Dermot Ledwith – Farrell

Dublin Diocesan Appointments 2021 [Schedule 1]

30th June 2021

Moderator of the Curia
Father Gareth Byrne appointed Moderator of the Curia.

Vicars General

Father Gareth Byrne, Monsignor Ciaran O’Carroll and Father Donal Roche
appointed Vicars General.

Diocesan Chancellor

Father Paul Coyle appointed Diocesan Chancellor.

Vicar for Clergy

Monsignor Eoin Thynne appointed Vicar for Clergy.

Diocesan Synodal Steering Committee

Father Kieran McDermott appointed Chairman of Diocesan Synodal Steering


Father Seamus McEntee appointed Director of Vocations.

Father William O’Shaughnessy appointed Assistant Director of Vocations.

Parish Appointments


Very Reverend John Canon Delaney

Moderator Sandyford and Adm Balally


Father Paul St. John, SVD, Adm Walkinstown to retire as Adm and appointed Parish
Chaplain, Ballygall


Father Robert Smyth appointed Adm Beaumont Parish

Father Dominic Kwikiriza appointed curate to Beaumont Parish

Blakestown\Hartstown\Huntstown and Mountview

Father Joseph Coyne appointed Moderator of Blakestown\Hartstown\Huntstown
and Mountview


Father Michael Carey appointed PP Blanchardstown


Father Michael O’Grady appointed PP Cabra, in addition to Cabra West
Castleknock and Laurel Lodge

Father Damian McNeice appointed PP of Castleknock and Laurel Lodge

Father Brendan Quinlan retires as Co PP, Laurel Lodge and appointed CC
Castleknock and Laurel Lodge

Clondalkin/Bawnogue/Rowlagh/Neilstown/Travelling People/Deansrath/Sruleen
grouping of parishes

Father Kieran Coghlan appointed Moderator

Clondalkin/Bawnogue/Rowlagh/Neilstown/Travelling People/Deansrath/Sruleen
grouping of parishes and Co-PP Clondalkin

Fr Padraig O’Sullivan Co PP Clondalkin

People/Deansrath/Sruleen grouping of parishes


Father Liam Lacey appointed PP Dalkey


Monsignor Ciaran O’Carroll appointed PP Donnybrook

Lucan\Esker- Dodsboro -Adamstown\Lucan South

Father Philip Curran appointed Moderator

Lucan\Esker- Dodsboro –
Adamstown\Lucan South
Lucan and Confey

Father Aloysius Zuribo appointed CC Lucan and Confey

Lucan South

Father Ubaldo Muhindo appointed curate-in-charge of Lucan South


Father Adrian F Crowley appointed CC Mulhuddart

Rathdrum and Roundwood

Father Derek Doyle appointed PP of Rathdrum in addition to PP Roundwood
Rathdrum, Roundwood and Glendalough

Father John Greene appointed curate to Rathdrum, Roundwood and Glendalough

Saggart, Rathcoole, Brittas and Newcastle

Father David Fleming appointed CC Saggart

Rathcoole, Brittas and Newcastle
Sutton and Howth and parish grouping Sutton/Howth/Baldoyle

Father Cyril Mangan appointed PP of Sutton and Howth and
Moderator of the parish grouping Sutton/Howth/Baldoyle

Father Gerard Tanham retires as Moderator of the groupings of
Sutton\Howth\Baldoyle and is appointed CC Howth and Sutton
Swords\ Brackenstown\ Rivervalley

Father Desmond Doyle appointed Moderator of Swords\ Brackenstown\


Father Colin Rothery appointed Co-PP, Swords\ Brackenstown\ Rivervalley

Father Paul Glennon, appointed PP Walkinstown

Permanent Deacons

Malahide, Portmarnock and Yellow Walls
Deacon Gerard Reilly appointed to Malahide, Portmarnock and Yellow Walls

Cabra, Cabra West and Phibsborough grouping of parishes.
Deacon Damian Murphy to Cabra, Cabra West and Phibsborough grouping of

Ashford and Glenealy, Glendalough, Roundwood.
Deacon Jeremy Seligman appointed to the parishes of Ashford and Glenealy,

Glendalough, Roundwood.
Deacon Joe Walsh appointed to Maynooth Parish


Very Rev. Patrick Canon Carroll, Moderator Cabra to retire as Moderator.

