and other night time economy workers, mostly of Pakistani origin, were sexually assaulting and abusing young white girls, passing them about between each other, but nobody would do anything because they were afraid that they would be accused of racism. Thankfully, dozens of these obnoxious perverts and abusers are now in prison serving long sentences. However, racism exists within and between BAME communities themselves. Where I live there are big groups of Pakistani Muslim origin, Sikh origin and Indian Hindu origin. They all hate each other more than they hate the white population. They deal with each other horribly – lots of racism between them, religious differences, class and caste differences etc., and often their own in house racism and discrimination is far worse than anything they say they receive from the white population. Recently, problems in India with farmers, including many Sikh farmers from the Punjab, manifested itself on the streets of my English city, where Punjabi origin Sikhs and Indian Hindus played out the dispute many thousands of miles away in India on the streets of my town. These divisions and tensions do not bode well for the future and I foresee considerable inter-communal strife and division in the decades to come as these various groups fail to integrate not only with each other but also with the indigenous British community, and our society is a collection of separate communities that view each other with suspicion. And, I do wonder what governments were thinking all those decades ago when they opened the gates to – then much needed – immigrants ? Did they not think that they needed some sort of strategy in order to ensure integration and peaceful cooperation and existence between these divergent communities ? Apparently not. Multi-culturalism was the order of the day, or in other words just letting the pieces fall as they would. There is, I’m afraid, trouble ahead.


Yes, IRISH republican ideological colonialism, by trying to force the majority British presence in Northern Ireland into a pseudo-national unity. And all for a land-grab.
I ask you.😞


@2:18: “a majority British presence” !!!!!!
In a gerrymandered statelet?
“ULSTER IS BRITISH” ……….All of it? Even Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan?
Down with Imperialism: freedom for Rathlin!


If he had come up to me and asked me to turn my engine off he would have been told to MYOB in no uncertain terms. What a busybody.


He’s probably the local busybody and has done this multiple times. How else would the driver know his name and address and go to the bother of attending the police station and swearing out a complaint.


I agree, a lot of these 70 year olds with one foot in the grave are just grumpy old men. To ask a man to turn the car engine was off, when in fact it was actually off is OTT. Is he on the senile spectrum Pat ? God help his neighbours. He’s probably the neighbour from Hell. His name wouldn’t be Victor Meldrew would it ?


How would the police have had his email address? I suspect this isn’t the first time he has acted like an auld fart and reported people himself to the police. My cousin has an ice cream van and she needs to keep the engine on to power the soft ice cream machine. She frequently gets these annoying types complaining, but who would think nothing of getting on a cheap Ryan Air flight and causing a thousand more times damage to the environment than her van does, or dine on avocados for breakfast-


Your cousin has a perfectly legitimate reason for keeping their engine running.

A private individual simply waiting around has no reason to do so.


Yer boy must be the local pollution police, rather than annoying local motorists he should move to a less polluted area.



He is actually a very intelligent and liberal man.
I think it is very ignorant to leave your engine running in a city centre residential area.


A footballer from Derry is the subject of sectarian abuse since refusing to wear a poppy on his shirt. The abuse of the footballer is absolutely scandalous. The British media and Kick It Out (football’s equality and inclusion organisation) turns a blind eye. Hypocrites!


Your friend could have easy have said, in defence: “That man in the car was smoking very strong cannabis and threatened him, with a gun, to hand over his wallet and that he ran away afraid for his life.”
I wonder how that would have gone down…?
Maybe the guy in the car would have gotten a very big surprise: one that would make him think twice about telling ridiculous lies again. No? (If that was indeed the case, of course. Never tell lies).
Moving forward: your friend is entitled to defend himself. We all are.
Those who tell big fat lies always carry the risk of being caught in their own net of deceit x



He should tell the guards that he confronted him in the car because he was pulling a Fr Carey 😁


Dear Pat,
I’m sorry to say but your friend demonstrated his ‘white privilege’ when he spoke to that man. Saying “we don’t do that in this country” was also demonstrating an ingrained racist element in him, where he considers the man to be from another country because of the colour of his skin.
He may not realise it, but your friend IS a racist and it WAS a racially motivated attack. I hope that the police will be understanding and instead of prosecuting will suggest he goes on a racial awareness course.
This site is not immune from displaying racism, from referring to “black babies”, and the suggestion that Nigerian clergy shouldn’t minister in Ireland, and of course the referencing of Irish travellers as ‘tinkers’ in this very comment section.
A lot of people don’t realise they are being racist, or offensive to the BAME communities but they are.


