I firmly believe that all governments should immediately introduce compulsory covid passports for all citizens.

The news in the UK / IRELAND this weekend says that the vast majority of covid patients in hospitals and Intensive Care Units are non vaccinated.

I do accept that people have the right not be be vaccinated.

But that has to be balanced against the right of the rest of us not to have our health and life threatened by the unvaccinated.

The common good must be balanced against individual rights.


There are various groups resisting vaccination.

There are the RELIGIOUS NUTS objecting to it for reasons like the use of aborted babies used in the vaccine development process.

I am anti abortion except in the most extreme cases like rape and the danger of death to the mother.

It’s unfortunate that processes like the use of aborted fetuses or innocent animals are used. But while we are trying to change that, it is the lesser of two evils to use the vaccine to save health and life.

There are the CONSPIRACY NUTS who think that through the vaccine the government can track us!

And these people don’t mind carrying mobile phones which are so absolutely suitable for tracking.

In the end of the day the government has the duty to protect the population.

Individuals who do not want to observe the rules published by the government and their scientific advisors should accept that their rights will be restricted

And that is to protect the common good.

And, I an in favour of that.