Currently the American Catholic Bishops are publishing a document which will ban Joe Biden from receiving Holy Communion because of his political support for abortion.

I am very happy to ssy that I have never, in 45 years of priesthood, refused anyone Holy Communion.

As a sinner myself I do not think that I have the right to judge another as being unworthy of Communion.

Neither have I ever refused absolution to anyone.

As a sinner myself, how could I?

God is the ultimate judge.

And we are told in Scripture that God does not judge by externals, but by what is in a person’s heart.

Apparently, Joe Biden, personally does not approve of abortion.

But that, quite rightly, he does not feel he can impose his own Catholic morality on the whole population of the USA, most of whom are not Catholics.

I think that Biden has it right on this one.


Many Catholics and clerics have made abortion into the watermark of who is a good Catholic and who is not.

This is very narrow thinking.

Morality is a great big, complex sphere and cannot be reduced down to one issue.

Christians cannot be one issue moralists.

And abortion itself is a very complex moral issue and those who reduce it to a simple black and white issue are either stupid or malevolent.


The RC Church and its bishops and priests have lost all their credibility when it comes to morals.

This has come about as a result of:

1. The widespread and global reputation the RCC has for being totally corrupt.

2. The global clerical sex abuse scandal.

3. The global scandal of bishops covering up abuse and moving abusing priests around the globe, for them to abuse again.

4. The homosexualisation of the priesthood with bishops and priests secretly living lives that would out the make the ancient Romans blush.

Even the Vatican (for politiking reasons of course ) have told the US bishops to hold back.

My feeling is that the US pricks will press on with their plans to block Biden from Communion.

The only good outcome of that will be the RC in the US and world shrinking more.


Jesus didn’t say “Take this, some of you and eat it”, he said “Take this, ALL of you and eat it”. Anybody who doesn’t practice open communion is against Christ. End of argument.


Another nice demonstration of abusive behaviour by a cathbot. By their fruits you shall know them.



Be informed with your insults.

No, that is not true: Anglicans believe in CONSUBSTANTIATION. They do not believe the eucharist to be just a piece of bread.

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@Magna Carta it is you who is wrong. Anglicans DO NOT officially believe in consubstantiation. Anglicans do not subscribe to any particular Eucharistic theology other than the Eucharist being the real presence of Christ in a mystical sense. Some Anglicans believe in Transubstantiation, others are receptionist, some would be memorialist and there is everything inbetween. I think Fr Graeme Rowlands of S. Silas Kentish Town would be horrified if someone described him as believing in consubstantiation. He would be firmly in the traditional Catholic camp.
Whereas Rev William Taylor at S. Helen’s, Bishopsgate would be horrified to think that somebody likened the Lord’s Supper at his church to anything like the Catholic Mass which he would believe is heretical.

Magna, don’t try to be an expert on something that you clearly know nothing about!


Anonymous @ 8:11 am— My man was an Anglican / Protestant and I made it my personal duty she receive Protestant Communion / Lord’s Supper just before she died of Cancer; I was, still am, rested and assured she was prepared for her journey home to God in heaven.
I believe, certainly pray, that on a level you probably don’t mean to cause offence by your comment over The Lord’s Supper / Holy Communion (I believe with all my heart and being they’re the same thing).
I don’t reckon life, things, are that simple; things aren’t that black and white, @ 8:11 am.
Lots of people say we’re on this journey of life alone — but not everybody!
It’s true in some ways: but for the those who believe in Christ—Christians, we’ve been taught a new way, haven’t we?
I’m aware of the politics which can sometimes become entangled within these areas of Our faith (yes: Our Christian faith); and I’m certainly aware of the historical facts: the Reformation and Counter-Reformation; and, even a little reletevly recent: the evils of colonialism and it’s still painful memories.
I know I probably sound a bit daft, and I don’t care to be honest: but politics shouldn’t stop us from loving one another.
And with regards to your comment about Communion / Lord’s Supper: “It’s just a bit of bread to you,” — on a theological note: ‘low-church’ Anglicans / Protestants wouldn’t be able to agree with your comment anymore, that it is indeed ‘just bread’… because it is bread: it’s the bread of life — and it is Christ, Christ alone, who is the bread of life!
“This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that anyone who eats of it shall not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven; If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My own self, which I shall give for the life of the world.”
— John 6: 50-51



The Achille’s heel of your post (and not the only one, as it were): ‘…DO NOT officially

Who mentioned Anglican theological officialdom? I didn’t. You need to read what’s on the page, so to speak, and not what’s in your imagination, to speak without licence.

