“Peter Andrew Kwasniewski (born 22 March 1971) is an American traditionalist Catholic writer and composer of sacred music. He is a senior fellow of the St. Paul Center in Steubenville, Ohio, and was formerly on the faculty of Wyoming Catholic College. He is also the author of four books about traditional Catholicism: Resurgent in the Midst of CrisisNoble Beauty, Transcendent HolinessTradition and Sanity, and Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright. (Wiki)

In 2016, it was revealed that Kwasniewski was among the clergy and theologians who signed the “Letter of the 45”, a letter to all the Catholic cardinals which asked them to “respond to the dangers to Catholic faith and morals” which they alleged that Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia had posed.

Kwasniewski was also a signatory of a letter in support of the four Dubia cardinals. In April 2019, Kwasniewski was among 19 Catholic scholars and clergy who signed a 20-page open letter making a formal accusation of heresy against Pope Francis. These documents have been published in the book Defending the Faith Against Present Heresies (Arouca Press, 2020), which also includes 31 items (articles and interviews) commenting on the various initiatives, among which are found two essays by Kwasniewski.

Kwasniewski has spoken out strongly against Pope Francis’s teaching on the death penalty and particularly his changes to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He has been an outspoken critic of this pope on other topics as well—for example, on the motu proprio Spiritus Domini modifying canon law to open the ministries of lector and acolyte to women; and the pope’s apparent veneration of Pachamama at the start of the Amazon Synod as well as the agenda and conduct of that synod;

Although Kwasniewski discusses his understanding of the nature and limits of the papal office in many articles, the most comprehensive treatment to date seems to be a lecture entitled “My Journey from Ultramontanism to Catholicism”.

He has distanced himself repeatedly from and unequivocally rejects sedevacantism. To an Orthodox hieromonk who had critiqued the Catholic Church in the modern West, Kwasniewski wrote a rejoinder expressing sympathy but also questioning some of his conclusions and presenting arguments in favor of the Roman Church. In an article called “Is It Ever Okay to Take Shelter in an SSPX Mass?,” he summarized the changes over the years in the Vatican’s attitude toward the Society established by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and counseled Catholics, if their canonical right to the Extraordinary Form as per Summorum Pontificum is denied in their parish or diocese, to avail themselves of Society chapels. He exhorts Catholics not to give up on the Church in spite of what many consider to be its current corruption and waywardness”. (Wiki)

Dear Mr. Kwasniewski,.

I am Bishop Pat Buckley, an independent bishop who is well-known on the island of Ireland for my ministry to those on the fringes of the church. But, I am better known for highlighting clerical misconduct in the church on my blog.

Last year, several priests of the Diocese of Meath provided me with information about Silverstream Priory, because they were concerned (quite rightly) at the way the so-called visitation of the priory was being conducted. They were also concerned at the mishandling by Bishop Deenihan of the allegations of sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement levelled at the then Prior of Silverstream, Dom Mark Kirby, OSB, who I understand is well-known to your good self.

One of the visitators of Silverstream Priory was Dom Richard Purcell, the current Cistercian (Trappist) abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey in County Waterford in the Republic of Ireland. As I have repeatedly highlighted on my blog, and it was acknowledged to me as being true by the current Abbot General of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, that Dom Purcell has on-going issues with chastity. Dom Purcell is known to be a frequent visitor to gay saunas; he had consensual anal sex with an ex-seminarian of the Diocese of Killaloe, who recognised Purcell from a retreat. I could go on; but, I suspect you get the picture. Nonetheless, I would submit the fact that Dom Purcell was involved in the visitation of Silverstream — the said visitation had the credibility of a canard. Of course, I could also highlight issues associated with the other visitator, Abbot Brendan Coffey, OSB, of Glenstal Abbey, but that would take too long. 

It is my understanding that you have a personal connection with Silverstream Priory. Your son is a member of the community at Silverstream; he (your son, Dom Isaias Maria) professed first vows on July 11, 2020. I noted that Bishop Deenihan attended the profession. 

Isaias AKA Julian

However, the catalyst for the present e-mail is your announcement on Facebook (yesterday Oct 12, 2021) that you recently attended the priestly ordination of two monks in Italy; the ordaining bishop was Cardinal George Pell. You were very circumspect about the conversation you had with Cardinal Pell, however, I suspect you were less than complimentary about the current Pontiff, Pope Francis. You must be apoplectic at the restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass rightly introduced by Pope Francis. 

I am not a fan of Cardinal Pell. However, I entirely accept he was maliciously prosecuted and imprisoned; but more importantly he was cleared by Australia’s highest court. Hence, his name and reputation is unblemished. 

However, Cardinal Pell did have a lot of difficulty with a priest who feigned cancer. The said priest (who I now believe has been laicised) was Fr. Richard Abourjaily. Interestingly, I understand he started his journey to priesthood in a FSSP seminary. Abourjaily was branded as being “delusional” by Cardinal Pell. However, that did not stop him coming to Silverstream Priory, where he [Abourjaily] was permitted by Dom Mark Kirby to hear confessions, to celebrate the conventual mass and present himself as a priest without any restriction. Were you aware of this reality? If you have the contact details of Cardinal Pell, would you be happy to make him aware of this sequence of facts?