Father Patrick Devitt Adm Dalkey to retire as Adm.

Father Owen Lynch Co PP Roundwood to retire as Co PP.

Sabbatical Leave

Monsignor Paul Callan retires as Moderator and granted sabbatical leave.

Father Karl Fortune CC Leixlip granted sabbatical leave.


Father Thadeus Mkawma, Curate, Beaumont Parish is returning to Tanzania in
August 2021.

All appointments will take effect on the weekend of the 28th /29th August, unless already indicated.


It is good for us to have sight of the Dublin clerical changes 2021.

These are Dermot Ledwith – Farrell’s first major changes in Dublin.

I see Paul Callan gets a holiday.

I see Damian McNeice gets a parish after getting a slap from DLF.

The changes are fairly routine.

I think a few of those on the changes are mitre seekers:

Paul Callan

Ciaran O Carroll

Gareth Byrne


I wonder if “thinkers” over-rate their importance?


6.55: Just before you run out of breath with misplaced glee. All priests received these changes a month ago. As advised we respwcted the request to wait until the end of July before public communication. The people at the centre of changes have been well respected this time and rightly so. Well done to Archbishop Farrell. Tough luck on the haters… you can do what you like with the list!!


Pat, for your info:

Defrocked cardinal Theodore McCarrick charged with sexually assaulting teenager in 1970s
By Shelley Murphy Globe Staff,Updated July 29, 2021, 9:49 a.m.

Sisters ‘released from shame that had haunted them’ as ex-priest who abused them as children is jailed


” Thinkers overrating their importance ”
What a strange question +Pat, if there is any implicit inference we shouldn’t think too much, especially about religious matters.
Surely if the creator God exists and gave us thinking ability, we ought not dishonour him by refusing to use this great gift?
I have listened to many debates on religious affairs between eminent clerics and contemporary highly intelligent thinkers, like Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens. The contrast is invariably startling! For example, watching the like of cardinal Pell flounder and utter banalities showed not only his intellectual limitations but also his complete lack of understanding of evolution.
By contrast, Dawkins was consistently clear and logical.
And the question remains, “did God create humankind, or have we humans ‘created’ God?
You’ll know my thoughts by now!


Dear MMM,

I as not saying at all that thinking is not very important.

But we all need to realise the limits of our own thinking and brains.

We don’t want philosophers to get as arrogant as clerics, dobwe?


Certainly not Pat!
I think there is a very great difference between philosophers, deep thinkers, atheists and clerics. The former incline towards recognising the limitations of reason and thinking processes concerning our existence. In seeking truth and evidence by questioning they acknowledge an absence of absolute certainty in many things. Clerics, ……well in simple terms, they claim to be in possession of truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
Faith trumps reason!


@11:16. Nothing!
I read the whole of +Pat’s blog, including his comment below the quotation and picture of Nietzsche. Did you? Or is it a case of short attention span?


Oh, were you philosophising? It wasn’t clear and my eyes glaze over halfway through your turgid postings.


Well done Pat for upsetting the Comms Team as the changes NOT to get released until 21/22 August so we will see how quick his Comms team get them onto the web site.
They do not realise they are just pen pushers in name with No real Comms experience.
Normal guidelines is inform the parishes over the weekend and on the website by Monday however Dublin has a useless Comms team.
Paul Callan is finished there will be No mitre while Dermot is in charge of HMS Dublin.

It will be interesting to see who gets Tuam and that will maybe give an idea of Jude’s new recommendations.

So Once again if you want to know anything come to Pat’s blog.


