Product Description

As the papal conclave that was to choose Pope Francis was being called, a cardinal of the Catholic Church was exposed and took a monumental fall from grace. Since then, many more high\-profile Catholic clerics have been confronted. One of four whistle blowers, former priest Brian Devlin relates what it took to uncover the sexual hypocrisy of Cardinal Keith O’Brien in this previously untold inside story. Making the effort to write not from a place of anger and hurt, he presents Cardinal Sin as an opportunity for the global Church to learn and change.

With far reaching insights, the book offers genuine lessons to help avoid future horror stories involving Catholic leaders.

The author asks the hard questions, analyses the harsh responses of the Catholic hierarchy and provides ways the Church can heal and regain the trust of its faithful.

Cardinal Sin: Challenging power abuse in the Catholic Church is a critical work for understanding how the Catholic Church does and should react when its senior figures are challenged.


“A searching but compassionate account of one of the greatest sex scandals in the Catholic Church in recent history” –Richard Holloway

“Without courageous whistleblowers like Brian Devlin, we would never know the extent of the corruption that facilitated O’Brien and others like him.” –Mary McAleese

About the Author

Brian Devlin is a former Catholic priest. Being profoundly deaf he uses his social media presence to raise awareness of issues around deafness. He was Director in charge of Public Relations and Patient Participation for an NHS Board. Prior to all of this, he was a Catholic Priest in Edinburgh. He left the priesthood – however his interest in medical and healthcare ethics, which he learned in his training, remains.


KEITH O’BRIEN was an out and out hypocrite – living a gay sexually active life, seducing seminarians and priests – and publically opposing open and honest gay men and women who wanted to seal their love with a civil partnership or marriage.

Interestingly, he was also a big mate of Jimmy Saville! What was that all about?

He was the Scottish version of Uncle Ted McCarrick – who hopefully we will soon see jailed.

Brian Devlin

BRIAN DEVLIN has the perfect right to oublish this book – to tell what O’Brien did to him and others.

Devlin is also doing us all a favour by lifting up another Catholic clerical rock and allowing us to see the creepy crawlies that will come crawling out.

With the recent story of all those in the Vatican using Grindr – it seems that a lot more of them are “at it”.