Hi Mr Nash,

Hope you are well.

You did mention if I remembered anything else to forward it on in an email.

My apologies for the delay. It has been a very stressful few weeks and meeting make me nervous.

I have remembered sone details to be updated on your report which I feel are important and relevant and would be grateful if all the facts could be included.


Ger Fitzgerald disclosed to me that he had sexual intercourse with a wonan in Maynooth in 2012 within his forst twelve months of his ordination. It only lasted 23 seconds and hence the jokes about it with me, the captioned jokes I previously forwarded during our conversations.

Ger Fitzgerald’s previous girlfriend that I previously mentioned – he and her were seeing each other for years, although he intentionally never told me her name and where she is from, for protection. He spoke about regularly.

They spend every New Year’s eve together as the married man she is now having an affair with has to be with his wife that night.

They broke up as a couple six years ago but still see each other weekly and every New Year.

She is 38 years old, he said.

Ger disclosed to me that they broke up. It was her choice, not his, due to complicating factors. She is now seeing a married nan who is a bus driver, with a big gut apparently.

In January 2020, a couple of weeks prior to us having intercourse, Ger sat me down and stated:

“Before we go through with this, it can only happen one time, I don’t want you getting the wrong idea….it happened before”.

Thats at least three women accounted for since 2012.


On mine and Ger’s first trip together to Limerick Ger pointed out all the brothels in the city to me. He also appointed out another building to me and said: “That’s where I had my first gay experience”.

I do feel its important for the diocese to be aware of all these details and the lack of integrity, morals and principles exercised by a man in his position and that maybe Ger should also be considered for counselling, therapy, assessment for these issues to be addressed.

I also requested an apology from Mr Fitzgerald in my sworn affidavit and after the meeting two months ago. Cleo did mention that it was not the right time.

I never did get an answer.

Has Mr Fitzgerald given any more consideration as to whether I will receive a sincere apology. It would give me closure from all this trauma as he was denying everything and led to me being ridiculed as a liar and being at the receiving end of abuse from his supporters.

An apology would start the healing process and we could all move on peacefully from this situation.


Yvonne never dought to get involved with Ger Fitzgerald

Ger asked her out on a date 3 to 4 times and she refused. She had no time for priests.

Eventually, she agreed to go out with him.

They then dated for 6 months.

After they had sexual intercourse Get cooled off and distanced himself.

Ger in white

Naturally, Yvonne felt used and cast off.

Yvonne was by no means Ger’s first sexual conquest.

Ger was a priest with a public promise of celibacy.

Yvonne has no such attachments.

Get acted improperly.

He needs to apologise to Yvonne.


Fr Gay Slattery passed away this week in Dublin. RIP.

He taught philosophy in Clonliffe for a while and later worked in Clontarf parish.

He was quite a looker as a young man and a great favourite of Archbishop McQuaid.

He disappeared very suddenly 20 year ago as a relatively young man.

I wonder what happened?