8.45: Pat, I think it’s very nasty, disingenuous and malicious of you to refer to Archbishop Farrell as DLF. You are deliberately trying to create mischief and to somehow damage him. It would serve you better if you at least respected the correct name and surname of the Archbishop. Wouldn’t it be a sign of your humanity and your maturity! Do you always have to smear and belittle every Bishop?


Dermot Ledwith-Farrell is an interesting and insightful name. One wonders how much of an impact Ledwith had on Farrell’s early life. Hmmm.
Dermot Farrell followed him in to the priesthood. He then followed Ledwith to Maynooth. Farrell had limited academic ability compared to other professors at the time but Farrell got the job? Ledwith set him up nicely as he was a clear protégé of his. – There are legitimate questions to be asked of Farrell – The priest staff member who highlighted the abuse was asked to leave Maynooth. He informed Dermot Farrell and the rest of the staff at Maynooth as per media reports. I refuse to believe (the personal secretary) Farrell knew nothing of his cousins outrageous behaviour. It was well known by everyone in Maynooth at the time. The seminarians even joked about it and advised the first years to stay away from Ledwith.
It could be argued that the cover-up in Maynooth began with Farrell’s leadership.


I was a seminarian at Maynooth in the 1980’s. At no time while I was there did I hear of anything untoward in relation to Ledwidth in relation to abuse allegations.


@ 10.59
Seminarians at the time would not have had much of an overarching view of the seminary so it would not surprise that a seminarian may not have heard anything. A senior cleric however?
You may also point to the quality of cover up. I hear strong rumours that DLF covered up for an abusive member of staff while president. That man in no longer in the clerical state.
You should also consider Ledwith was appointed a Msgr in 1988 and remained a household prelate for JPII for 17 years. The maynooth fallout was not sufficient to have him removed – it was the Ferns Report that did it. A true sign that the Church investigations cannot be trusted when compared to State ones.
Time now for 9am mass.


I also was a seminarian in Maynooth in the 1980s. The seminary was huge and Ledwith was a remote, distant figure whose main role was being head of the much bigger lay Maynooth University, as it became.
What was known in the 1980s was that Ledwith was extravagant, had a pilots licence, travelled a great deal and fundraised. He was liberal theologically but was part of the drive for stronger discipline. He was one of those who drove out Fr McGinnity, the Senior Dean, under whom discipline had collapsed. McGinnity made allegations against Ledwith and was called a liar.
If you were there in the late 80s, early 90s, you will surely recall Jaime, Ledwith’s Mexican boyfriend who suddenly turned up of nowhere and joined the I Div class. Jaime was a cause of much tittle-tattle. Perhaps this was all after your time?
For DLF to claim ignorance is as plausible as Cardinal Farrell (are they related?)claiming he was unaware of Uncle Ted’s carry on, even though they lived in the same house.


Yes. I remember that name. But while there was winking and nudging and idle speculation, that’s all it amounted to.


” In 1993, Farrell was appointed Executive Assistant to the president of St Patrick’s, a new position. He was appointed Vice-President in 1996 and following the sudden death of Matthew O’Donnell in 1996 was appointed President of St Patrick’s College and the National Seminary. He remained president of St. Patrick’s when it was separated from the seminary by the Universities Act 1997. Farrell presided over the revision of the formation programme Pastores Dabo Vobis at St Patrick’s. He also supervised the renovation of its heritage buildings.

In 2002, following media reports about the 1994 resignation of Maynooth President Micheál Ledwith, Farrell made the circumstances of Ledwith’s departure public: that Ledwith had been accused of the sexual abuse of a minor and reached a confidential financial settlement with his accuser.[1]

In 2006, Charles Curran, a controversial U.S. theologian, was invited to speak at a conference it was sponsoring, Farrell said he had not been consulted or informed of the invitation.[3]

Farrell retired as President of St. Patrick’s Maynooth in 2007.”


Why do those who have had a soft time of it as desk priests (eg Ciaran O’Carroll) end up getting plum parishes. Why do the coalface men not get a break every now and then?


1. Managed his cousins misdealings
2. Revised formation processes
3. Left behind a system that erupted when a lesser president couldn’t keep a lid on things.



