O’Brien – Scotland’s most famous sexually active gay

“Bishop Pat,

The group of gay priests and bishops in Scotland is known as The Daisy Chain.

It is based mainly in the Metroplitan of Glasgow, Motherwell and Paisley, however, there are a small number of Edinburgh, Dunkeld and Galloway Clergy involved as well as the lay people.​

This week I will provide further details of high clergy are involved and who they’re involved with including the Married Funeral Director with a squad of kids, he’s been with a few clergy”.


This is a very interesting and telling message from one of our Scottish correspondents.

It confirms that there is a well organised and longstanding organisation of sexually active bishops, priests and laymen in the Scottish Church.

In fact the most senior clericic in the church of Scotland was exposed as a gay secual predator.

In many ways what is happening in the Scottish church today is the legacy of O’Brien and his ilk.

And some of O’Brien’s proteges are still at the centre.

And its not just about sex. It is about cruelty, abuse of power, favouritism, cynicism etc.

It is also evidence that these so called men of God have no faith and do not pray.

In fact, they prefer to PREY rather than PRAY.

So, let us embark, over the next few days, on intense scrutiny of Scotland’s gay clerics and their so called Daisy Chain.

I think we might see that they are more like the dandelion than the daisy?