23 Jun 2021 National Secular Society.

Published on this blog with permission.

UN special rapporteurs have criticised the Vatican over child sexual abuse in stronger terms than ever before, highlighting that there have been “tens of thousands of alleged victims” over “decades”.

This week the office of the UN high commissioner for human rights has released a letter which it sent to the Holy See in April (English translation available).

It details significant abuse in eight countries and highlights concerns over the Vatican’s “obstructionist practices”.

The letter expressed regret that there had been no response to a separate communication which the rapporteurs sent in 2019.

The latest letter has only been made public, as they had threatened, because it had not been replied to either.

‘Obstructionist practices’

The rapporteurs referred to “persistent allegations” that the Catholic Church had obstructed and failed to cooperate with domestic judicial proceedings, in order to “prevent” accountability for abusers and compensation for victims.

They urged the Vatican to “refrain from obstructionist practices” and to “cooperate fully” with the judicial authorities within states.

The rapporteurs also raised concerns over concordats and other agreements which the Holy See has negotiated with states, which limit civil authorities’ ability to “interrogate” or “compel the production of documents or prosecute persons associated with the Catholic Church”.

They cited as an example a refusal to provide files to a prosecutor in Argentina, which the Catholic Church justified by citing a concordat which had already been declared unconstitutional.

The rapporteurs also expressed regret that the Vatican had not yet made it mandatory to report crimes to the civilian authorities, as the UN urged in 2014.

The letter also highlighted a series of other concerns, including that the church had:

Undermined legislative efforts to “improve the justiciability of sexual violence against children”.

Allowed perpetrators and concealers to escape national judicial proceedings.

Invited aggressors to flee to the Vatican and then denied their extradition.

The National Secular Society has observed numerous examples of the various complaints cited by the rapporteurs. The NSS sent the rapporteurs two detailed reports on the subject last year.

NSS comment

NSS president Keith Porteous Wood said: “The Vatican has largely ignored the recommendations of UN experts for years, despite the horrific extent of clerical abuse becoming ever more evident.

“We commend the rapporteurs for their efforts on behalf of justice and abuse victims. We urge state parties to support victims by applying pressure on the Vatican to conform to human rights obligations and to heed what the UN experts call for.”

Vatican accused of meddling in Italy’s legislative process

Meanwhile the Vatican has been accused of “unprecedented” meddling in Italy’s legislative process by Italian politicians and activists after it formally opposed an Italian bill expanding anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people.

The Holy See claims the proposed law violates a 1985 concordat regulating relations between the Catholic Church and the Italian state.

This concordat amended the earlier Lateran Treaty, which was signed in 1929 by Benito Mussolini on behalf of the Italian government and later confirmed by the Italian constitution of 1948.

The website details the many concordats which are still in effect.


Lets call a spade a spade. The Vatican is now a dangerous rogue state and needs to be brought to heel by the UN and the international community.

It is another Syria, another Iraq under Sadam Hussain, another Afghanistan, another Russia.

The pope and his cardinals and bishops are TERRORISTS – not gun slinging and bomb throwing terrorists – but MORAL and SOCIAL TERRORISTS.

They have been always involved in forms of ethnic cleansing.

They have been involved in the consistent torture and murder of children and women through their international children and women concentration camps.

They have hidden MASS GRAVES in Ireland and Canada and God knows where else.

They have kept billions of people imprisoned in cruel, dogmatic mind prisons.

They have created and promulgated LIES and FALSEHOODS while not believing those lies and falsehoods themselves.

They have cynically laughed at the poor people who do believe their lies.

They have fleeced people not only of their money and possessions but also of vital things like joy, happiness and pleasure.

When will the nations and peoples of the world come to realise they are facilitating and encouraging this moral and social terrorism?

Italy needs to revoke the 1929 concordat with the Vatican.

The UN needs to put them on their lists of rogue and terrorist states.

As human beings ( although bad ones ) we have to tolerate their existence.

But they should be treated, for tax, social and other purposes, as a corrupt global international corporation.




This is terrible Pat, why aren’t you doing a post about the good the church does?
No, wait it’s because this kind of thing negates all the good, isn’t it. And anyone who supports this church in any way is s part of their horrendous abuse, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.


The Vatican City hates Christians in Asia.
The expense of “probation covenants” (manned by agnostics) can be met by ceasing gift aid from Roman entities with the exception of SVP and the clergy sickness / retirement fund. (Fat chance of “conservatives” ring fencing it.)


