A very small number of scientific and medical persons say that paedophilia is a sexual orientation

Groups speaking for paedophiles say it is a sexual orientation.


Pedophilia is termed pedophilic disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and the manual defines it as a paraphilia involving intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children that have either been acted upon or which cause the person with the attraction distress or interpersonal difficulty. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) defines it as a “sustained, focused, and intense pattern of sexual arousal—as manifested by persistent sexual thoughts, fantasies, urges, or behaviours—involving pre-pubertal children.”

PARAPHILIA ( Medscape)

“Paraphilia is any intense and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physically mature, consenting human partners. If a paraphilia causes distress or impairment to the individual or if its satisfaction entails personal harm, or risk of harm, to others, it is considered a paraphilic disorder. A paraphilia is thus a necessary but insufficient condition for having a paraphilic disorder. A paraphilia by itself, without distress, impairment, or potential or actual harm, does not necessarily require clinical intervention”.


So most informed people and professionals see paedophilia as a disorder that is sometimes distressing to the person with the disorder and sometimes not.

We must have compassion for the paedophile who does not act out their paedophilia.

Such a person will find thenselves with a sexual attraction they can NEVER act upon.

Imagine the pain involved in saying NO to your sexual attraction for your whole life.

But it has to be that way because children are totally off-limits and are totally incapable of giving consent to such actions.


I have done a lot of pastoral work with victims / survivors of abuse.

I have also worked with a small number of abusers / offenders.

I have discovered that there are basically two kinds of abusers:

1. Abusers who do not want to re-offend and are willing to take help.

2. Abusers who do not want help and who will re-offend, given the opportunity.

Abusers who want help can really be helped not to re-offend. But this involves life-time management and support. I have seen a small number of people achieve this.

Abusers who do not want help have to be closely monitored by the authorities. These folk can be very manipulative – so extreme caution is vital.

In Ireland’s case, I do wonder how our strict and repressive Catholicism played its part?



MISTER KEENAN of Paisley as failed to draw the Scottish Police into the priest and rent boys scandal.

For some inexplicable reason he tried to hand his own internal church discipline to the state police.

The police see that matter as an internal church discipline matter and not a criminal or police matter.

MISTER CREAN of Cloyne tried a similar stunt with the Cork Gardai over the Fr Lomasney gay altar sex invident.


When a priest is in trouble the bishop says the following about him:

“He is on sick leave”.

“He is on sabbatical”.

“He is looking after his elderly parents”.

“He is on further studies”.

They now have a new thing to say,:

“I can’t comment on Father Murphy at present as the matter is in the hands of the police”.

Pull the other one bishop – there’s bells on it 🤯




GER NASH, who will be ordained as tge bishop of Ferns next Sunday has come up with a strange coat of arms.

It looks like the logo of a Water and Sewerage Agency.

The motto means”In the peace and belonging of Jesus” – which is fair enough.

I think Nash was trying , but failed, to outdo the retired bishop of Killaloe, where he comes from

Walsh’s arms are nuch more traditional and expressive.

His motto “THE KINDNESS OF CHRIST” is very touching.

My dealings with Willie convinced me that he was making a great effort to be as kind as Christ.

Will was kind but a but a bit lacking in the courage department.

I very much like my own coat of arms, which was granted by the Chief Herald of Ireland and painted by a senior heraldic artist.

The green hat and gold and green tassles for a bishop.

The three bulls from the Buckley coat of arms.

The “Black Sheep” – me – with the bishops crozier.

The motto on a priest’s stole.


Of course, “tolerance” is to be distinguished from permissiveness or turning a blind eye to wrong doing / corruption.



Over the past three Tuesdays, I have been exposed to nine hours of street preaching of the HATE variety in my home town of Larne in Northern Ireland.

I was shocked and saddened to hear my LGBT brothers and sisters being told that they were going to burn in Hell for all eternity.

I was shocked and saddened to hear a disabled child being called “a curse from God”.

All these street preachers are former prisoners with sentences as long as ten years.

The rumour is that some were paramilitary prisoners – which would give a chilling aspect to them claiming to be BLOOD-WASHED.


Some people think street preachers are evil.

But I think they are sick – mentally ill.

And of course people can be both mad and bad.

And you cannot punish people for being ill.

But that does not mean that we have to let them do and say what they want.

Sometimes mentally ill people have to be “RESTRAINED” for their own good and for the safety of others.

In my opinion the Larne Hate Preachers should be restrained from what they are saying.

That requires new laws as there is a very thin line between free speech and have speech.

These Larne preachers are accused of telling the mother ofa disabled child that the child was “a curse from God”.

They are also telling LGBT that they will burn in hell for all eternity.