Would you now publicly condemn Dom Kirby for permitting Abourjaily to do what he liked with impunity at Silverstream Priory? Should Kirby be subjected to disciplinary action instigated by Bishop Deenihan? If not; why not?

Were you aware that when Dom Mark Kirby was teaching liturgy at Holy Apostles Seminary in Connecticut that he was a trenchant critic of the Traditional Latin Mass? He absolutely hated the liturgy of the church that you display an autistic-like obsession with. He was so disparaging of the so-called mass of the ages it became an issue. This has been independently verified and I have the names and addresses of priests that can attest to this reality. Of course, they would not wish to be associated with me, however, that is not the point.

At the time when Kirby was teaching in the seminary he was a Cistercian, he was, however, not permitted to wear the Cistercian habit at the time. Were you aware of that reality? Are you able to offer any insight into why he was not permitted to wear the monastic habit at that time?

Were you aware that Dom Mark Kirby when he was in the United States lead a life that was considerably and conspicuously at variance with his priestly and monastic vows? His “leather jacket” was well-known on a certain scene. I invite you to take whatever inference you wish from that statement. Sadly, there is a huge gay subculture in the Traditional Latin Mass movement. I am not suggesting that all priests who celebrate the TLM are gay but a lot of them are; because, wherever you have lace you have leather along with lots of pink gin.

Are you in a position to shed any light why Dom Kirby departed from The Monastery of Our Lady of the Cenacle Foundation in Mounds, Oklahoma?

Are you aware that Dom Kirby has been accused of sexual and financial impropriety during his tenure as founding prior of Silverstream? If these accusations are proven – do you consider that Dom Kirby should be laicised? Would you support the imposition of laicisation by Decree on Dom Kirby – if the accusations are true? 

If the life of Dom Mark Kirby is shown to be one of duplicity and deception over the decades — do you consider his latest creation, Silverstream Priory to irredeemably tainted and an embarrassment to the cause that you hold, dear, the Traditional Latin Mass? In light of your considerable academic expertise, you would accept that monastic communities emanate and display certain characteristics of the founder; hence, this is a legitimate question about Silverstream. 

Would you then support the suppression of Silverstream Priory and the dispersal of the community to more credible monastic houses by a Decree of the Holy See?

Do you consider that you and your son were duped by the hypocrisy of Dom Kirby?

Because of Dom Kirby’s purported love of the Traditional Latin Mass, did you fail to exercise appropriate and suitable judgement of Dom Kirby? Do you lack discretion?

I note that you provided the Nihil Obstat for Kirby’s book In Sinu Jesu. In light of the allegations made against Dom Kirby, do you now consider you that should withdraw the said Nihil Obstat? 

Are you in a position to confirm if Dom Kirby personally received any royalties from, In Sinu Jesu?

Does Bishop Thomas Deenihan and/or the Diocese of Meath receive any royalties from, In Sinu Jesu?

Should the book be withdrawn from circulation and that those who were so laudatory of In Sinu Jesu should publicly disassociate themselves from the said book? These individuals are: Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Fr. Hugh Barbour O.Praem, Fr. David Abernethy CO, Fr Joachim Schwarzmüller, Dr Kevin Vost, Prof. David W. Fagerberg, and Prof. Mark Miravalle. Bishop Joseph Strickland is also a fan I understand, along with the conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer and a trenchant critic of the papacy of Pope Francis, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Are you in a position to shed any light into who receives the royalties from In Sinu Jesu? Are you in receipt of on-going royalties from sales of the book?

Are Ignatius Press and EWTN aware of the scandals that surround Dom Kirby?

Do you consider Silverstream Priory a suitable place for your son to pursue his vocation as a monk? Would Dom Isaias Maria be better seeking a transfer to a more mainstream/suitable Benedictine house? As he is American-born — would Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma be an alternative?

Do you accept the charge that you at times border on being a sedevancantist? 

Do consider your obsession with the TLM to be a form of Churchanity, and that has created an ideological sequestration that borders on sectarianism that makes you blind to the ills of those who nostalgically long for a golden age of the church that never really existed where the Traditional Latin Mass was ubiquitous?

It is my custom to publish all my e-mail correspondence on my blog, because I believe transparency is good for the church. Should you reply to this e-mail, I, will publish your reply, unless you explicitly request me not to do so. 

With prayerful best wishes, 

+ Pat Buckley. 


I have never heard of Mr Kwasniewski before now.

He seems like all of the other right-wing TLM crowd.

A priest who knows him says: “he is a die-hard Kirby loyalist. He is also inching closer and closer to schism with his opinions about the liturgy and resistance to the Pope. He has said some very unkind things about the Silverstream whistle blower. He accused the whistl blower of being “deranged” for making accusations against Kirby.

I think I know who the deranged one is.

The priest said of his son:

“He himself is a very nice young man, but his father is very foolish to put him under Kirby’s influence. Being a homeschool child without a college degree, Julian has no experience of the world, nor of manipulating, grooming creeps like Kirby”.