Do we know who the abusive member if staff was?
If you dont want to say on here, email.


Maynooth is now too small to have a vice-president. Fanny was the last one and he wasn’t replaced.


OMG. Joe Coyne aka “Tossa Coyne” is still alive “Father Joseph Coyne appointed Moderator of Blakestown\Hartstown\Huntstown and Mountview. I though Covid had taken him. He was showing early stages of dementia the last time I heard him celebrate Mass about two years ago. He forgot the consecration and was very confused.


Archbishop Farrell has asked for two but maybe only get 1.
Archbishop John Wilson Southwark is waiting on 2 and maybe only get 1.
Archbishop Longley is waiting on 1 to replace Bishop Kenny


9.36: Grow up you idiot. You prove more each day that you are NOT OF CHRIST. You are a gombeen. Read the gospels and practice a little charity: Pat – your denigration of the Archbishop is the epitome of ignorance. Grow up.


Jim S at it again. How does he have the neck to put forward a view of what Rome will do in appointing auxiliaries?


10:33 pm

Are those who covered up, who continue to cover up, abuse of children and vulnerable adults, those who lie, deliberately gaslight and re-traumatize victims who come forward, are these clerics OF CHRIST ? Do they read the gospels and practice charity towards victims? Maybe the lot of them are ignorant gombeens, the epitome of careerist company men ?
Any explanations?


Why does Longley / Nursey of Birmingham need an auxiliary to replace Kenny ? Kenny was never there, always floating about Europe doing stuff. He will not be missed, and doesn’t need to be replaced. They already have two new ones, Wright and Evans. This tendency to auxiliary proliferation is a nonsense.


I see chair man of Synod replaces the humble Bishop Field who took the scraps from DM. That’s a demotion. Maybe he can now move into the Pro Cathedral and do something . Yet he’s well connected etc


How dare you include the useless Permanent Deacons along with us loyal, selfless women who have served parishes and their priests for years since Mary Magdalen herself. I presume you are one of those young priests who do for yourselves without having a housekeeper. Thank God for the foreign priests especially the poor indian ones who would starve to death without a housekeeper as they are allergic to even stepping foot in a kitchen.


Very suprized Pat that some of the Dublin Inner city Parishes were not put together or even closed. Hardly anyone going to Mass. How are some of them kept open financially?.


If you are a Dublin Priest you should know.
The consultation only finished last week so they will report back to AB there thoughts and actions next week.
Maybe Pat has missed the headline Schedule one so maybe more to come.
It must have bean heartbreaking for Paul and Damien to get sent out to do some work but sadly Paul has taken cowards way out Sabbatical likely return 2022 as a Co PP in some Parish.


Now that Dermot Ledwith-Farrell is Archbishop of Dublin, Pat, would you be open to a new feature of the blog, entitled
I for one would relish the opportunity to submit questions to the 35,000 year old entity that Monsignor Ledwith worships.


Everyone I know who was in Maynooth when DLF was president groaned when they heard he might be coming to Dublin.


11.17: And you, Mr. Buckley, are the bottom of the Larne sludge gutter caca….yuk…


Well I was delighted. I expect to be put on some sort of Quango by DF. Im staying beside the phone eagerly awaiting the call from on high


11.09: That’s a lie. Many of us have very favourable memories and respect for Archbishop Farrell. As usual, facilitated by Pat, the blog takes a biased, nasty, mischievous take in The Archbishop (Farrell).


Even on Facebook there were people in Catholic groups saying that they didn’t want him to be archbishop.


Before heading to work on this awful morning can we have debate and commentary in an intelligent way? Some of the commentary is simply an effort to create suspicion, doubt, gossip and innuendo about Archbishop Farrell. The Dublin appointments are the usual and to be expected. There are such huge challenges in the Dublin Diocese and perhaps we should pray for the new Archbishop instead of looking for opportunities to tear him apart. The rhetoric from Larne is per usual, a lesson is demonstrable meanness of spirit and unkindness of heart. Encouragement as s gift which is the hallmark of a goid bishop pastor has ling so c.f. been deleted from the lexicon of the Larne Gospel!!