The Romanists will bleat, and bleat again, about justice, and fair play, while having denied others the things they arrogantly demand to themselves as of right.
The sooner this morally fetid institution, the Roman Catholic Church, is swept off planet Earth, along with its pimp-priests, the sooner people will discern the Christ of the gospels, not the Christ of vile Romanists.
(Just sayin’, like. Y’ know?😕)


MC 12:49, you are a hypocrite. You were bleating on Sunday trying to get a fellow comment maker silenced. Remove the plank from your own eye before you attempt to remove specks from the Church’s eyes.
The UN’s letter is consistent with a video we saw recently. The cover-ups are absolutely scandalous. Bishops must act.
As part of a balanced conversation, there are priests and parishioners doing great work at parochial level. The safe safeguarding measures are there for everyone to see in parishes up and down the country. Ireland’s parishes have their houses in order. The Vatican must follow.


Laughable! Specs from the church’s eyes! 4 billion in pay outs to abuse survivors in America is hardly a spec in the American church’s eyes! Safeguarding must be completely independent from the Rcc. The institutional church is not to be trusted.
Covering up continues. You’re a great man to minimize, Seamus.


At 10.55, Seamus is an ignorant apologist for the Church, despite all his cant and bluster to the contrary.

He, and people like him, have facilitated, and will continue to facilitate, abuse and cover-up in the Church by making endless excuses for its systemic crimes and sins: by always playing these down, and by distracting attention from them through pointing critics to the Church’s supposed higher purpose.

In their morally squinted vision, the Church really can do little wrong: in essence, it is basically good, they deceive themselves, no matter the extent, scope and degree of its atrocious conduct. They refuse to see what others clearly do; this is what calling the Church’s crimes “specs” comes down to.

People like Seamus are dangerous fools, a hindrance to the People of God, and no friend of abused children, because their first and only loyalty is to a rotted institution that is dying a very slow death. Seamus’ words prove this beyond question.


I expect Seamus is on the phone to Pat as we speak bleating that people aren’t being fair to him.
Like all cathbots he conveniently ignored all the times an apology has been required from him.


MC 11:58, you oh me an apology. You accused me of being a troll when all I was doing was commenting within MMM’s off topic thread on Sunday. How can you ask the Church to apologise when you hide?
Magna, the abuse committed is wrong. I’ve no problem with Bishop Pat highlighting it. I merely offer a comment as part of a balanced conversation that there are many good priests and parishioners across Ireland, who ensure that the safest of safeguarding measures are in place.


Hi Anon 12:29,
Like any good hurler or footballer, I can take the hits and keep heading for goal. You are like the French footballers who got stroppy last night and deserved their early exit. You’ve gotten your socks in a twist and you’ve seen the Swiss roll! 😉


1.19, yes but is clergydom really “desserts” like you said a week ago (you said good lay people would “deserve” to be priests) and clearly you don’t believe it is forever after the order of Melchizedek because you said the vow lapses of its own accord which makes the vocational clergy anxious and the situation needs our “understanding”.


12.49: You’re a crooked, twisted, mad liar. You, Maggie, want all others silenced except for your own putrid, deranged, hate filled caca….


1:19 pm
Seamus, the abuse committed was wrongful criminal acts. Covering up is also criminal.
The church cannot be trusted. Safeguarding must be completely independent of the church. ” Once bitten twice shy.”


Hi Anon 2:02,
Sorry for not replying earlier. The abuse committed was most definitely wrongful criminal acts. Covering up is also most definitely criminal.
The Church and other relevant community groups must have safeguarding statements. Tusla and the HSE have safeguarding policies.
Tusla and/or the HSE, depending on the area of concern, are offering the independence required.
The Church has to take responsibility for it’s safeguarding. Various community and sports groups have their safeguarding statements also.
If there is a breakdown in trust with anyone, there should be an independent path.
It was reported yesterday that consent classes and anonymous reporting are to be used to combat sexual violence in colleges. All colleges and universities were asked to prepare action plans by Higher Education Minister Simon Harris.
The action plans on sexual harassment and sexual violence were submitted to the Higher Education Authority’s Centre of Excellence for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, which has oversight of the Framework for Consent.
This announcement yesterday is an example of where institutions are to take their responsibility but there is an oversight authority.


Great comment, Magna. Well, it must be because Seamus has leapt in with his usual nonsense. He is obviously a very important cathbot indeed if he is privy to safeguarding details of every parish in Ireland!


9:25 pm
The HSE and Tusla are not exactly squeaky clean, immune from, lets say, controversy, not to mention inundated with work of their own. The church has a track record of covering up CHILD RAPE while moving pedophiles around the world, a policy directed from Rome. The church cannot police itself, cannot take responsibility for wrong doing, and is unwilling to be open honest and transparent. A National Independent agency needs to be established to oversee safeguarding with no financial ties whatsoever to the church.