Silverstream and silver streamers are a strange and dangerous lot.


Does Big Tom Deenihan of Meath really want to be seen supporting this insane community, (inherited from his elderly predecessor’s terrible judgment) especially after the Pope has put his foot down on this kind of fringe Catholicism? Even apart from the obvious other problems with these people… quite simply it beggars belief !


“put his foot down”? How very pastoral. If only he’d put his foot down with Barros, Zanchetta, McCarrick and all the other abusers he’s aided and abetted.

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Francis is safe. The European Court of Human Rights hascruled that he and the Vatican have state immunity from cases brought by European victims of abuse.


Or the truly awful case of Fr Inzoli, who was restored by Bergo against the advice of the CDF and then hevwent off and did even more abuse.

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I googled this man’s son and was led to a photo of his simple profession in Silverstream where I saw what appeared to be a diocesan priest holding a biretta and a bishop looking on. The date was July 2020 which was just before the time or perhaps during the time of the now infamous. While the community should obviously have been in the group photo, why were the non-community people not at least 2 metres apart from the community in the photograph? Or perhaps restrictions had eased by then or maybe the date of the photograph is incorrect.


Getting or not getting Covid is not the issue. Abiding by the State’s directives is. So think again.


Is that Pell in the photo?

Kwasniewski as I saw his name mentioned few times in onepeterfive blog long ago.

Has some reservations re TLM since stumbled into mother Burke mass. I noticed young priests were fawning over him, excessively kissing his ring plus cappa magna. To be frank with you, I was turned off by this. I didn’t realise this re TLM has some connections to aspiring gay sems to be priests.

Some poster previously said that lace in TLM and all its sundry attracted a cohort of gay sems or priests. I’m somewhat inclined to agree with poster comments.

I’m quite surprised to see how vindictive was Kirby towards TLM but still at the same time, he ran a traddie monastery based on TLM in silverstream . It doesn’t compute nor does it tally with each other. It bordered on some element of hypocrisy and dupilicity as well.

It was interesting to see well known Catholic figures or Catholic ‘celebrity’ bishops or a certain cardinal with Irish roots falling over kirby book and also giving praise or acclaim to Kirby book.

Kirby book is probably questionable or perhaps in another words, iffy. See here for a critical review on that book which was updated few days ago 🙄.

Anyway I would be overly & rightly concerned re Kwasniewski son cos he seems to lack to have a street wise head, also being homeschooled, no experience with the world etc etc re manipulative charms and wiles of Kirby. The priest who made that comment was correct. In other words, kirby could be dangerous to other unsuspecting novices or priests. He should be struck off or laciased if he still persists to this day or future.


I can’t believe that DG let a week pass without mentioning seeing Cardinal Burke’s cappa in Cork. Thanks for refreshing our memories again, DG!


Anon at 9.57 am and 1.22pm.
LOLOL 🤣 and thanks. 😉😜
Yes it took me a while to get over Burke cappa Magna. It was weird I have to say at first.
It also reminds me of roman power empire dress or vestments re Constantine time. I recall seeing a movie on Rome famed army – roman legion army Germanica and others.


Here are some reviews of the book:
“In Sinu Jesu recounts the graces experienced in the life of one priest through the healing and strengthening power of Eucharistic adoration. At the same time, it issues an urgent call to all priests—and, indeed, to all Christians—to be renewed in holiness through adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces.”—HIS EMINENCE RAYMOND LEO CARDINAL BURKE, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
“Deep consolation and a renewed gratitude for Him as He draws His friends to Himself—these are the fruits of following the meditations of this book. It will fill hearts with encouragement and joy.”—FR. HUGH BARBOUR, O.Praem., Prior, St. Michael’s Abbey of the Norbertine Fathers
“The words spoken here bring such comfort, courage, and light—a longing to be with the Lord, gazing upon and adoring His Eucharistic Face and offering ourselves and our lives in reparation for sins against Love.”—FR. DAVID ABERNETHY C.O., Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Pittsburgh


Dear Pat,

Might I suggest you read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? There are several chapters in that book which counsel against insulting people if you wish to receive some favour from them.

Despite many differences of opinion, I value your message and apostolate. But if I received a letter like this from you, I would relegate it to the trash and never give it another thought. Why be unkind?

– Hythloday.


2.18: Hythloday: Why be unkind? By now you know that kindness is not a wird that has currency in this log. We’re I as a bishop to receive a similar arrogant and so judgmental a letter, I would go straight to the Gardai and then to my barrister. There is so much innuendo, I might inferences abiut other people’s morality, behaviour and huge intrusion a into lives – all done with bits and pieces of information and improved alkegatiins. Why be unkind? Over to you, Pat.


“I would go straight to the Gardai and then to my barrister.”
That would be a great way to waste the precious time and resources of the Gardai. As for the barrister, I suppose it’s your dime. 😂


The advice to the Bishops Conference of Ireland, Bishops Conference of Scotland and Bishops Conference of England and Wales is just let us that’s the Police and Guards gather the intelligence and then action will be taken.
Also a QC is looking into a hate and prejudiced blog being administered from diocesan property which places the diocesan property at risk.
The blog has been getting worse and they know the blog author constantly uses anonymous as well straight away after posting someones comments.
It is a new level when you offend dead peoples families just shows there is a lack of bereavement counselling but then you need a heart.