If you examine the lives and backgrounds of these street preachers look out for the flowing:

Low intelligence.

Poorly educated.

Poor language skills.

Sexually conflicted.

Inferiority complex.

Unhappy relationships.

Craving conflict.

Past addictions.

Father / Mother issues.

Victims of abuse.

The difference between a nuerotic ( all of us ) and a psychotic is – nuerotics build castles in the air. Psychotics live in them”.




Yesterday, August 27th, the Down and Connor priest, John J Murray was convicted of abusing two 10-year-old girls in the1980s.

Some years ago Murray fled to Spain to avoid being questioned by the police.

Every day in Spain he golfed, wined and dined while his victims languished at home in deep emotional pain thinking they might never get justice.

I’ve known Murray for over 40 years and regard him as one of the most vile men ever ordained to the prirsthood.

He has been a user of women for as long as I have known him and his conviction this week, while better late than never, is decades overdue.

He has been protected by several cynical Down and Connor clergy for years.

In fairness to the current bishop, Noel Treanor, he went one day a few years ago to Murray’s parish, Rasharkin, and literally gave him an hour to pack his bags.

I am so relieved for the victims that their 40 year nightmare is over and their story has been validated and believed.

I have accompanied one of the victims for 5 year plus.

That girl has been to hell and back.

Her abuse has overshadowed her whole life

I hope this verdict, the fact that she has been believed and the grace of God will lead her to the fullest healing possible.

As in the past, I will continue to walk with her.



Italian journalism is buzzing with rumours about Pope Francis’ health.

The talk is of colon cancer at an fairly advanced stage.

Recently Francis did have colon surgery and reports say he lost half of his colon.

I have some experience in this area as I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in thr kate 1980s – a coupke of years after my bust up with Daly & Co.

The doctors partly attributed my Crohns to the stress of that time.

In 1991, after the failure of steroid treatment, I had to have a bowel resection that involved removing the end of my large bowel and the beginning of my colon and involving the Ileocecal junction – the part that connects the large bowel to the colon and has the appendix attached to it. See image below.

In my case I was lucky and just lost a small section of my bowel.

Poor Francis lost quite a lot.

Again, fortunately, I met a London professor who greatly helped me and currently I have no Crohns in my bowel.

Of course he is in his 80s.


Another rumour in Rome at the moment is that Francis is to issue a new document setting out an obligatory retirement age for popes.

In this day and age it is silly to have a man in his 80s and 90s leading the church.

I think that all vlerics should have a natural retiring age of 65.

So, perhaps we shoukd have bishops and popes between the agrs of 45 and 65

I also think that a retired pope should be known as “bishop emeritus of Rome”, not pope emeritus.

On retirement popes should return to being cardinals.

Religious orders have been ooerating like this for a very long time.





Dear Dom Eamon,

In recent days, it has been brought to my attention that you are currently visiting Mount Melleray Abbey. When one looks at “Compline – Night Prayer” for the evening of August 20; one can observe you [Dom Eamon], the Abbot General of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance in the choir stalls. Separated from you by a few feet is the current Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey, Dom Richard Purcell, who in turn is seated close to Fr. Donal Davis.


It is, of course, always an edifying to see monks in church for the monastic office. To the non-informed outsider this would look perfectly normal; but, it belies an ugly reality; it is, in fact, an act of on-going dissimulation. By this, I mean, your presence at the abbey is akin to the photographs that were circulated of Fr. Marcial Maciel Degallado, the disgraced founder of the Legion of Christ with Pope John Paul II. These photographs served a twofold purpose: a) they served as a means of deflecting from Degallado’s well-known sexual misconduct; and, b) they also visually told the world that Fr. Degallado was untouchable.

Dom Eamon, are you telling us that standing beside Dom Purcell in choir that Dom Purcell is untouchable? In doing so, are you attempting to give Dom Purcell, the ecclesiastical approbation that comes from your position as the Abbot General? Because, if that is the inference we are invited to take — it is a strategy that is NOT working, and one that will end in failure.

A more contemporary example might-be instructive. Everybody knew that Cardinal McCarrick was interfering with seminarians — it was an open secret. In the same manner, Richard Purcell is well-known on the Irish gay scene — a reality that you seem incapable to comprehend or unwilling to accept for reasons that remain arcane.

But, gay monks who are sexually active are not a new phenomenon. The former Benedictine Abbot of Monte Cassino, Pietro Vittorelli, OSB, and the Irish-born former Benedictine Abbot of Dormition Abbey (Earl “Gregory” Collins, formerly a monk and priest of Glenstal Abbey) are two recent examples. The rampant homosexuality in monasteries was eloquently demonstrated by St. Peter Damien, Doctor of the Church, in his seminal work, Liber Gomorrhianus, a book that could be argued that serves as a practical guide to the church of today. Hence, I am not highlighting a new reality.