6.06: Yes, intelligent debate gets us from one place to the next: Being catty, like Pat, is nasty, immature, silly and that of a bully boy.


10:56 Where do you want to get to? If it’s in the RC church you will find discussion is ignored and the only way to get anything from the bishops is sexual favours or to shame them.


More RCC watching! Anything new to offer? Are you offering an alternative or are you continuing to RCC obess?


I have had the alternative for 35 years.

“100 % Catholic but 0 % Roman Catholic” is what it says on the tin 😁


I am a lapsed Catholic but I still follow events in the church. The church had such a hold on my parents that it was like having a dual nationality. It controlled their parenting. Confession every fortnight. Rosary 5 decades every Sunday night. No meat on Friday. Sex was only for making babies. Never criticise a priest, they are another Christ. The Pope was in capable of error. Far more children than my parents could afford or care for. The church had a vice like grip on my parents and so on me. I was more aware of being catholic than English. I have a right to know whats happening in the church as in Parliament. It controlled and haunted my childhood. Pat has the same rights as I have.


@10:47: Little wonder you lapsed and quit the RCC stranglehold you so well describe as dominating your parents, and your childhood. Well done.
That RCC stranglehold is particularly insidious here in N. Ireland. Religious affiliation and its ridiculous incomprehensible beliefs continues to be foisted onto naive trusting children by being inexorably associated with cultural identity through familial and educational experience.
The ability to think for oneself is not highly regarded in any rigid society which values conformity. But thankfully, change is happening.


I like the reference to “ridiculous incomprehensible beliefs!”
Think about it.
Here we are on planet earth, one of the planets of a sun which itself is known to be just one of billions of similar sun/stars in just one galaxy, our own, which itself is simply another galaxy among millions of similar galaxies.
And the Almighty Creator of it all had a “headstagger” 2000 years ago to send himself here for a crucifixion among semi illiterate desert tribes to SAVE us from the consequences of an idiot eating an apple.
And that, in simple terms, is Christianity’s proposition!
C’mon believers. Surely you can do better than that?


Interesting to see no comeback at Simple Simon ‘s comments. Has he silenced the cathbots, or are they merely so perplexed that any sensible coherent response is beyond them?


Well you see the RCC has a clear choice between being watched by Pat Buckley or the world’s governments. When the latter happens you’ll be sorry y’all didn’t listen to the Bishop of Larne.
Since you want something new, no doubt you won’t say the mass or breviary today. The Church of England put out a jolly book called Daily Prayer. You could try that.


Its good to see the US government honing in on McCarrick.

If he goes to jail some Cathbots will see him as St Theodore of Washington 😇


10:48 am

It’s widely acknowledged the Rcc cannot police themselves. Someone has to protect them from themselves as well as protect the most vulnerable from abuse corruption and crime.


10.48: Hope you’re practising your faith. Encouraged Pat to pray: he seriously needs to do so. And you, hmmmm….Jesus is our light: our way, the one we follow, not Bucksy.


10.58: Pat, when a legitimate truthful observation is made of you, just accept it. You are a NASTY individual. Your purpose tiday is to elicit as many unfavourable comments as possible about the Archbishop and the priests who gave been reassigned. You have zero interest in their well-being or welfare except to crush them. This is the work of an obsessive psychotic. Get a grip. You are not in the mould of any disciple. I prefer the description of being determined, committed and persevering – it is from Christ we learn such ways snd this way is fruitful, not being an arrogant brat.


10:05 am

The gripper is back gaslighting with his obsessive psychotic remark. Anyone who challenges, questions, or criticizes the Catholic Church in Ireland, which has been
designated ground zero of abusive cover up World wide, is treated similarly. The
Irish Church is known as ground zero of abuse for very strong reasons- reasons which
DO NOT include- Christlike behaviour, charity or discipleship from clergy or hierarchs.
That is a legitimate truthful observation whether you or your fraternal colleagues like it
or not. Just accept it, be open, honest and come into the Light Of Christ, for by their
fruits you will know them.