Three points. Firstly, with no specific reference to the Burke case, a lot of people need to be reminded that the legal process finds a person “not guilty” of a crime; it does NOT “declare them innocent”. Someone may be credibly accused of a crime, yet be found not guilty (or not be prosecuted) because of a lack of conclusive evidence. The RC Church has learned this distinction the hard way, which is why you now have lists of “credibly accused” abusive priests being published.
Secondly, using the term “autistic” as an insult was egregious and unkind. Autistic people have serious problems attending mainstream Christian worship, because of chaotic sensory input and unbearable physical contacts. In the RC Mass, this includes the “Sign of Peace”. That’s why autistics gravitate to the Tridentine Mass, not because of any ideological position.
Thirdly, you are confusing “Nihil obstat” with “Imprimatur”. The former merely declares that the book, IN ITSELF, contains nothing offensive to the faith (which is what the Latin refers to). The latter is a magisterial declaration of approval for publication. A book can have the former but not the latter, because of the author’s dubious moral status -as may be the case here.


5.34 am. I only got as far as your first point as I don’t have half an hour spare to read the rest. You are wrong. People are innocent until proven guilty. It’s not the other way round.


You are confused, and know little or nothing about law.The legal process PRESUMES innocence until guilt, or lack of it, is established. It does not ASSERT innocence. Those miscreants found not guilty in England, who then sued for slander when their “innocence” was questioned, found that out the hard way when they received derisory damages.


Monasteries are sexually very much like prisons or ships – you go off your head with lust, start shagging anything and flirting with the furniture. These are the real demons described by monks throughout the ages as they also want to kill the guy next to them in the refectory who grinds his teeth.
Not a place for a delicately brought up boy, although it is interesting how you find yourself talking about it as is Peter put Julian (the son’s name before he dyed it) in the monastery. He is presumably an adult and had some say!


8.29 am anon

This comment made me laugh – so funny.

Quote “ You go off your head with lust, start shagging anything and flirting with the furniture”.



Pat there is an expanding online abuse group in Armagh and Clogher using Tor Vpm to hide IP addresses from interpol


The idea of Tricky Dicky Purcell arriving to conduct a visitation is beyond a joke. I am however curious to know what his expertise is in? Financial ? Human Resources? Public Relations? The last I heard was he is qualified to teach music. Interesting how religious put themselves forward to visit, inspect and judge.


12:05, I understand that he has a VERY intimate experience of same-sex issues; a real insider knowledge. 💅


