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Dear Pat

I have been following your blog for a while now and want to thank you for highlighting some awful abuses within the Church.

I am especially concerned over Richard Purcell and his disgraceful behaviour particularly following the suicide of Pat Walsh who was the guest master at Roscrea and I truly hope he did not witness anything and tried to bring it up with Purcell or Malachy Thompson.

I have no proof of anything I am sorry to say but just have a horrible feeling about it.

I will tell you what I know about Pat. I visited Roscrea for the first time in October 2018 as I had a friend there who was a novice oblate and so met Pat and stayed in touch with him afterwards albeit on a brief email every now and again.

My friend didn’t stay and he alerted me to Pat’s death. All I know is that Pat went missing – he was on the Garda website as a missing person and then found dead a few days later. If you google Paude Walsh Waterford you can actually watch still the funeral Mass via the link below the death notice in which the family talk about their search for him and then finding his body. He was a very big man so I would imagine he drowned or overdosed. I have tried very discreetly to find out more via someone I know who goes regularly to Roscrea but I get no real answers and people don’t want to talk about it.

So I don’t know the family really. All I can also say is that when I met Pat he was not at ease at all and I thought he seemed very depressed. So it may be that depression was the chief cause of his death; however the goings on at Roscrea can’t have passed him by either. I know he was a Carmelite for a long time too.I don’t know if there was an inquest?


Sorry to leave more unanswered questions with you.


At this point, ANYTHING that happens in Cistercian monasteries has at least the potential to be worrying and scandalous.

This is because we know that bad things have happened and are happening.

Someone as vulnerable as Pat Walsh could be very damaged by hearing and seeing things he should never hear or see.

Most sincere lay Catholics are shocked to the core at the things that have hapoened and are happening in monasteries and dioceses.

Rather than being the light houses of all that is good and moral, these places have become the flickering, enticing, lights of Hades.