The doctrine of Consubstantiation has been nuanced through theological controversy ever since its origin with the Lollards in the 14th century. In its semantically pure (or original) form, it referred to four elements: the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ in a co-existent state with bread and wine. This changed over time to refer not only to the human corporeal factors mentioned in the original doctrine (the body and blood of the humanised Christ), but also to the presence of these in ‘an heavenly or spiritual manner’. (From Article 28 of the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion). This is a nuanced form of Consubstantiation, but it IS Consubstantiation nevertheless.

Even so, many Anglicans, especially in the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Church of England, DO believe in Consubstantiation IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM. But virtually ALL Anglicans, whether or not they would acknowledge the fact, believe in Consubstantiation in one form or another.


LOL Magna Carta you genuinely don’t have the first idea about Anglican belief do you!



You, genuinely, can’t address my post at 4.51, can you? Hence your retreat into lol-ing at 7.46.

But if you must save face… 🤕


US bishops get sent on some blood curdling assignments elsewhere in the world, that disadvantage millions of people, just ask the superior over Paul Gallagher’s department. Don Franco announced the outcome of one of those just before his lunch on an Argentinian aeroplane. Having overly hyped up Freud and Reich’s woolly-minded lugubrious obsessions with “body theology” (instead of just saying keep appropriately pure) combined with cliquey Schelerism, and perpetuated a story about Jesus obliterating bread (in the real world the real Jesus respects and cherishes all substances even as he adds His Presence alongside), but throwing away all other beliefs and prayers, sadly the slippery slope has been beckoning.
In my young day people who “didn’t go up” were affording cover for those who did “go up” because we all felt equal whether we did or didn’t, but that was before we obeyed orders to stop believing. In other words the “bad old” Church had a far lighter touch around “communion”, at the same time as both Church and world weren’t yet hand-in-hand at deluging us with all that heavy going sex. In those days, nobody needed a “charism” of “being inserted” or of continually “going”.


Funny to see @9.02am’s irritation by referring to someone who disagrees simply as a Cathbot. Clearly has no argument to make only that word. Pathetic.


Pity your education is so poor you couldn’t read any of the other words in their comment.
You’re a cathbot aren’t you!


Woke is good. It’s not a bad thing.
The opposite to “woke” is to be asleep and unaware to injustice, racism, homophobia and sexism in the world. Jesus commands us to ‘stay woke’ in the Gospels for it is HE who says:
“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, “I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’
“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’
“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.””

From the Woke Gospel of Matthew.

Alternatively, you can watch the unwoke Gospel:


1 Corinthians 11:27
So anyone who eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord unworthily is guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord.


Well said Onesimus. We have to approach the Eucharist with purity of heart, and the church has every right to point that out to those who would ‘Sin against the body and blood of the Lord’
We see it at every Funeral, Wedding , first communion etc. They troop up without a thought for the sacred reality they are approaching; many of they living with partners, having had abortions, etc etc. It’s not smarties being given out.


So what is being “given out” Indignatus?
While you may devoutly believe in the “real presence ” after transubstantiation, are you aware that this concept is much disputed within equally devout religious circles? And then of course there those who pick and choose what aspects of religious beliefs they choose to believe and follow : some of them may consider sharing communion as simply a symbolic representation of fellowship. Their beliefs, or lack of could be as equally strong as yours. And in the absence of definitive proof one way or another, whose beliefs and “rights” are to take precedence?



The Corinthians were known for their sexual and other libertinism, and they didn’t hold back, some of them, when they gathered for agape (the love feast, or eucharist).

They would gorge on the food there, leaving not enough, or none at all, for those to follow. (Yes, they had staggered agape breaks.)

They would get drunk at the meal.

They would (saints preserve us!) CAROUSE. As me muddler would say, you couldn’t have taken these Greek geeks anywhere; they were so badly behaved.)

It was THESE behaviours to which Paul was referring, not to what we refer today.


