I was very fortunate growing up by having experienced the ministry and example of some very good priests.

In my childhood parish in Ballygall, Dublin we had Canon Pierce, Fr Joe Collins and Fr Michael Lambe.

Fr Collins

They celebrated Mass prayerfully, the visited every home on the parish and were available 24/7 to anyone in need.

Canon Pierce and Fr Collins were my priestly exemplars.

We also, as a family, had visits from the saintly Jesuit priest, Fr John Hyde SJ.

Fr Hyde

Priests then were true servants of the people.

They were not looking for anything for themselves. They were not narcissists.

Todays younger priests seem to be into their appearance, their vestments, their socialising and themselves in general.

They do not seem to want to do the boring task of going from home to home to let the parishioners see they care.

They want their days off, their priest buddies holidays etc.

The modern priest seems to ask “What can the church and peopke do for me” instead of “What can I do for the church and the people”.

Their priesthood is THEIR POSSESSION.


The world’s current RC seminaries are hotbeds of active and extreme homosexuality involving professors and seminarians.

The religious orders are full of active homosexualuals.

And these new latin Mass societies are full of active homosexuals, turned on by lace, ritual and living with other men.


The pope and bishops know all about this and are doing nothing about it.

Many cardinals, archbishops and bishops are sexually compromised.

It would also mean sacking most current seminarians and challenging the very many sexually active priests.


Ban sexually active men from seminaries if they do not commit to celibacy.

Expel all seminarians misbehaving sexually and in other ways.

Expel seminarians who bully other seminarians.

Dismiss sexually active priests.

Let the Vatican impose stringent visitations of religious orders.

Immedially disband all these recently set up Latin Mass groups of priests and others who obviously reject the Vatican II vision of church.

Let them go off and form other churches and societies if they wish.

All of this will lead to a more authentic church and priesthood.

The RCC has become a circus and the priesthood is now full of “clowns” of every hue.

Good priests in Ireland are now as scare as the corncrake.