Yesterday, after 10 days in isolation, I was free to mix again after contracting Covid.

Fortunately, I had received both my Pfizer vaccinations and my illness was “mild” – headache, raised temperature, cough, sore throat and head cold symptoms.

I also developed a Covid related conjunctivitis which Im told happens in 3 % of cases.

I had taken the opportunity to talk with my GP by telephone and he put me on a 7 day course of the antibiotic Doxycycline to protect my chest etc.

I felt quite ill for three days and then gradually became better.

But if this was the “mild” version I would really fear the full-blown version, for the mild was rough in itself.

Its at times like this that we are really reminded how good the UK NHS is – free access to doctors and hospitals and free prescriptions.

I talked to my GP within an hour of requesting the telephone consultation.


I cannot get my head around the fact that there are many people out there opposed to vaccines, refusing to take them, and velueving in all kinds of conspiracy theiries.

Over 4 million have died from Covid worldwide – over 1 million of those in Europe.

Medical professionals I know tell me very sad stories of people in ICU and on ventilators – even young people.

I think there are always conspiracy theorists on every issue – but we should not be guided by them.

I AM NOT saying that there are not lots of questions to be asked about Covid.

But on the ground we have to trust our doctors and scientists.


Of course I am a believer in the individual’s right not to take a medicine.

But I also believe in the community’s right to defend itself from infection and death.

And all our decisions gave consequences.

If YOU decide not to take the vaccine I have the right to say to YOU that I do not want YOU to threaten my health by being in my company.

Therefore, I am in favour of people being asked to prove they are not a threat to others health in planes, pubs, restaurants etc.

If you decide not to be vaccinated, thats one of the consequences.

People say that is Big Brother watching.

Well, as someone who had Covid, I am very glad that Big Brother vaccinated me and kept me from greater illness and potentially, death.


The Archbishop is deeply grateful to the Society of Mary (Marists) who are leaving Holy Family Parish in Dundalk after forty years of generous service to the local community.  He wishes well Fr Cormac McNamara, SM, Adm, and Fr Francis Corry, SM, CC, who are departing the parish.

The Archbishop is very grateful also to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) who, in addition to their ministry in St Joseph’s Parish, Dundalk, have agreed to serve Holy Family Parish for a fixed period.  The Archbishop has appointed Fr Derek Ryan, CSsR, CC, St Joseph’s, Dundalk, and Fr Richard Delahunty, CSsR, to be Administrator and Curate in Holy Family Parish, Dundalk, respectively.

Fr John Hughes, PE, CC, Moy (Clonfeacle), to retire, and to be priest-in-residence, Moy   

Fr Fergus Breslan, PE, Moy (Clonfeacle), retired, to be priest-in-residence, Middle Killeavy

Fr Eamonn McCamley, to assist in the parish of Drumglass, Killyman & Tullyniskin (Dungannon)

Fr Desmond Branigan, CC, Magherafelt, to be CC, St Peter’s, Drogheda

Fr Thomas McHugh, CC, Cathedral Parish, Armagh, to be (pro tem), Adm, Moy (Clonfeacle), and Adm, Eglish

Fr Barry Matthews, CC, St Peter’s, Drogheda, to be CC, Cathedral Parish, Armagh

Fr Juan Jesus Gonzalez Borrallo, newly ordained, to be CC, Magherafelt

Fr Callum Young, newly ordained, to be Assistant to the Rector, Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary, Dundalk

Deacon Stephen Wilson, newly ordained, to serve in the parishes of Knockbridge, Kilkerley & Louth

Deacon Colm Hagan, newly ordained, to serve in the parishes of Donaghmore, Pomeroy & Termonmaguirc.


I see Amy is bringing EAMON MC CAMLEY, the internet willy waver, back and placing him in Dungannon.

I hope he has learned a lesson.

I also see that THOMAS “NO TATOO” MC HUGH is being promoted “pro tem” to be a parish administrator.

Does Amy not trust Thomas just to make him Adm or PP?

Deacon Wilson will ply his trade in Louth.