10.44: Good comment. A lot of comments about clerics of colour, more recently, about The Papal Nuncio, have been posted on this blog. The ugly habit of attributing women’s names to clerics, particularly, Archbishop Martin and many others, is racist and very repulsive. All words that demean the dignity of others, as used too often here, are morally unacceptable. Having fun at others by ugly comments should not be allowed. It is all too easy to be bigoted, hate inciting and racist. We each need to be very careful about our perception of those who differ from us in a myriad of ways. Tolerance and respect are fundamental in honest debate of any kind.


The Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Jude Okolo and Bishop Cullinan send Greetings to Pat and continue to pray for him and his soul.


Nonsense. Calling people female names goes back to the age of Polari. It was often used in a rather sardonic, cutting way, to demean or objectify, and this was never more so than the range of feminising words that were used to refer to the police – the natural enemies of the Polari speaker. “Betty bracelets”, “lily law”, “hilda handcuffs”, “orderly daughters” – these terms all mocked and questioned the gender identity of this particularly persecuting organisation. The same way that is used to mock authoritarian homophobic individual in the Church. You will doubtless recall Peter Tatchell with his poster of Pope ‘Betty’ Benedict – The Queen of Homophobia.


“Black babies” was what the church authorities Pat was quoting used to call them (quasi indexicality). When a youngster I accepted everybody else’s way of being English, because they seemed to accept ours, I thought it was normal to be diverse, and what was outside our front fence was outside our front fence (people weren’t preparing to attack us).
Your own case Pat was more serious than that man’s, I take it you know how to do sincerity when you make a case. I expect that lady subsequently remembered some tips from her driving lessons.
Meldrew = Doldrums + Melodrama + Mildew; Victor in everything.


Why did he feel the need to say “we don’t behave like that in this country.”‽ To me as a middle aged white man it does feel as if the comment was because of the hue of the person’s skin. Would he have said that to me if I has reacted in the same way to him? I somehow doubt it.


@11:28 bishopat
White is the key word. We as white caucasian people share the same privilege. It was our race that enslaved Africans hundreds of years ago. It was our race which ensured Black people remained poor by not offering them the same level of education, or job opportunities.
It was policing from members of our race who have justified violence against black suspects of crime, to the point of murdering them.

Our race has blood on its hands and others have a RIGHT to be suspicious of our intentions.


10.44, 10.49, I agree totally, the old buffer had no “common”.

Make BMW driving a “protected characteristic”. 4 x 4 is non-binary (though it is not odd). To think how there was such obsession about front or rear.

We thought it was normal to be a religious minority within a religious minority within a religious minority (three of my grandparents happened to change respective religions twice). It’s only in the last few years I’ve had my purely incidental lack of Irishness thrown in my face at church.


The scene in a North London parish at Sunday Mass this morning, caught on camera.
Two altar boys, one wearing no mask whatsoever, the other one wearing it pulled down so his nose was exposed.
The female reader SANG the Alleluia loudly and the congregation joined in. The priest helplessly waved his hands, trying to silence them. But the damage was done. The Gospel singer had a great voice by the way. A fine or a visit from the Police may follow soon.


Sorry to read your blog.
But I must point out why were you at Holy Mass someone who believes could have had your space and went to offer the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass.
You need to have a look at your FAITH (if you have any) as going to watch what others are doing and not what you are suppose to do is really sad.
You are shocking and really the RCC can really do without you.
The RCC Church and I hope Pat’s Oratory want people to be their to celebrate the Holy Mass and not see what other is doing.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available to you.
Sadly some parishes are full of people like you that the Church would like to educate or ask you is the RCC Church for you.
If I were the parent of the voluntary Altar Servers I would be very worried about you but Thank God all Our Parishes have safeguarding.


