A much-loved priest is being hailed as a hero after he saved a woman from being hit by a bus in Cork.

Fr Con Cronin was killed after the freak crash which saw a bus plough into some cars on the Strand Road in Monkstown, Cork.

The 52-year-old Bus Eireann driver, who is believed to have suffered a suspected heart attack while behind the wheel, has been named as Mark Wills.

The Ballincollig native is a father to teenage children and is understood to have been pronounced dead on the arrival of emergency services.

Fr Cronin had been crossing the road with a friend when she alerted him to the danger and he reacted by pushing her out of the way.

Medics battled hard to save Fr Cronin after he was struck by the bus but he has tragically pronounced dead soon after.


Fr Cronin’s death at 73 was indeed tragic – as was the death of the bus driver.

His actions just before he was killed were absolutely selfless and heroic.

He could have chosen to save himself – but instead, he chose to save his friend – a parish secretary, I believe.

Fr Cronin’s actions prove that there are good priests about and his actions were based on an innate and natural goodness.

He had worked in Africa for years before returning home to help out in Cork parishes.

Since his death many people have spoken of his endearing personality and his kindness and goodness to people.

Fr Cronin’s funeral was watched live on line by over 12,000 people.

“No greater love has any man than that he lay down his life for his friends”.


For a very short time in 1960 I attended a very old primary school in.old Ballymun, Dublin, called St Pappins PS.

This was the time before the famous/infamous Ballymun Flats were built and St Pappins was literally out in the countryside.

I reached out to the Glasnevin Heritage and one of their members submitted some pictured of the now demolished St Pappins.


When I was in Dublin on Tuesday I called at Howth for some fresh lobster.

This was our Sunday lunch yesterday



Daniel Etienne

Dear Bishop Buckley,

On behalf of the Catholics of South Blackpool, I want to thank you for your help for supporting us to convince our Bishop Paul Swarbrick to remove Father Daniel from the Office of Parochial Administrator of our Parishes of St John Vianney’s, St Monica’s and St Cuthbert’s.

Campbell left

We approached you with a heavy heart, mindful of the shortage of Priests and grateful that we actually had one assigned here in the first place.

We needed to take action and with your help he has eventually listened.

Rev Daniel has been transferred to be an Assistant Priest 100 miles away in Carlisle under the watchful eye and guidance of a highly experienced Pastor. He leaves us for good in the coming weeks.

The other news is that his partner in crime Rev Billing (aka Parish dodger), who has quietly lived with Rev Daniel for the last 2 years without saying any public Masses and whose upkeep been paid for by the Parishioners, is also moving to Carlisle to live with Dan the man, where he continues an extended sabbatical to study Canon law and to stay out the way of all the clergy and lay faithful he pissed off whilst he was the previous Bishop’s secretary.

All this means that we can hopefully start to rebuild our Parish again and that Rev Daniel can start afresh. 

I know that the two of them like to read your blog , so I thought it would be useful if I reached out to Rev Daniel through this medium
with some constructive feedback.

1. Change your attitude.

When Parishioners bid you good morning or good evening, it is human decency to answer back and not ignore them.

2. Accept that females have a role in the Church

Stop making it known that you believe their only place in the Church is to clean.

3. Think about your approach

Particularly to children and to their teachers. Our children are the future of the Church, so refusing sacraments to them because their parents don’t take them to Mass is not the answer. Our school is next door to Church and it has been sad to see them been bussed to other Churches where the clergy are more approachable and understanding. Try not to get banned from the schools in your new Parish as you did ours!

4.Cut back on the dressing up.

It is one thing wanting to wear old fashioned and traditional cassocks and vestments, that is your choice, but it is quite another to use Parish funds for vestments and other outfits with lots of lace, frills and pom poms that are more suited to a Kylie Minogue or Steps concert. Lay people think it is all a bit odd.

5. Accept the Holy Father’s instruction.

The Latin Mass has gone. You need to move on, or think about joining one of the orders such as Christ the King Sovereign Priest like your friend Fr Millar has done.

6. Think before making too many changes at once.

Getting rid of our popular folk group and their guitars that had been going for over 20 years because you only believe in organ music in Church hurt a lot of people and the way that you did it was not very reverend-like. It was your decision, but just think about handling these situations and about being more “pink and fluffy”.

7. Be more approachable

You have been called to serve the people of God. Not to turn against them or turn them against the Church. Don’t look down your nose at them, or treat them as if they are totally stupid. If you didn’t mean to do this, this is how it feels. Most of us are okay you know!

8. Don’t be so pious

For example, avoid announcing during funerals that lay faithful who have missed Sunday Mass should not present themselves for Holy Communion. That surely is a decision between the individual and almighty God.

9. Your ego

Accept that a Parish is bigger than and is not all about the Priest. I admit that you are a handsome devil, but plastering your photos all over the Parish website was quite unnecessary (rumour is that Fr Billing uploaded all of them!) Thanks for removing them all over the last few weeks.

10. Rev Billing

I know that you and Rev Robert are very close,  but don’t let him influence  you as much. If feels that he is loading the gun and you are firing it for him. You are your own man, you are clever and you don’t need to do what he says or look to please him. He has his own issues to deal with.

11. In a nice way

Get a life

You would perhaps benefit from spending time with people your own age who aren’t necessarily connected to Church. Learn about modern day life and how the world has changed and how we must all adapt and diversify.

I only provide these points as advice to try to help you.  Not to cause trouble or to hurt you. I don’t think the Diocese or those responsible for your seminary formation have been much help or support to you, so your new Parish is a fresh start and I know that the new PP is a wise and holy man.

I really believe that you are a good person at heart and you will make a great Priest.

The diy work you have done around the Parishes has been fantastic and you saved us a lot of money. You are very talented.

I will make myself known to you privately at the Parish BBQ and will ask for your blessing.

Thanks for your service and efforts. I will pray for you as I hope you will me.



I think Joseph in giving Daniel good advice.

Priests of my generation felt called to address our people’s spiritual AND practical needs side by side.

The young priests coming out these days seem to be totally preoccupied with the spiritual and even more so the liturgical.

Its all about Latin, vestments, lace, incense and pink gin.

When I was in Belfast I donned a boiler suit and went out with a shovel and brush.

I can’t imagine Daniel out on the street shovelling and brushing.

Youll not get the smell of the sheep at a Tridentine Mass.