I read this blog every day, along with the online versions of The Guardian, The Spectator, The Tablet, and The National Catholic Reporter, so that I can keep abreast of events in the world and the Church. I have the time to do it – and I enjoy it – because I am a retired priest, or a priest who has laid down his ministry, or perhaps a spoiled priest – however you want to describe it, and I know some think the latter ! And please, do not think that there is some sinister or c/o reason that I am of retired / laid down ministry status. The Catholic / Church daily press keeps me in touch with the RCC, which is probably a good thing, because pretty much everything else about the RCC seems to drive me even further away into increasing semi-detachment and perhaps increasingly into detachment !
A bit of backstory. I was a faithful priest, giving good service, in parishes and in other ministries, for many a decade. I was never a traditionalist or an outright liberal, I just took a common sense approach to theology, to liturgy, and to ministry. I think I was good to people, and would put myself out for them. I tried to protect those that needed protecting from the full onslaught of rigourist Catholic teaching. Sometimes I ‘neglected’ to let them know about the most recent, incomprehensible, and hurtful utterance from the CDF or whatever ! In most pastoral situations I did my best to walk a line between being sufficiently faithful to Church dogma / teaching while being as pastorally flexible as possible. Sounds like a lot of good, hardworking, middle of the road, no axe to grind, pastorally minded, compassionate, priests – yes ?!
I had a bit of set back with my health, brought on by a variety of circumstances and occurrences, and some personal trauma. I knew that I needed some time to myself to do a bit of resting and healing, physical and mental and spiritual. So, I was able to take some time off between ‘jobs’. Actually, it was quite easy to do. I just said I was doing it. I didn’t ask for anything or any support, and that probably made it easier. No money. No housing. No effort on the part of the bishop / diocese. I was in the fortunate position of being financially comfortable and independent because of background, family, wise investments etc. Thank God for that, because I would have had to go through all sorts of hoops in order to get the money and accommodation from the diocese. Time they didn’t seem to worry about. As long as it wasn’t costing them money. As soon as they knew it wasn’t going to cost them, they were so very supportive ! Cynical, moi ?!
After a bit of travelling, I settled in to a place far away from the diocese, and set about living a very simple and ordinary life. Looking after myself. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, just the kind of stuff that everybody else does on a daily basis. Nobody knew me or what I was. Bliss ! Nobody was watching me as I left home – as they surely did when I lived next the the church – or took an inordinate interest in what was going in to my supermarket shopping trolley. Nobody knocked on the door at odd times. Nobody phoned in the middle of the night. Nobody came to the door on my day off. In fact, on my day off, for decades, I had to leave my home and go elsewhere to friends, family, even on occasion to a Travelodge, in order to just get some space and time to myself. I so often felt that I was public property, with no boundaries, and I just was being sucked dry by the – of course, legitimate – needs of people. In to the bargain, I was alone. I prayed, inadequately. Not enough. I drank. Perhaps too much, but not enough that I couldn’t function or had to have it. Sometimes I resented intrusion. Most of all, I think I was lonely. Nobody to unburden the worries and troubles of the day. Nobody to take my mind off myself and the parishioners and church. Nobody to tell me to cop on and stop being such an introverted and self-important twat.
Three months went to six months and then on to a year. Very few people contacted me. Out of sight, out of mind. Certainly the diocesan lot rarely had any engagement. At the year point, I wondered to myself if I really wanted to go back to the life I had before. So, I had to ask some pretty far reaching and serious questions. I think most importantly, having stepped back, and having looked at things from distance, both at my personal life and ministry, as well as how I saw the Church from the outside, I had a new perspective. Seeing the Church from the outside was quite a revelation. I began to think that much of the stuff that I / the Church thought important and banged on about endlessly was pretty irrelevant and didn’t make much of a difference. I began to think seriously, outside the box using my reason and my brains, about some of the traditional teaching and practice of the Church and came to the conclusion that a good part of it it was pretty silly and not believable. In the end, I guess I managed to cut through layers and layers of accretions and distilled things down to the basics that made any sense or had any relevance for me anymore. Things like the core Gospel values – pretty much the Sermon on the Mount. Outside of that, I just couldn’t get excited anymore about salvation history, sacraments, dogma, morality – especially sexual morality – and a whole bunch of other stuff that made up the background to my priestly life. Even a look back at scripture made me wonder just how true and God given were these texts. They all seemed to be so conveniently woven together, and the best I could come up with is that they were written by men who were trying to make sense of who they were and what the world was about – and, hey presto, there is God and God is on their side ! The New Testament similarly seems just a bit too convenient and contrived to me these days. Although, as I say, there is much in there that resonates with the human spirit and provides a framework for how to live a decent and good life. Perhaps that’s what religion, any religion, does, and has done, for people over millennia ? Giving people something to hang on to and something that makes a bit of sense of themselves, others and the world. But, as for all the mechanistic, nicely woven together, contrived and manufactured stories about God, and salvation, and heaven, and eternal life, and all that flows from that in terms of dogma, doctrine and morality – well, I really do find myself crossing my fingers when I come across the Creed, because it just does not resonate with any real meaning or significance or truth anymore.
So, where does that leave me ? The more muscular Christian followers will just dismiss me as ‘having lost the faith’, and carry on in their blind, slavish obedience to what they think they learned all those years ago. Others won’t care, and many will have gone this way before themselves. I find it all rather exciting. It’s an opportunity to think, reflect, explore and see what is really of significance. I am no longer bound to trot out the party line, I am no longer responsible for other people’s faith and belief and the responsibility of nurturing it and caring for it. I only have myself to worry about, and I rather like taking a step out in to the unknown. It’s exciting !
As for being priest, well, at some stage I expect that some busybody will decide that they need to sort me out, and because I’m not functioning ministerially, and not playing the game of hanging on helping out with my finger in the dyke to keep the show on the road, I am therefore somewhat subversive and dangerous, and therefore need to be removed so that I can’t cause trouble. Not that I am causing trouble. But, when they realise that they don’t have much control over me or my thoughts or my faith anymore, then I guess they will want to tidy up their books. I won’t play that game with them, and won’t help them out. I will stay as I am. Even though it looks and feels as though I have moved on, I will not allow anybody to erase 35 years years plus of my life as a priest. Imperfect though it was.
I realise that I am very fortunate to have the means and time and ability to do what I am doing. Primarily, I have money and resources and that brings options and autonomy. Without that I would still be tied to the apron strings of bishop and diocese. It gives me freedom. It also means that bishop and diocese now have very little control over me. That is liberating and facilitates my journey and my stepping out. How many times have I heard priests of my generation saying that they only wish they had such freedom. They would use it.
So, from my semi-detached standpoint what am I seeing about the Church ? Well, frankly, a load of nonsense. The Church continues to obsess about stuff that the vast majority of people have long since moved away from. Sex. Relationships. Sexuality. Diversity. Lifestyle. Etc. People just do not listen anymore, and have worked most of this stuff out for themselves. Not that they go wild and native. Most people live perfectly good and faithful lives and relationships quite naturally. They don’t need to be told by a Church that has a template which it slavishly adheres to and does not bring to the scrutiny of developing understanding of all of these life issues. I see a Church that is essentially at core misogynistic and incapable of breaking out of its traditional understanding of the role of women, which has long since been undermined and surpassed by most of the societies in which we live. I see a Church that is struggling and reeling from the abhorrent sinfulness of abuse that it nurtured within its own clerical and episcopal ranks over decades, and failed to address, indeed covered up in the interest of its own reputation. I shudder to think that I was part of that clerical culture and Church where such things happened, indeed were allowed to happen. Much that appears on this blog suggests to me that a great deal of these things still are alive and kicking in the Church, mostly within a clerical and episcopal culture that is still heavily invested in maintaining a status quo and looking after its own interests. And then there is the question of lack of vocations. The situation is dire. But, why would a young man with any sense want to bring himself in to a clerical and Church culture that is so out of step with his life and the world, so dysfunctional ? Those who do come forward, it seems to me, are ones who are already pretty odd anyway. Many get wise and leave before ordination. Many leave shortly after ordination. What is it with a Church that lays so great a store on sacraments as being the channel of grace, and that channel of grace comes through the sacramental action of a priest, but allows for there to be such a lack of priests and such a lack of sacraments ? Simply because they will not reimagine priesthood ? It deserves to die out if it is so dolt headed.
I will hang on to the edges of my faith and the Church, I am sure. But, I will also cast my mind and imagination further afield, and embrace what resonates with me and makes sense to me. I won’t allow myself to sign up to a prescriptive creed or dogmas ever again, or have faith in an institution of fallible human beings. Am I happy ? Absolutely. I feel very fortunate to be in the position I am in, and with the excitement of what years remain to me and the journeys I will embark upon. I touched on loneliness earlier on. No, I’m not lonely, in part because I have entered in to a close, loyal and affectionate relationship, but non-sexual, with another person who has now come to live with me so that we can support and bother about each other as we get older. I note that I make a point that it is non-sexual, and evidently feel the the need to do so because I am aware that so many people default to judging relationships through the prism of the loins ! I think that says something about them rather than the relationships they might be looking at ! All in all, life is good, makes sense, is warm and loving, and it’s great fun. I would wish the same for all my brother priests from the past. So my advice is, if you get the chance, and if you can, do it. There is life after the parish, priesthood, diocese, carrying on and on and on….. !!