Well his eyes should have been on the Tabernacle in RCC and the Altar for the consecration.
and maybe saying Prayers and thoughts about Our Lord or Our Blessed Lady.
No his thought were on the Altar servers (boys)
I am sorry to read he was disappointed on the Alleluia and the female singer sadly the singer was doing what she was asked however the Congregation are not allowed to sing yet and they were in many pubs in London singing allowed for the football maybe he should have telephoned 101.
Many many people are desperate to get back to full singing and praise.
He has forgot to inform us if they had Holy Water in the Stoup.
We have plenty watching every move we make by the Police / Guards and Officials and we certainly do not need one of Our Own to spy on us however he need fear not as maybe someone has reported it and the Police / guards will come for the CCTV or the livestream.
I would hate to think this person did not have the atrocity to go and receive Our Lord during his spying mission.
So in short he was more interested in who was there and who was doing what.

In Southwark Dioceses it is worse the Church has a stalker following Father Peter.


Someone sent me the link, the Mass was broadcast live on YouTube, as advertised in the parish newsletter and website, as the parents and all parishioners would know. They chose to put their teenagers in the spotlight, as potential superspreaders, and certainly setting a bad example. It is a regular occurence, I am told. You have no idea what I believe. I hope that the virus has not spread there and that the church building will not be closed down due to an outbreak. The congregational singing, plus the Gospel Singer, would be the main risk. Canon Christopher will be having words with the PP.


Cartoon – that looks like a consecrated bagel round its neck.
Communion bread and wine were time honoured thanksgiving. Jesus didn’t mean we HAVE TO do it (Jews would to begin with be inclined to continue), just IF we did it would we realise discerning His Body is about the fact that ascending, He distributed diverse gifts that are not about manoeuvring other people around in the flesh.
That is why Real Presence is not transubstantiation.
God made the RC work better than it “should” (on grounds of its theory) for a long while because there used to be beliefs and prayers (as well as the nastiness in Ireland) that gave a point to what sacraments we had, and not just the sacraments without any point like we are left with now. It’s the beliefs and the prayers and the gifts (of lots of people) that got you Bp Pat to where you are, thank God.


This might not be suitable for publishing. I’ll post honestly anyway…
“we don’t behave like that in this country.”
Anon 10:49 is right that this language might have been deemed offensive. We’ve seen on here how the Anti-Catholic snakes get their socks in a twist over absolutely nothing! 🐍😆
Anti-Catholic snakes; “Oh Bishop Pat save us from a conversation about what is right! Oh Bishop Pat make haste to save us from being corrected!”


Yes the truth should always prevail. Not many have the guts to admit, as you have, that you start off with the assumption that everyone else is wrong and you are not interested in a discussion.


‘Anti-Catholic snakes’, Seamus? Isn’t this hate speech?
Your a follower of Christ, aren’t you? I can tell, y’ know.
And these ‘snakes’ getting ‘their socks (?😕) in a twist over absolutely nothing!’? Oh! You mean over such small beer as the rape and sodomisation of innocent children? The cover-up, by romanist bishops, of these cowardly crimes by their priests? The financial and sexual corruption and exploitation at the Vatican, Seamus? The drug-fuelled parties there…and all at the expense of little Catholics like you who donate sheepishly every week to these Christ-betraying parasites?
I can tell that you are something else, too, Seamus.


Hi MC 2:12,
I am not speaking of responses to heinous crimes. I’ve been accused of being Anti-Catholic for being critical of the Church.
“Snake in the grass in English
(sneɪk ɪn ðə ɡrɑːs) informal. a deceitful or treacherous person. He’s just a snake in the grass and a guy you can’t trust.”
These Anti-Catholic snakes I speak of throw their toys out of the pram when comments highlight untruths they want to peddle.


Magna carta same old from you however maybe you have not moved on very few of the Sheep give weekly as it is 2021 so it is Direct Debits, Standing Orders, Contactless and very little cash.
The RCC 1.5 Billion faithful is always on the march as God’s Army.
Thursday is prepare ye the Way the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist.


