The recent arrest of Fr. James Jackson, a priest, and one of the leading lights of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), has exposed an insidious reality that is increasingly observed within supporters of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM; namely the naïve and disastrous view that priests who celebrate the TLM, can do no wrong.

When a priest who celebrates the TLM is accused of misconduct or in this case viewing and downloading images of child pornography — it is a “liberal” conspiracy aiming at silencing a “good priest”.

Fr. Jackson has displayed an autistic-like obsession with the TLM. He firmly belonged in the coterie of “Traditionalists” who opposed lockdowns. He told people to refuse the Covid-19 vaccination (it was part of the Covid religion) usually for spurious reasons. He has espoused a view of the world and the Church that belongs to another age.

The diehard “Traditionalists” will proffer the absurd view that “their priests” are being “set-up” because they stand in opposition to the “modernist” tendencies of the Church and it suits the agenda of their (usually gay) bishop, who is conspiring with the “Freemasons” who seek extermination of “Tradition” with the approbation of the Vatican. Sadly, they cannot accept that the evil of clerical sexual misconduct is just as entrenched among TLM clerics. They, too, display clerical depravity in the same manner as those priests who have sold their souls to celebrate so-called “New Mass”

These are the same supporters of “Tradition” who support a “law and order” agenda. Yet, these same “Traditionalists” (who practically idolise Cardinal Burke) now see the actions of “law enforcement” as being complicit with a “big government” conspiracy intent on the destruction of “conservative values” and the imposition of an illiberal liberalism. These are the same people who seek to impugn the integrity of a sworn affidavit by an experienced vendor agent attesting to the reality of over two terabytes of the most obscene criminal images on an external hard drive owned by Fr. Jackson, FSSP.

The “narrative” of his supporters who are in genuine shock at his arrest is that he was the victim of retaliation because he was opposing a “black mass” at a Satanic temple, and lives in an area festooned with “rainbow flags”, is in the realm of fantasy, and make them look more and more bizarre by the day.

Of course, Fr. Jackson FSSP, enjoys the presumption of innocence until he is convicted before a federal court and/or pleads guilty. However, it is increasingly difficult to see how his innocence can be established before a court of law. If the allegations are true, and he pleads guilty, it will be devastating to the FSSP and to TLM adherents in the United States, who (at times) display the worst aspects of “churchianity” over an authentic Christianity.

The stupidity of traditionalists is eloquently demonstrated by the (apparent) donation of $,1000 to Fr. Jackson’s defence fund by the Benedictine monks of Clear Creek Abbey, Oklahoma, a place favoured and loved by Cardinal Burke. Ironically, Clear Creek Abbey is geographically in the same Diocese (Tulsa) in which Dom Mark Kirby, OSB was given “licence” to do what he liked with impunity.

Speaking about Dom Kirby, and the “Traditionalist” Benedictine we have an Irish connection…

Peter Kwasniewski a diehard loyalist and supporter of Dom Mark Kirby, OSB, (the monk and priest of Silverstream Priory who takes dictation from “Jesus” in the tabernacle) cannot bring himself to condemn and acknowledge that Fr. Jackson, FSSP, has been accused of viewing and downloading child pornography.


Kwasniewski, a trained philosopher known for his adherence to supposed “Thomistic” exactitude, refers only to “apparent heinous crimes against the moral law”. Why does he not state very clearly that a priest who is a leading light of the “Traditionalist” movement has been accused of viewing and downloading child pornography, that include (according to the sworn affidavit) themes of occult blasphemy and bestiality? His reductionism is another demonstrable reason why Silverstream Priory should be suppressed immediately by the Holy See. Hypocrisy: thy name is Peter Kwasniewski.


I would be interested to know the views of readers who have come across this phenomenon. Is it common in Ireland or in other English-speaking parts of the world?

Do priests who celebrate the TLM think they are above the law?

Does it give very bad name to priests who celebrate the TLM with sincerity and affection, because it reflects their liturgical and spiritual sensibilities?

What does the arrest of Fr. Jackson mean for the FSSP?

What does it mean for the TLM movement in the United States?