Hi Anon 9:26,
If a National Independent Agency is required for all community groups, that is a failing of the state. All community groups must have a safeguarding statement. Church and society must coexist. Where society safeguarding is required, it must be provided through Tusla or an independent agency as you suggest.


& at “catholic universities” (not seminaries) the following only to be gift aidable:
– teaching and junior ancillary staff pensions
– library book fund
– student bursaries
– student residences
– certain research expenses


+ Pat, i do feel that your blog yesterday about the Catholic Church in general and today’s blog about the Vatican do edge towards a bit of hyperbole and excess. I have no problem with agreeing with you that there are real and systemic problems with both, but to compare them to Hitler, Stalin, Saddam etc is – well, not a very clear or precise judgement on your part. My own view is that the Catholic Church and the Vatican in essence and in origin are influences for good, guided by the Gospel and the values of Jesus Christ. Nothing to complain about there. Where I do align with you is that over the centuries the purity of the original inspiration has become tainted by power, influence, wealth, corruption, centralisation, authoritarianism and the growth of a clerical class that appears to think of itself as something exceptional and accountable. That has led to the egregious sins that we have seen committed in the name of the Church and by its clerical class. So, by all means do call out the things that are wrong. But, don’t get too carried away with your comparison with the tyrants and the fascist authoritarian regimes and characters that you mention.


You might not like what Pat says, but when your church is getting spoken to like the above by an intergovernmental organization that keeps world peace, that is a warning. It is a warning that your church has exceeded the tolerance of the world outside and the time to protest your dignity is over. It’s time to listen not speak, and time to start treating the world outside with respect.
I do not know of the UN speaking to any other religious body like that. There is therefore probably no precedent of what comes next if your church doesn’t man up. Probably the closest would be legal response to terrorists and Mafia – precisely because of endangering other people.


These ‘egregious sins’ are also criminal acts demanding justice, not cover ups.
How can bishops or priests preach on justice or truth when the church is not credible!


How can the men in fancy self designed outfits who make up the Vatican claim to constitute a kingdom and sovereign state, when they claim to be descendants of the man who distinctly said : ‘My kingdom is not of these world’ – the only state in the world without a maternity hospital – and then have the gall to demand to send observers to the United Nations as moral observers. See Geoffrey Robertson QC book: The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse (Penguin 2010)


‘Hyperbole and excess about the Vatican? How can you be sure? You judge as if the whole story about it, and the Roman Catholic institutional church, were now known; and that … you know what? … it wasn’t so bad after all. How can you know?
We will never compile the whole story here (just the odd chapter now and again), such was the power and skill in burying highly inconvenient truths about both; but we are learning more and more about them, almost weekly now. I don’t think even the most optimistic reviewer would dare describe either as, in essence, ‘influences for good, guided by the Gospel and the values of Jesus’.
Unless he enjoyed being laughed at.
If Pat has swung too far in one direction with his comparisons, you, surely, have gone in the other with that gilded laurel.


They urged the Vatican to “refrain from obstructionist practices” . Best of luck with that! The modus operandi of the Catholic Church has been to obstruct at every stage. This combined with hypocrisy is most difficult to stomach.


Hitler loved dogs
Stalin liked practical jokes
Pol Pot loved his Mummy
The Vatican are good at paegentry
But that doesn’t detract from their crimes against humanity – child abuse isn’t a few bad apples it’s industrial strength systematic rape and cover up – get real, get in the real world, this isn’t religion it’s a criminal enterprise and justice is coming – not fast enough but it’s coming – the Lateran Pact was a pact bartered by a mad dictator and a greedy pope (they should understand compensation as Mussolini paid £6 billion dollars to compensate for the loss of the Papal States in 1870).
Get the Pope in the Dock at the International Criminal Court that would be a good start!!


Time to end the nonsense of the 1929 Mussolini concordat which gave the Vatican diplomatic privilege. What other religion has the same rights on the international scene? They want to put their big boys pants on and play on the world stage and participate in international organisations but do not want to flow the rules. The UN should give them a time frame to cooperate or simply remove their observer status.


Pat the cathbots are so far in denial they even blame you for the UN taking their church to task for crimes against humanity!


Pat, the Irish bishops are so stupid. Would they not have been better advised to keep you inside the church pissing out rather than outside the church pissing in 😀
I think you aee the best bishop Ireland has.


Cahal Daly said in 1986 “He will be gone in 6 weeks”. That was 35 years ago.


God sparred you Pat from the Maynooth room known as The Pit. The cries of the victims echo throughout the four walls of the Pit and its lavish Suite.