Sorry about the lack of spacing and paragraphs. The original did have them, but they don’t seem to render so well on this blog. Apologies.


12.08: A brilliant resume of thoughtful reflection which has brought you inner freedom, joy, peace and contentment. You may already have had these emotions but now they seem so much more evident, sustaining and nourishing as you take a “break”, that you also realise were you to continue as you once were, your new found energy and zest would diminish and fracture, which sadly the clericalist and stale church culture would bring about. I admire your honesty and inky recently I expressed so.ost the same reflections to friends.


Father you will not need to worry about the busy body sorting out your affairs as it should be done automatically at FIVE years out of Ministry.
Thankfully Pope Francis changed this two years ago and those that love to hang on to the “Father” will lose it so you will not need to do anything as you should get a letter from the Congregation of Clergy or your Diocesan Bishop.
the only draw back is you may have an older Bishop who cannot keep up to the changes but twenty of the Bishops are well up to speed.
In most dioceses it will be the finance admin staff and signed of by the Bishop even although you are not claiming a penny the statistics going to Rome have to be correct.
So good Luck and I hope you had some memorable times as a Priest as many in your Parishes would appreciate YOU as YOU so don’t class all the parishioners the same.
i understand where you are coming from on your day off the worse one i experienced was a PP using a wine glass instead of a Chalice for some medical reason and I can assure you Tuesday mornings mail bag had the letters from the Anonymous two faced parishioners and the Priest is in the parish 36 years and celebrating his Golden in a few years it was so sad that he got “pulled in”


Oul Gossip Alert@5:44pm
How sad she’s at it again giving out her ill-informed wisdom. The capitals and constant use of the word sad give her away every time.


Thank you @ 12:08 for one of the best comments I’ve read on this blogsite over past 7/8 years. Your intellectual and emotional intelligence has allowed you to see the RCC facade and farrago for what it is. And your independent means has unshackled your episcopal dependence. Good luck to you.
I’m really pleased you decided to comment so fully. Perhaps your insights might inspire some individuals to consider their position. But I’m not expecting too much insightful consideration or comment from too many of this blogs clerical clan. Very few of their typical comments display the level of intelligent insights your comment exemplifies.


What’s the latest on Kirby?
Is Silverstream still in existence?
Been following this blog for some time and am shocked by what I’ve been hearing about sexually active monks. Is anything sacred nowadays?
Are all monasteries filled with orgy seeking men?

It beggars belief.


12:45, of course it’s in existence. It’s being protected by Deenihan, who hopes against hope that it will all blow over. The Priory has a lay superior, which means that he has an extremely limited authority. Kirby still seems to be in residence, despite the fact that he may be prosecuted for sexual and financial crimes. It will NOT end well, folks. The carnage ultimately belongs to Bishop Smith and Bishop Deenihan.


+ Pat, yet again you have treated us to another very fine note asking some very awkward and difficult questions about Silverstream. This is just brilliant.
Ultimately, everything in the church comes down to money, and the fact that you are asking difficult questions about royalties from the book written by Kirby from directions he “received from the tabernacle“ will make some people feel awkward. # 😳😳🙈😬🙈
Part of me feels very sorry for Silverstream and its supporters because they genuinely and sincerely want what is best for the church. But they are imprisoned by the nostalgia of the past which offers no solutions to the very real problems of the church today. The TLM is not going to save the church; it is God’s grace and our co-operation with same that will transform the Church.
Silverstream is a mess. It needs to be suppressed. Of course, this would suit Bishop Tom, however, the Bishop of Meath does not want to be “seen” to be responsive to the Bishop of Larne.


