Fr Gabriel Slattery was buried yesterday in Mount Merrion parish in Dublin. Archbishop Dermot Farrell was present.

But Fr Slattery disappeared off the radar in 2007 after finished as PP of Clontarf. Thats 14 years.

Then in 2016, someone put it on my blog that he was an aromatherapy masseur in a private sports injury clinic.

That would suggest that he had left the priesthood behind him?

I never heard of an active priest being a masseur of any kind.

But then he dies and he gets a full prorsts funeral with the archbishop presiding.

What arrangement had Diarmuid Martin come to with Gay Slattery?

When a priest leaves active ministry early ( and Gay was only 63 ) it would be normal for his situation to be addressed by either voluntary or imposed laicization.

But it seems Gay’s situation was allowed to drift?

Why? We are entitled to ask.

Was Gay’s someone’s favourite?

Was he “protected”?


The preacher at yesterday’s funeral was a John Daly, a friend of Gay’s for 42 years apparently.

John Daly playing games

I noticed his white sneakers sticking out under his alb.

Why do so many priests dress so badly for Mass, funerals and weddings?

Everybody else in the church yesterday was dressed for a funeral. Its just respect!

I thought the sermon was very “new age traveller”.

He spoke about sharing Eucharist with Gay – but rarely in a church – on a balcony or in a garden.

And about Gay exploring other world religions.

He spoke about Gay keeping his medical condition a secret for years – even from his close family and friends.

All very strange.

Maybe there is an ordinary explanation to all this?

But I smell a fair whif of cover-up.