10.12: Considering Pat’s declaration that he has never refused any person Holy Communion, would he give Holy Communion to Dom Mark Kirby, Abbot Purcell, Pope Francis or any of the clerics he has condemned as unacceptably errant, devious, lying deviants and “anti christs” ? What are the grounds for making an exception to not giving Holy Communion to someone? Any answers, Pat?


If I was approached for Holy Communion by any of those you mention I would give them Communion.
I would not give someone Holy Communion if I knew they wanted it to use it as part of a Black Mass or some other horrible purpose.
I have given Communion to Protestants and others who presented themselves for it.
I can judge someone’s behaviour to be improper and scandalous but I cannot judge someone’s soul and heart and their state of grace.


I keep thinking of the gross disrespect for the eucharist shown by Fr Sean Rogan when he tore it from the mouth of a hospital patient simply because it had been given by you.


Funny, Lucifer would probably do the same, could he find room there among all the clerics already ensconced (er, according to Chaucer🤔).


Why give holy communion to people who do not believe?
I think that the comment at 1.45 is absolutely disgusting and should not have been published. Your reply was too much too mild.
Garngad Lad


Anon 4:31, you are a comment maker like the rest of us. Just comment and leave the moderation to the man himself.
The comment was absolutely disgusting. We’ve been given a glimpse from some comments in recent days that there are some dirty filthy animals out there.


1.45: Pat, this vulgar, blasphemous comment should not have been printed. No justification and your response, while trying to be sarcastic, is very tasteless…Why don’t you delete such comments. Vulgarity at its worst.


Were I a Romanist/cathbot, like you, I probably would have authored that awful comment. After all, it’s what cathbots, like you, do.


You are an exceedingly slow learner on this subject, Seamus. Or maybe you just don’t like admitting you are wrong.
The Church has NEVER preached such a commandment. Even you must know that the romanist church has long morally favoured war in certain prescribed circumstances and , until 2018, the death penalty.


Hi MC 6:49,
Pope Francis didn’t say that God had told him to revise the Ten Commandments as claimed in a widely shared story years ago. Francis never made the purported comments and has not changed or added to the Ten Commandments. He has no authority to do that, given that the core moral teachings of Christianity and Judaism were said to have been revealed to Moses by God and are written in the Bible.


A solitary calling: Life in a Cistercian abbey
Despite smaller numbers entering the cloistered life in recent years, the inhabitants of Mount Melleray and St Mary’s Abbeys in Waterford have found that the pandemic has led more people to think about living a simpler spiritual life

Donal O’Keeffe
19th June, 2021


I am sure Bishop Pat and Yvonne will inform you he is a wonderful man but Fr Ger Fitzgerald may say different. 🙂


It is the Church of the Future however Ger Nash will be gone to eternal rewards before the RCC has Women priests.
The laity are doing many Good thing in organised Dioceses like Funeral and preparations for the Sacraments.
Parish Pastoral Councils, finance teams, fabric teams, bereavement teams and liturgy teams are the way forward.
It is time for Father to let go of being hall keeper, plumber, joiner, gardener and so on and Concentrate on the Eucharist.


Im sure Joe Biden will be beating a path to the Oratory to receive communion from Pat the next time he’s in Ireland.


9.31: MMM – The Mass we celebrate is done so that we never forget what Christ has done for us – The “Do this in Memory of me” is the injunction of Christ himself – ” Take this all of you and eat it – Do this in memory of me”. On these words alone can we place our belief in the sacredness, mystery, awe, wonder and efficacicousness of the Eucharist. For me, the Mass is a celebration of Christ truly present with us: God’s life and love given eternally in and through Christ. When you sit down with a load if bread and simevwinecand share your time and kufe and live with others – that, symbolically, can be Eucharist, if you choose to see “communion” with others in a faith/spiritual context. And I’m certain you have many such moments!! They are the moments we cherish and which nourish us in spirit together…


I’m not sure which is my favorite bible passage.
It’s either the one where Jesus told his followers to ignore everything he said about abortion, which isn’t a thing in the Law anyway (despite Seamus’s misinterpretation).
Or it might be the one where Jesus tells the disciples to decide only they have the real thing and they must go on Bishop Buckley’s blog and bitch about all the other churches.
Tricky one.