Also another concern re TLM societies such as SSpx is that they showed a certain trait which was of total secrecy and isolation of these places where their churches were located. Hence abuses were rarely mentioned but it doesn’t mean no abuses has occurred. Its only for CM (church militant) to highlight it re their video. It was disturbing to see it.
What does it mean for other TLM societies such as silverstream and others ? A haven for abusers or gay sems or priests? Who knows 🤷‍♂️. Good news was that there is an oversight coming from Meath diocese. However in SSPX, there might be no oversight at all cos they are their own, not aligned to any diocese or the Vatican itself.
Way back, I thought TLM was good at first despite it doesn’t suit deaf communities or deaf people with a priest whose back to the Congregation. That makes it harder to lip read but I could discern which and what stage of the mass are they in re their set of movement and the book pages(where a priest says in prayer of liturgy) in from of us to see where are we etc.
Since I stumbled into Burke mass, I realised afterwards that something wasn’t right re TLM mass. It has a gay overtonesin some way re kissing of the hands and rings, fawning over priests during Latin mass. I realised why didn’t I spot it earlier. Cis previously it was low mass with one priest along with 1 altar server. Nothing major until high mass with Burke that I stumbled into by chance.
Then I felt that something was off.
TLM doesn’t mean you are holy if you attended.
TLM doesn’t mean that you would get away with murder re abuses.
TLM is a cover up for what despite liturgy which was lovely at times.
TLM doesn’t mean that you can operate in excessive secrecy cos an oversight is critically important despite some failures such as Bishop of Meath on silverstream.
TLM isn’t accessible to some of us especially deaf people who wants to follow it. It would generate a fail in accessibility assessments full stop.
Jesus said mass in Hebrew or a language at that time. It wasn’t Latin. Earliest Bible was written in Greek and Hebrew but not latin. As I could go on etc.
On the other hand, TLM is useful for people who were initiated in new age which was demonic. It has bit of oomph than new mass (NO) to get rid of demonic that arose from dabbing with new age therapies.
Abuses also took place before new mass was introduced. For instance, Fr Smyth in 1965, Marciel of legionnaires of christ et al. It does suggest that it isn’t perfect and holy as they claimed it to be.
Thats my rant over with.


Anon at 1.48pm

Good point. I did have ptsd which was very obvious to pysch experts. But I don’t know if related to seeing the fabric or not.

I’m ok most of the time except or one or two events or incidents, that trip me off big time or if you like in another words, alarm bells ringing inside my head.

Last time it was 3 years ago as that was it. It was ‘flight or fight’ response that I understood. It could crop up again without warning as I was in Burke mass. I don’t know what was it but something did trigger it off cos of gay overtones there. 🤷‍♂️


DG @ 1:40pm
It was some rant right enough, i know deaf people who have no difficulty following the LM they read their missals and have no bother at all. However trying to follow a NO Mass is almost impossible for them since most of those priests hunched over cranmer tables don’t follow any rubrics but make up most of it as they go along. Thank God for His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke God bless him , you were very fortunate to have seen him. It could have been worse you could have seen McCarrick swathed in polyester, and you would really need therapy.


Anon at 2.24pm

I usually lip read most during the mass as I lip read well enough up to 80 yards. It depends on various factors to get it right or able to follow etc such as lighting, brightness or light coming from the back of Chapel windows or church windows above the altar, priest mouthshapes, so forth. It’s a skill learned from early young age. Then younger the age the better.

Agree with you re priests hunched over the altars as I get lost the track of it.

Forgive my ignorance, what’s cranmer table? 🤔

Burke has irish roots stemming from Cork and Limerick. That’s how I found out afterwards after I said to someone, what’s he’s doing here instead of usa.

Mc Carrick as you said it, I don’t know but it would give me creeps.cardinal Wuerl was the worst to date cos photo of him screamed at me out loud. If you get my drift.


DG @2:27pm
The heretic Archbishop Cranmer said let us do away with the popish altar and replace it with a table more fitting for the Lords supper. Exactly what happened after the introduction of the N.O. to take away the sacrificial aspect and introduce what to them is only a memorial meal and not The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. That’s why they are called Cranmer tables.


I thought candidates for Silverstream should be under 35 years, but in fact, they must be under 30. What a dirty old Mo.


I am sure the monks love giving that statue a pious little bit of a rub. Their enthusiasm will soon reduce the member to acorn size.


‘Untainted’ by previous experience of religious life is rich coming from the peripatetic Kirby. Of course the real reason will be so candidates won’t see the sheer volume of wrong at Silverstream.