The more frequently you make these assertions the more likely it is that it is yourself you are attempting to convince.

I would suggest you are not succeeding even with that. Your offering is not convincing.


3:56 pm

Catholic commentators describe the Catholic Church in Ireland as ground zero of abuse, not me. For one example see the following link :

” Ireland is ground zero of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crisis, with the institution under fire across the globe for its systemic failures to protect children or to punish bishops who hid the crimes.”

Catholic Church sexual abuse cases in Ireland:

I don’t need convincing of Catholic Church abuse in Ireland, but people like you do.
If investigations were carried out into every diocese in Ireland I have no doubt
investigators would uncover more abuse/ cover-up in most, if not all dioceses.
Time the Catholic Church in Ireland to faced reality.


re comment by Buckley at 10:52 am

It’s not the US (federal) government honing in on anyone. Have you any idea how judicial systems work? This week’s criminal charges were filed in a district court in Massachusetts. A more flexible statute of limitation there allowed these charges from 1974 to be brought against Mr McCarrick.



Will any of those who knew of Mr. McCarricks criminal behaviour but protected him by covering it up be charged for any crime?


The Man Bishop with nothing to do promulgates from the Oratory rooftops!! Oh poor Pat, all day long and nothing worthwhile or useful to do but try to smash and crush the new Archbishop of Dublin and find something sinister to attribute to any priest whom he despises – which means all priests. How satan has entered the mind of Patricius.


Well there is something wrong with the article because it both says that he will defy public health advice and that his senior priests told him he should hold the ceremonies in line with public health regulations.
While I wouldn’t dream of doubting the health expertise of the omnicompetent priests, if the article is true, this isn’t leadership it’s murder and I look forward to reading his apology.
The RC church takes another step to forcible state control because it continues to endanger lives.


Not true at all you have a better chance of winning the lotto than dying of vivid, the young who will attend these ceremonies are least at risk. Bishop Doran is showing something that is sadly lacking in Dublin, leadership!


Bishop Doran is a bit strange – he thinks being gay is like having Downs Syndrome !


1:23 The mere fact that you answer like that shows you don’t understand how coronavirus is transmitted. Young people are least likely to die of it but can transmit it to older and vulnerable people who are likely to die. The current variants are also more easily transmitted than previous ones.
This is virtually guaranteed to become a superspreader event and is a disgrace from a church which claims to be pro-life.


1:36pm Give your patronizing alarmist exaggerated fear-mongering mainstream media narrative a rest. We are not fools with access to plenty of information on SARS 2 Covid 19 and its variants. Variants have 99.97 equivalency to SARS 2 Covid 19. Put a muzzle on the propaganda.


Never met the man Pat, but, at least he is doing something and showing some form of leadership.


1.36. Don’t you mean the elderly and vulnerable that are fully vaccinated. Are you suggesting the vaccine doesn’t work?


10.25: Pat: You chose to be an awkward, recalcitrant, trucuullent individual – you were born to be selfishly awkward, unable to work with colleagues… You enjoyed all presbyteral and Diocesan benefits in every way. You moved so frequently in your early years such was your restlessness and inability to get in with any of most priests. So, stop writing a narrative That’s biased in your favour. Many of is know the other side…Thank God for all the immensely good Roman Catholic Priests.


10 32: Awwwwww….are you offended by freedom of speech, miss dearie?? Same old commenters repeating 3/4/5/ times …. So enlightening.


12:29 pm
Seeking enlightenment; then join RAMTHA, THE ENLIGHTENED ONE!
There might even be a branch in Gaynooth.


Awkard, recalcitrant, truculent. I think I read somewhere that thats how Caiaphas described someone in a letter to Pilate.

If you belong to them they describe you as “determined, committed, persevering”.

If you dont belong to them they describe you as ” awkward, recalcitrant and truculent”.