The significance ascribed to office of Abbot General is beautifully reflected within the Constitutions of the Order. Sadly, you now bring that office into disrepute as your presence at Mount Melleray Abbey as the incumbent office-holder is legitimating a cover-up. You are attempting to provide the thinnest possible veneer of credibility to Dom Purcell. In fact, the more I think about it Richard Purcell could be now described as the “Cardinal McCarrick” of the Irish church — everybody knows the ugly reality, but nobody will take responsibility.

Mount Melleray

However, I invite you to cast your mind back to our conversation on the evening of September 13, 2020, at 6.39 pm, when we spoke for eighteen (18) minutes and thirty-six (36) seconds. Your candour was extraordinary. I suspect this is due to the fact that presumed that you were speaking to bona fide member of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. As I have previously indicated, it would be churlish for you to deny our conversation. And, with the passing of time I suspect you now bitterly regret having being so candid with yours truly.

Nonetheless, you freely and spontaneously acknowledged that the allegations of sexual misconduct that I made against Dom Purcell were in fact, true. It was clear that you and the decision-makers within the Cistercian Order had known about Purcell’s misconduct for a considerable amount of time. Your observation that it was hoped the incident at Roscrea “had been a one off” is a corporate admission of Purcell’s culpability.

One, among the many sexual partners of Dom Purcell at Roscrea (I have learned of others) was an ex-priest of the Diocese of Killaloe, Neil Dargan. You may recall, I mentioned in one of our follow-up e-mails that it was Fr. Dargan who was sexually active with Dom Purcell in Roscrea. Was it Fr. Dargan you were referring to when you made your comment about Dom Purcell? The said, Fr. Neil Dargan, who “encountered” Dom Purcell in Roscrea has acknowledged his sexual relationship with Dom Purcell (in a non-confessional setting) to another priest, who in turn revealed it to me for the greater good of the Irish Cistercians.

You also may-be interested to know that recently I received correspondence indicating that an ex-student of the Cistercian College, recognised Dom Purcell from his attendance at a gay get together (to be charitable) or a gay gang-bang (to be more accurate). It is a small world! And, I do not need to mention to you how notorious Dom Purcell was during his student days at Oxford.

Consequently, the in-action of the Abbot General and his Council about Dom Purcell begets the following legitimate questions. Why have you not asked Dom Purcell to step aside? Have you asked Dom Purcell to resign? Why have you not instituted a canonical investigation into Dom Purcell’s behaviour? Why do you not petition the Holy See for to commence an investigation overseen by a neutral monk from one of the Benedictine Congregations? Why are the Cistercians covering-up for Dom Purcell? Do you consider that the priestly faculties of Dom Purcell to minister within the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore should be preventively suspended by a Decree of the Ordinary of the diocese? Have you and will you bring these allegations to the attention of the diocesan Ordinary? If not; why not?

Have you considered contacting Dom Mauro-Guiseppe Lepori, O. Cist, the Abbot General of the Order of Cistercians of the Common Observance to recommend an abbot to conduct an Apostolic Visitation of Mount Melleray Abbey? After all, an abbot from another Cistercian Congregation would be sympathetic the Cistercian charism. At the time of this writing, we are not aware of any abbot from that congregation who has a proclivity for visiting gay saunas. Would you like me to send an e-mail to Dom Lepori asking on your behalf for some recommendations?

What are you Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, hiding? Is it reasonable to suggest that your on-going in-action about Dom Purcell would appear to an objective outsider that you are somehow morally compromised? And, begets another question — if you institute canonical proceedings against Dom Purcell — is there something potentially nefarious in your past that Dom Purcell might bring into the public domain? Do you fear that Dom Purcell might bring your standing as the Abbot General into disrepute? These are, I submit, legitimate questions; ones that require answers.

Dom Eamon, it is never too late to do the right thing. You now need to act for the greater good of Mount Melleray Abbey, the Irish Cistercians, and the Order across the globe. But, your on-going in-action about these allegations beget two illations: a) you are morally compromised; and, b) incapable of acting decisively by exercising appropriate leadership.

Your failure to act is not conducive to the greater good of Mount Melleray Abbey and for the Cistercians. If for whatever reason you are incapable; it is respectfully suggested that you should immediately resign as Abbot General; because this matter is not going away, and the longer it goes on the worse it is going to get, however, that choice is ultimately, yours.

