Ive heard from a lady in the USA who says she had an online sexual relationship with a priest from Galway.

She had an on line relationship with an Irish man. When they met on the chat site he told me after some time that he was a priest and she didn’t believe him. She thought he was joking with her. Then he sent her to his parish website to watch him celebrating Mass.

She is not a Catholic.

She asked him for a photograph and he told her to go and watch him celebrating Mass on his parish website.

He played a lot of head games with her during that time. The last time they spoke it was towards the end of Easter and he was celebrating the Stations of the Cross which was broadcast live and she noticed he was just sniffing and sniffing and sniffing and she told him people would know he was taking cocaine.

Another time he showed her an on line photograph of him holding a small bag of cocaine.

She says she is a sincere person and does not take screen shots of anyone she talks to on line. She says that is mainly done by people who want to blackmail other people later and that she would never do that.

The priest always rang her when it was very late at night in Ireland and he was always drunk and had taken cocaine.

She says they had online sex together including mutual masturbation etc.

The priest told her that he was leaving the priesthood and was going to the US to be with her.

She is also very seriously worried about him from the point of the view of his alcohol and cocaine addiction.

She says she is hurt by his deception but  is not a scorned woman.

Of course, she thinks to be doing what he doing and be a priest at the same time is gross hypocrisy.

She says he is also on a website which is for transgender / transsexual people.


I live in America. I met Father Xxxxxxx Xxxx on a internet chat site earlier this year and engaged in a online sexual relationship with him for months including facetime where we would mutually masturbate.

He had previously engaged (and was caught) having sexual relations with a person in his parish and I suspected and confronted him about some evidence I had that he was engaging in sexual acts not only online not just with women.

I believe that he may be at least bisexual.

He also revealed to me during the time that we were talking that he was heavily addicted to cocaine and on several occasions did it while we were on face chat.

There are a couple videos that were posted to the Xxxxxx Parish Facebook  – mass live streams and you can tell that he has a cocaine problem especially given the way he sniffs during the entire service.


Brendan Kelly

20th September 2021

Dear Brendan,

I have heard from a lady in the USA who says that she has had an online sexual relationship with Father Xxxxxxx Xxxxx

She says they engaged in mutual masturbation etc.

She also says that Father Xxxxx has an ongoing alcohol and cocaine addiction and that he has shared photographs with her with him holding a bag of cocaine.

Apparently, Father Xxxxx promised her he was leaving the priesthood and going to the USA to be with her.

Apart from any other appropriate action it would seem that Father Xxxxx needs professional help with his addictions.

Because of the illegal nature of the cocaine aspect I have informed the Galway Gardai of the matter.

Sincerely yours,

+ Pat Buckley


These cases of priests having sex keep coming. Mainly they are with men. This one is with a woman – with trans and cocaine aspects added into the mix.

RC priests need to realise that because they publicly take a promise or vow of celibacy the public and laity expect them to honour it.

Not to do so is hypocrisy.

They always have the option of of leaving if they will not or cannot keep their public promise.

But many stay for the cushy life and the social respect.

This woman in the USA was given to understand that she was beginning a long term relationship with this priest. If that was not his intention then he was using the woman and deceiving her. Thats is not good and not nice and not principled.

We Christians and especially we priests should not use people for our ends.

If you google it, there are quite a number of priests involved in drug-taking.

Drugs are illegal.

Drugs take lives.

On Sunday I celebrated an anniversary Mass for my nephew Christopher who got involved in drugs and took his own life 24 years ago.

Priests using cocaine and other drugs is illegal and immoral and very sinful.

It cannot be tolerated.


Amy with the Colonel in Chief of the Paratroopers.