How times haven’t changed 😁


I don’t know what the company men are expecting from Farrell. Like Dermo and Ryan before him, he is an uncharismatic, ice cold, desk man.


I’d say at least 60% of bishops homosexual by orientation but a lesser number sexually active.

Thats based on 51 years experience of the Irish church.


The sexuality should not be the issue. The issue should be about “Thou shalt not commit adultery, promiscuity and living in sin”.
Garngad Lad


The sexuality should be the issue because homosexuals shouldn’t be admitted to seminary.
Obviously this is because of the risk that rather than spending their lives gossiping and backbiting another one may become an independent bishop, gain adverse possession of a church property and become a thorn in the side of the hierarchy. 🤩


Where and when have I ever claimed to be an example of pure living? Tell me?


Armagh changes are underway. They are becoming known as Amy’s hush hush changes. Do you know anything Pat?


Why are they being called hush hush appointments?

He is bringing Eamon “Wave you willy” McCamely as assistant priest in Dungannon. 🤯


Amy couldn’t find a curate that would serve as CC to Jonny Gates in Magherafelt. Amy sends a Spanish Neo Cat instead. Enough said!!!. Somebody easy to control by the little bully controller. Des Branigan’s Mother in Droghrda has been poorly for sometime. If that was a genuine reason for moving him he should have been moved last year. He is a long line of curates who cannot cope with the little hitler PP.


What is this Father Doran at? His peers should reprove Hun him for going it alone on an issue

It’s not about him. It’s about saving lives not attention grabbing.


4.21: What about indoor dining, small spaces, large shopping crowds, wedfungs now alliwed 100 guests, etc…..the Churches are the safest places to be: all guidelines and protocols: absolute cleanliness, stewarding….All being carried out responsibly. Some people have used the pandemic to kick the church into the ground…


‘Some people have used the pandemic to kick the church into the ground…’
Not a good reason to endanger old and vulnerable people and ignore the law. Disgraceful.


4.41: If you are a regular church attendee, you would notice the incredible efforts made by parishes to ensure all safety and health requirements fastidiously. No where in my comnent did I suggest or infer any endangering of any age group. That’s why our Parish Team adhere still to all guudelines. I merely observed very correctly that some have used the pandemic to bash the Church, including you! We are entitled to ask legitimate questions, like all other groups in society. Interestingly, the ESRI, in a recent survey pointed out how, of all the groups in society to seek to return to some normality or routine, church goers were the highest percentafe. They did so because they trusted the local parish team with cleaning and stewarding groups, to ensure their safety and health. None of us are endangering anyone. Get to grips.


Are we all to suspend normal life for ever in case some people die? Sorry to break the news, but people get ill and die. That includes those who take their own lives and those who die from cancer and other conditions because they were untreated while all attention was given to Covid-19.


I do not know what the fuss is about. To me, this seems a thoroughly sensible and valuable set of appointments.


Wilson relegated to Armagh’s naughty county in Louth going on previous appointments.


Thomasina’s appointnent as ADM to the Moy and Eglish isn’t a ringing endorsement by Amy. It’s usually when the Bishop is wary and doesn’t want to make you a PP. I wonder why? Farmer’s son springs to mind and from the Moy???? The old Perv McCamley back in Dungannon. It has a reputation of previous pervs howeever. I’m surprised Rory isn’t back in Dungannon too. What a set up.


Let’s hope the good people of Armagh will adapt to the bizarre Spanish Kiko Argüello spirituality and the Neo Cat way being subtly introduced to them.


Parents are requesting a meeting with Catholic School Heads in Dungannon asap. We don’t want Fr McCamley anywhere near or have access to our children. If we do not gain reassurances then we will be withdrawing our children from these schools in September. This appointment is a disgrace and my phone has not stopped ringing from other parents all evening. Whoever appointed this man to us should be utterly ashamed. Have they learned nothing from the carry on up the road in Pomeroy. I ask you.


There is a real question hanging over the safety of your sons and male youth!


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