You would think the church would actually consider this as a money making scheme. People will pay for all sorts of abuse.


Pat, the repetitive posts by you, and the utterly predictable comments from your tiny community of hate are nauseating. You are a deeply unhappy man who projects all your inner miseries on the church. You are not in any meaningful sense a bishop, and you never will be. You are a maverick malcontent. People like you come and go, and your time is running out by the hour. Your house will then revert to it’s lawful owners and you will hardly merit a footnote in the history of the Irish Church.
I feel a certain sadness about you, you have dug a deep hole for yourself. I will pray for you.
You daily dish of hate grows nastier by the day. MY Gid forgive you.


I am sure bishop Pat is more concerned about facing The Lord with integrity rather than a footnote in the annals of the RCC in Ireland. He has not covered up abuse or lived a lie. I am sure that the final edition of the history of the RCC in Ireland will be a damning indictment of its betrayal of Christ.


Yet you keep coming back and reading it. Why? If you actually thought what you say you would avoid this page.


11.45: Well said. Hatred, as exemplified by Pat’s narratives and agendas has no end. Pat and his merry band have barrels full of hatred.


Hatred of what? What objections have you against highlighting abuse,abusive hypocrisy, corruption and crime in the Rcc in Ireland and Internationally?Would Christ approve of it?


12.52: You are, Pat, the nastiest piece of work ever who poses in the name of Christ. You have appropriated to yourself the role of judge, juror and executioner. You are just a nasty piece. Your own moral values are not exactly virtuous…nor something to emulate. NOT OF CHRIST and you too will face GOD.


The Bride behind the Altar. Love Affairs in the Catholic Church | FULL DOCUMENTARY
Jan 8, 2021.

See @ 31:00 minutes how a priest was treated following his decision to leave ministry.

“A letter to the Pope, twenty-six women names and a veiled threat: ”each of us has a big love affair with a priest.” Priests secret relationships are an issue that Vatican cannot cope, because they include two of the most taboo subjects: mandatory celibacy and the birth of love children. The documentary get the testimony of the authors of the letter to the Pope, the words of the defrocked priests, and the stories of “the sons of silence”.

Pat, I’m sure you’ve heard accounts like these before but its worth watching.


The most dangerous thing about the Roman church is the way it conditions its members to be deaf to all criticism.


The RCC only has residual authority in Ireland these days by those who are willing to allow themselves to have it exerted over themselves. It still entices people with its education offering… though in the UK who would fork out over 30k a year to have their son buggered by a Benedictine…


” The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuses is a 2010 book by Geoffrey Robertson QC, detailing failings in the Vatican’s handling of cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.” .. “The Monthly called The Case of the Pope a “fiery” argument that “the Vatican should be treated as a kind of ‘rogue state’ until it stops using statehood and the ancient rules of canon law to protect paedophile priests.”


Pat at 1.41: Hopefully you will happily face God as hopefully too will many of those you thrash to pieces on your blog. You disperse mercy very mean spiritedly most of the time and your assesdment of others is wrongly judged against your standards not those of Christ. Remember the words of Jesus – “Do not judge…do not condemn…let those without sin throw the first stone…” Yes, Jesus challenged and condemned the horrible, un-Godly abuse by authorities but never pushed people to the edge of a cliff nor did he cut people to ribbons.


Keith O’Brien judged gays, and condemned them, and yet was indulging in a bit of shirt lifting himself. Those who have their hypocrisy exposed here have heaped it upon themselves I am afraid. Simple really – if you profess celibacy but are shagging then find another job or don’t act all hurt when you’re exposed.


I hate to think what anyone would get from the cathbots that comment here. Thrashed, buggered and buried probably.


The cathbots are really foaming at the mouth today, Pat. No wonder they’re going for you and Magna Carta – it’s not like they can resort to their usual denial technique of saying the UN criticise social workers or the Church of Ireland!


An unexpected vacancy has arisen for a PP in Hertfordshire, serving two parishes in neighbouring towns, with no AP or Deacon. It would suit an energetic AP seeking promotion to PP. It may also appeal to an experienced PP seeking a move out of London to greener pastures. A full driving licence is essential. Starting in September. Applications to: Elsie c/o VG, AB House.
In reality, Monty or an older AP may already be lined up for this important role. They have both been told they moving, but Elsie has yet to inform them where. Great change management.


9.02. Bless you. You obviously only know half of the story. You’d better get better sources. I’d suggest the parish website. Then you can get to Sunday’s livestreamed Mass where the PP announced his departure and his successor.


Anon 11:18, I seek a conversation about what is right. You or anyone will agree and disagree. You might be pleased with my comments at the moment but that is no guarantee you will always be pleased.


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