I enjoyed reading your post and resonated wit it.
Your independent means is a blessing – many if not most clergy are utterly dependent on the church for the roof over the head and food in their stomach.
In this sense they are slaves and the bishop, VG, Treasurer lotd it over them (and boy do they enjoy that!!)
I was edified (or not) that the diocese appears not to give a shit and are happy with your situation because you don’t cost them. What a brutal organisation it truly is when you see it’s underbelly etc.
I think many people will resonate with you post – clerical and lay – personally I think the church is in denial about how utterly devastating and irreparable is the child abuse and cover up scandal.
The mask has slipped – why would anyone want to be part of such a failing and criminal organisation- you clearly don’t and neither do I.


12.08: A brilliant resume of thoughtful reflection which has brought you inner freedom, joy, peace and contentment. You may already have had these emotions but now they seem so much more evident, sustaining and nourishing as you take a “break”, that you also realise if you were to continue as you once were, your new found energy and zest would diminish and fracture, which sadly the clericalist and stale church culture would bring about. I admire your honesty and only recently I expressed almost the same reflections to friends. I share your analysis and quite honestly, if i was in a situation to do what you are able to do, I would do so. Priesthood has been a wonderful experience for 38 years and now I am on my own and spiritually exhausted. Thankfully through good therapy and counselling and spiritual direction and much prayerful reflection, I concluded, like you, that at some stage we have to stop, reflect and seriously analyse the entirety of what we were told we have to teach, proclaim and do. Personal traumas brought me to my knees to a very empty space which urged me to seek help. That I did and I benefit each day from the enlightenment of insights, self awareness, knowledge, new resources, all of which enabled me to make and choose options for living through and surviving the unreal expectations of the Church, priesthood and very demanding pastoral assignments. So much has changed which has devalued our connections and trust with people in a way I never imagined 20, 35 or 38 years ago..Sometimes the larger picture is too much to assimilate, survey and comprehend. To get through you have to distil the essence of the gospel and realise that it’s about imitating Christ at all times and in all situations and creating a community (parish) which imbibes Christ’s way of life. For now that is my focus and where I will expend my energy ensuring that the parish I am responsible for is a place of welcome, kindness, charity and compassion, an inclusive community towards all and that it is a safe place for children and vulnerable people and a place too where the lonely and broken feel cared for. There is something radically wrong with the structures of church law and teachings which impose a profound sense of shame and guilt on a priest if he expresses his disillusionment and struggles. There is an absence of human kindness. It’s often a case of “mind thy self”!! My faith, spirituality and appreciation for priesthood have deepened but without the enslaving rules and canonical edicts. For as long as I remain a priest I will do my utmost to live in a manner which honours Christ, undoubtedly with difficulties. As the years unfold, we learn to ditch the burdening, unnecessary crazy trappings and life-destroying culture of clericalism. I wish you well in your new freedom and I appreciate your cintrubution. It expresses the state and feelings of many priests, who, perhaps like you and me, set ouf with such idealism, optimism and confidence…only to find years later, that the anchor holding the ship together has come loose and is unsalvageable. We may not rise again above the waterline to witness new shoots of life….but perhaps may do so only by standing back from a distance!! God be with us.


Each time Silverstream appears on this blog it keeps getting worse and worse. However, today is going to take some beating. But I am sure more scandals are to follow…😱😱😱
I can’t understand why Silverstream is still open. What is Deenihan playing at? The place needs to be closed IMMEDIATELY. Deenihan needs to Decree that no new members can be accepted and he also needs petition the Holy See to suppress Silverstream forthwith.


I am glad Bill Mulvihill didn’t stay away.
I not only enjoy his insight and input but still rather fancy him.


The scandal that is Silverstream Priory has appeared intermittently on this blog for over a year. The whistleblower Dom Andersen has told his story very eloquently in another publication. Deenihan has negligently and inexplicably failed to take decisive action against Kirby and his dysfunctional creation Silverstream Priory for reasons that continue to be occult. And one has to question why Deenihan continues to twiddle his thumbs? It would suit Deenihan to suppress Silverstream because it is located in an area that is ripe for development and the monies that the sale of the property would generate would be welcome in the diocese. It would also remove an ongoing source of negative publicity for Deenihan and the diocese.

As has been pointed out Silverstream just gets worse and worse. I suspect the remaining members of the community are suffering from a persecution complex. They see this blog and other publications as a satanic attack because they are upholding and are faithful to the TLM. We are all “Modernists”! Maybe they see you + Pat as the spearhead of a Masonic campaign to destroy their ecclesiastical/liturgical purity.



You cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. More seriously, if a community has been formed in devotional spirituality rather than the authentic spirit of the Benedictine tradition it would not work. The men in Silverstream would need to undertake a new programme of monastic formation.


I saw a cappa magna once. It was scuttling around in the undergrowth so I shot it and its head is mounted above my fireplace.


In reality they would have difficulty because the existing congregations either wouldn’t take them with their adoration charism or would require them to change too much. The Solesmes congregation is the only one with many old rite monasteries but are very prescriptive of what goes on in the individual monasteries and would simply turn Silverstream into another Solesmes monastery.
Virtually all the well known old rite monasteries are outside congregations, Le Barroux, Flavigny, Norcia, Alcuin Reid’s place, etc.


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