The darling of the clerical gay club, James Martin SJ,  has said that Mons Burrill’s privacy should not have been invaded by those who outed him as a very regular Grindr user.


Burrill is the most senior and visible non-bishop RC cleric in the USA.

In his work and actions he represents the RCC in the USA and also represents RC teaching, doctrine and discipline.

He made a public vow of celibacy at his ordination and his work and mode of dress says: “I am an authentic representative of all things RC – including the current USCCB’s thoughts on President Biden as a practising RC being pro choice”.

In effect, the thought is that Biden is a public sinner for his stance on abortion and WE are considering banning this immoral man from receiving Holy Communion.

The fact that Burrill & Co are judging Biden like this begs the question of whether those calling him immoral are immoral hypocrites themselves and therefore not in a position to condemn Biden or anyone else.

We do not know who really was behind the digging into Burrill’s life and activities. Their motives may not have been pure. We simply dont know.

But we do know that they found him on Grindr seeking sex with men and tracked him to several places including a gay bathhouse.


You cannot be both a promoter and defender of RCC condemnation of homosexuality and at the same time be meeting men for sex all over the country and in orgiastic gay bathhouses!

Its a contradiction!

Its hypocrisy!

Burrill and others like him in the USA, Ireland and everywhere else, have to make their minds up.

You are either an authentic priest struggling to be faithful to your vows.

Or you leave the priesthood, with all its perks, and become a homosexual private citizen, who does not seek to be a high ground moralist, and enjoy all the gay sex you can, whenever you can and for as long as you want.

You cannot be the grey Father Hyde and the pink Mr Jekyll.


The bishop of the Diocese of Manchester has been named in a civil lawsuit that alleges sexual abuse of a minor in the 1980s in Deer Park, New York.According to the accusations made in the lawsuit, Bishop Peter Anthony Libasci sexually abused the alleged victim when the child was around 12 or 13 years old on “numerous occasions”.

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