Sadie looks like Mr Grainger from are you being served. Can’t be getting any unpaid action these days surely?


@ 10:49 am— When a 70 year old pensioner says “We don’t behave like that in our country”, it’s quite different from a teenager or a loud mouthed young person saying it.
If a young man of colour were to say to me “You are a very funny young white man, I like you”, I would be more inclined to think he was taking the piss and possibly take a little offence”, I certainly wouldn’t make a complaint to the Police, though. And what for? Childish behaviour; and, to waste Police resources and put others at risk of harm because I have no sense of others or the wider community.
(Your local MP could assist with these wee matters).
However, if an aged person of colour were to say this to me, I would take it as an affectionate and friendly comment, and more than likely reply, with sincerity, “Thank you, Sir / Miss. You are very kind.”
I suppose you could say it comes down to culture and nuances: that’s behaviour—acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
Of course: I say this without taking into consideration Police Statistical Analysis with regard to the whole spectrum of the younger-adult culture, worldwide..
Moving forward, somewhat: is it the case some statistics many politicians find uncomfortable to even acknowledge exist?
But in saying this: not all politicians are the same—and fair enough.
However, the “odd one” could well indeed be self serving… we all know one of them 🙄
These days, social responsibility is just as important a topic as is Human Rights: and very much so because they go hand-in-hand… I know: isn’t it a fascinating fact..
Just one of our many responsibilities, as a society, is to ensure the well-being of our fellow men and women: in the Christian understanding this is our neighbour…
“Love thy neighbour…” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”
Is it just me or does this second verse have just a wee bit of a nuance of “caveat” about it?
Don’t forget, though: the Gospel is all about love, justice and setting captives free.
Living by the principals of our Christian faith should be a labour of love —- and not a love of the Labour!
… Do you see where I’m coming from @ 10:49 am?
You are within your right to take a wee bit of umbrage, good Sir. Please feel free; it is your Human Right, so to do…


Some years ago, a neighbour of mine reported me to police for racially abusing her very young daughter. It was a total lie. I had complained about the mother’s boorish behaviour … to the woman herself, but to no one else … and she took revenge on me by knowingly making that false report, itself a criminal offence. Two young officers came to speak to me at home, both with English accents by the way. (Gosh! 😱 Is it racist, xenophobic or anglophobic to say this? Is it a hate crime? 😂)
A file was sent to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS), and I had to wait a stressful few weeks or months for an outcome. The decision? ‘Not to prosecute’
The woman had a history of lying to police, and on this occasion had used the race card as a weapon, against me. But if she hadn’t had such a history, I might have been prosecuted for a crime I had not committed, and would never have committed (especially against a child), whatever the provocation. The woman’s male partner, another liar, had made a statement in support of hers.
Incidentally, I had no idea the woman had a mixed-race child; the family was relatively new to the area. I had seen the daughter just twice, and from a distance: the little girl looked about five years old… and white.
What happened to the couple who had lied about me in their written statements to police? Were they prosecuted for knowingly making false reports? Like hell they were!
Over-sensitivity, even malignity, about social matters doesn’t concern race alone: it takes in other areas, too, like sexuality, gender, religion.
I have been accused, unsuccessfully, of most of these on this blog, even threatened, on more than one occasion, with police action. But beware any further accusers: If I don’t laugh off such uproarious nonsense (which I normally do 😂), I shall come at you tooth and nail… and then make total asses of you. Magna is one hard-nosed bastardo. A warrior, not a wallflower.
You have been warned.
(Just lettin’ y’ know, like. 😀 ♥️)


1.03: A makey up story. Totally. Magna’s imagination, like his behaviour, is in full flow. Imagined or not, Magna’s warrior style, ugly, violent, bastardo personality convinces me to believe that he would engage head on with anyone who dared challenge him and I have no difficulty believing that he would be nasty and abusive to a child. Magna, you have demonstrated your craziness and abusiveness on this blog on a daily basis. You cannot be trusted. You are the supreme racist, bigot and hater. Indeed, you are a hard nosed bastardo.. in your own words. I’d add to that description – a big piece of stenchy caca!! Do stay in your cave..😁😋☻☻☻☻☺😋👹👹😅😅😅😘..