I am going to conclude this e-mail with a post that was made on my blog on November 5, 2020 at 6.59 pm. It is telling and insightful:

“Remember, when Covid is over, and you meet Abbot Purcell and shake his hand…… Remember, given his proclivity for rawhide barebacking [the practice of having anal intercourse without a condom], that hand is liable also to have been where the sun does not shine, such is the menu card of sexual activities that is on offer in places like the Boilerhouse [a gay sauna in Dublin]. Now, by and large, I could not care what goes on behind closed doors. Each to their own. Other peoples’ business. But, for someone like a Cistercian monk, priest and abbot, with publicly professed vows of chastity and celibacy representing himself as a religious figure who implicitly upholds the RC church’s teaching on sexual morality….well, I think you know what he should do. Simple”

In conclusion, it is my prayer that Mary, the Mother of God and of all Cistercians intercedes for you with the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to do the right thing, finally

In Christ,

  • + Pat Buckley.


Hugh Gilbert

THE NAMES of those clerics alleged to be part of the gay priests clique, THE DAISY CHAIN have been sent by post to the president of the Scottish Episcopal Conference, HUGH GILBERT of Aberdeen.

He has been asked to share the list with his fellow Scottish bishops.

Last week, the names were sent to the UK papal nuncio and Cardinal Marc Ouellet of the Vatican’s congregation for bishops

These names have been provided by two serving Scottish priests who are weary of all the carry on and corruption.


I have also been contacted by Scottish catholic parents who ate worried about their children encountering any of these priests in churches and schools etc.


A particular worry of parents is the 2023 WORLD YOUTH DAY in Portugal.

During previous WYD’s it has emerged that priests have targetted mainly young men for sexual reasons.

Priests have asked 17 year old boys for their mobile numbers and told them not to tell their parents about the contact.

Young men have been asked to send priests their used underwear!

City authorities cleaning up after WYD have had to clean up a large number of used condoms.

If I were a Catholic parent I would not allow my son or daughter to attend WYD.

I would feel I woukd be putting them in emotional, moral and sexual danger.





THE BIBLE has always been a source of conflict in Christian history.

THE CATHOLICS didnt like their people reading the Bible and placed it on their INDEX – THE LIST OF BOOKS THE VATICAN BANNED.

The Catholic hierarchy and clergy were afraid that if people read the Bible for themselves they would see that many of their teachings were non biblical.

THE PROTESTANTS on the other hand put a Bible in every hand, told everyone that God directed with them directly, and tgat every singke word in the Bible should be taken LITERALLY.

This leads to all kinds of nut jobs on the street.


Over the last few weeks a number of suspicious-looking mem have appeared on the main street of my home town preaching hate

They condemn gay people.

They have even told the parent of a disabled child that their child was God’s curse upon them 🤮

These are the two main OFFENDERS:

Can anyone tell me who there are and what is their background.

Rumours are rife that they are ex prisoners and ex terrorists.



Licensed cartoon


The clergy and laity of Scotland are so impressed with your courage and transparency and I and many others are so relieved that its all come out into the open.

I’ve shed many tears these last few years as a priest of but these last few days have helped ease that pain.

Your blog and it’s contents are the talk of the diocese and country and people are loving it Pat that you had the courage to show these hypocrites up for who and what they really are.​

Pat, I never once told you a lie or gossip but only ever shared FACTS. Bishop Keenan has misled his lawyer and the lawyer now knows that and is raging. The clergy and people of Scotland are delighted.

The bishop and the funeral director are raging but also spending a lot of time on the phone shocked that they have been exposed. Many people never going to use his company again.​

Pat, you have them on the ropes. Please do not give in as you are landing blow after blue. Keenan is finished.

Pat, your a good man and have saved many souls this weekend. I look forward to speaking to And meeting ​ you.​

To show I’m credible I can confirm to you a brother priest has spoken to The Scottish Sun – have you heard from them?


Dear Brother, It does seem that the gay clerical clique in Scotland has been running wild for years and decades and has caused a lot of damage and hurt 😢

And its not just about celibate bishops and priests having sex with each other.

Its also about the nastiness of this clique bullying other priests and parishioners, promoting each other to diocesan and episcopal positions and targetting seminarians and other young men for seduction.

In Scotland, we have had the equivalent of the McCarrick Mafia in Scotland – led by KOB himself.

The Priesthood should be made up of a healthy diversity of people. Instead it has become homosexualised, to the exclusion of others.

I know its not easy – but Scottish priests and laity need to stand up and publicly challenge this cancer.

I hope John Keenan is gone as far as he can go. He should never have been made a bishop in the first place.



The word on the Irish clerical grapevine is that poor Brian is not happy in Crossgar and wants back to Enniskillen.

Part of the problem seems to be the fact that poor Brian has to live with Gary.

Gary Donegan

Oh, Dear! The Clash of the Egos.

The problem is that not everyone wants Darcy back in The Gran monastery.