The main problem with the Latin Mass Brigade is that they have and are using the Latin Mass as a rallying point for all kinds of dissent.

You have Mother Burke going around posing almost as an antipope and as a focus of dissent.

Also, Cardinal Zen and the Hong Kong bishops are resisting scrapping the Latin Mass.


You have all these new societies of priests and latin rite monasteries springing up.

Many, if not most of these people and groups are anti Vatican II and anti Pope Francis.

There are, in practice, a church within a church.

Pope Benedict did the church harm when he brought in rules and regulations allowing individual priests to set up a Latin Mass wherever and whenever.

Many bishops have ignored Pope Francis’ recent document greatly limiting the Latin Mass.

Francis is going to have to be tougher and more firm.

1. He will have to affirm that the vernacular Mass of Vatican II is the official, always to be celebrated, Mass of the church.

2. He will need to instruct that only the Vatican, and not local bishops, can give permission for the celebration of the Latin Mass.

3. Ideally he should remove Burke from the college of cardinals.

4. He should tell bishops who continue to give permission for the Latin Mass that they will be dismissed from their office.

5. He should ban the use of Roman vestments and priest’s birettas at all public Masses.


Some people say that if Francis takes a hard line on this matter it will lead to schism.

But the truth is that the Latin Brigade are already in schism as they reject Vatican II, the vernacular Mass and the papacy of Francis.

Better to have a clean, well defined schism, than a creeping, underground schism.


We have added an antique tryptych to our Otarory.

It originates in Belgium.

The central image is of Christ being taken down from the cross.

The left image is the presentation of the head of John the Baptist to King Herod.

Is the right image of the three young men being burnt in oil by King Nebuchadnezzar for refusing to abandon their faith ?

The front cover shows Jesus as the Lamb of Sacrifice and the other side a figure holding a chalice ?