None of which explains why you have decided to use his own favourite phrases back to him, which you say are unacceptable. PMSL!



No. NO! Not a makey-up story I assure you. Downpatrick police can confirm every jot and tittle of it.

Just go to the PSNI station, through the Downshire estate, and ask for the file on Magna Carta.

See? ‘Seasy as that, so ’tis.😕


Scottish Law is tighter the guy is lucky he did not get a fixed penalty fine and then if he did not pay that he would need to defend why in Court.
When the Indian variant was first announced Nicola Sturgeon quickly renamed it April 02 variant as she did not want preadjust against Indian people however WHO came to her rescue and now call it the Delta variant.
Scotland is far more strict in case of disability, creed, colour, sexuality, age, sexual orientation and religious bigotry as all get fixed penalty notices or straight to the courts.
So the guy got of light even although he is innocent.


MMM at yesterday’s Post.

Re Franceso Lepore ex priest at the Vatican, I think I’m starting to see that rcc is conning us (biggest con) re their duplicity and their double lives. They rcc don’t practice what they preach.

First indication was long time ago when PP was banging housekeeper in their parochial house. Thought it was one off but it wasn’t. That was when curate parked his car outside our home all night. Next day locals gossiped re curate car re their possible theories.

Unfortunately, I bought a liqueur from Belgium whose alcohol content was 90%. That curate got very drunk quite fast as he was slurring a lot. So decision was made to bed him in another room in a chair until he woke up next morning. Locals stopped gossiping when he left but he never returned again .
Parents were furious at me cos I didn’t know the alcohol content as I didn’t look at it at all. Looking back now, I just laugh knowing that priest was human cos he broke his sermon wooden perch that morning. As his sermon papers were flying around. Some of us all laughed at that knowing what happened previous night. He’s a very decent curate, honest and avid golfer at that. That was years ago.

Nowadays, some priests are leading their double lives thus they werent totally honest with us. Lepore demonstrate this utter and sheer duplicity that is operating on inside the Vatican on the lives of many priests, monsignors, prelates working there.

Lepore says its 80% of the priests or the curia inside the vatican are gay.

I noticed another poster saying that our father prayer doesn’t belong to rcc. This was interesting cos rcc wasn’t formed then cos when jesus went radical and started preaching. He didn’t think of setting one up that time. It’s a huge possibility that jesus didn’t intend rcc to be set up or had no intention of doing it at all.

7 seven sacraments were non existent that time except for baptism. Its a joke when rcc speaks of a ‘community’ cos they are talking down to us. That’s a sign of oppressor not in an equal footing with the true sense of what community means to us.

Then i stopped reading frankie comments or any known Bishop as I skip them through the papers. Its not worth listening to them cos they know they are duplicitous, not honest with us.

How long left will the rcc in Ireland crash down?

Signs in Poland re huge lbqt pride march yesterday as they defied polish rcc bishops. Its a anotyer sign or signal that rcc is no longer seen as credible and honest organisation.


I have been to africa , some of the nicest people in the world, they would get a back hander and winded as kids for disrespecting their elders, saying that so would i lol ….
unfortunetly some do play the race card here and sadly some of the older generation think its acceptable to tell people to turn off their engines when in reality its none of their business….
He barked and he got bit in return!


Not only its a racism but a discrimination card as well. Deafies as I call it as informal way of addressing, have been called different names even degorarty names worse than that. Discrimination is very common in various shades of degrees even in hidden ones.

Bible verse leviticus 19:14(that quote was given to me by a deaf gay man who is into lace and Latin Mass). I was intrigued by it cos never heard of it. But I tell you there is some truth in that cos it had happened to other people from what I have heard.

‘Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, but fear your God. I am the LORD.


I noticed one innocuous comment yesterday on Nancio Okolo and Fanny Fitzgerald was described as “racist and ageist.” How so?


Bp Pat, the blog would never be the same if it were dumbed down and no references made to the quintessential +Aul Doll or +Elsie Westminster or +Crazy Legs Conti, to name just a few.


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