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth
Safeguarding Officer
Salary range £30,000 – £32,000 per annum full time equivalent (dependant on skills and experience).
2 posts available:
1) 35 hours (5 days) per week plus defined benefits contributory pension.
2) 28 hours (4 days) per week plus defined benefits contributory pension
Reporting to the Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator.
Closing date for applications: Friday 18th June 2021
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth
Safeguarding & DBS Administrator
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35 hours (5 days) per week plus defined benefits contributory pension.
Reporting to the Safeguarding Coordinator.
Closing date for applications: Friday 18th June 2021
The Catholic Parish of St Swithun Wells
Part-Time Housekeeper for the clergy in Eastleigh.
Salary: £3,535.30 per annum (FTE £17,672.20).
Part-time: 7 hours per week (to be worked Tuesday 09.30am to 12.30pm and Thursday/Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm)
Closing date for applications: Sunday 20th June 2021, 12 Noon.
Portsmouth Diocesan Tribunal
Part Time Audio Typist (zero hours contract)
Hours of work: This is a zero hours contract. Working hours will be as agreed.
Purpose of role: Transcription of digitally recorded interviews.
A vacancy has arisen at Portsmouth Diocesan Tribunal for the role of Audio Typist. The role will be based at the Tribunal Offices, 61A Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 9BS.
For further details of the above vacancies see


Stop fantasising! 😡 It’s a spiritual barrier to agape, according to the USCCB. 😀


Magna what about Safeguarding job ? You should know all about abuse – Day after day we read your verbal abuse on this blog .


My dear friend, Magna’s ‘verbal abuse’ is just ‘love’ by circumlocution.
‘For whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth…’. (Hebrews 12:6. KJV)
Magna, too. In the footprints of the Master, of course. 😆


Forgive my ignorance due to little Catholic education , what’s the difference between Transubstantiation and consubstantiation.

Not many deaf people approx 99% would know this.

Came across a twitter of Ray Flynn who was an ex athlete and a miler, around at the same with Coghlan in the 80’s. He stills holds irish 1500m record.

Twitter :
The hypocrisy of

Bishops never ceases to amaze. Look in the mirror! No shame for their own past.
The New York Times: Targeting Biden, Catholic Bishops Advance Controversial Communion Plan.



Transubstantiation= the bread and wine change into the body and blood.
Consubstantiation= the bread and wine don’t change but the body and blood are present and actually received in communion. It is often associated with Lutherans so don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it!
Yes they have no shame. Perhaps the people should storm the altars and prevent the bishops receiving communion until it is clear they are leading the diocese properly.


The US bishops have given Francis and the Vatican a big two finger FO sign over this issue. That will not be forgotten by the Vatican for a long time. Gomez of LA has no hope of a red hat now. In quiet and subtle ways, these guys will pay a price for their subordination and insolence. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Watch that space.


7.07pm anon
Red hat is meaningless, its another step to corruption inside the Vatican and being compromised as well. Its all male, no diversity and plenty of group think.


Better in Heaven with no red hat, for having been faithful to Christ on the issue of abortion, than roasting in hell with one, for having betrayed Him and His unborn sisters and brothers.


Here’s more: Cordileone of SF doesn’t even mention the Pope. It’s all arrogant certainty that he and these other bishops are following the Holy Spirit. I can imagine what Francis will think of that. There is rebellion in the air. And there is only one way to stop that. Francis needs to cull those that stand in opposition to him, the Vatican, the bigger picture. The Papal knife will be out soon.


Dear Bishop Pat,
Our newly ordained curate of one year has gone MIA.
Can you investigate why? People are worried. He is well loved and there are rumours of suicide.
Do you have a email?


Did anybody tune into YouTube and watch Synod 2020 for Liverpool Archdiocese, yesterday afternoon?
At those events most of the priests from the Archdiocese are present; this was not the case yesterday…
It made for very uncomfortable watching, I can tell you!
Archbishop Malcolm really doesn’t have a clue what it is he is doing.
He is totally out of touch with his clergy a d the wider world.


6.54: Marge, you are recognised not only under MC but also in many anonymous comments. The vulgarity is the same. Haters cannot always disguise themselves…you’re verbiage is always identifiable…Hop it back to your cave… dearie..


Bp Pat, I always do a quick word search of the comments when the subject doesn’t interest me. Unfortunately, the +Aul Doll, +Elsie, and +Crazy Legs Conti don’t feature. Maybe another day.


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