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Bombshell law suit

Man forced out of Catholic seminary because he’s heterosexual.

And the 2011 valedictorian of his St. Joseph by-the-Sea class seemed well on his way to achieving that goal just a few years ago.

In 2017, Cardinal Timothy Dolan nominated Gorgia, then a seminarian, to attend the prestigious Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome to continue his preparation for the priesthood and his ordination.

But just over a year later it all came crashing down on the 27-year-old Huguenot resident, alleges a blockbuster $125 million lawsuit against Dolan, the Archdiocese of New York, NAC and others.

Gorgia, a heterosexual, was drummed out of the seminary because he had seen the Rev. Adam Park, the vice rector at NAC, inappropriately touching another seminarian, alleges the civil complaint.

Gorgia later learned of the “homosexual proclivities” of the Rev. Peter Harman, NAC’s rector, the complaint alleges.

“Gorgia was discriminated against by defendants because of his heterosexual orientation, by defendants putting forth outrageous falsehoods against Gorgia or in failing to hear and correct the false allegations against him because of a preconceived intent to protect Park, Harman, (the Rev. John Geary) McDonald and the NAC by driving Gorgia out of the priestly formation,” alleges the complaint.

The defendants feared Gorgia’s knowledge of what was happening “could expose the breadth of homosexual activity at the NAC and in some defendants’ lives and dioceses,” alleges the complaint.

Had Gorgia been homosexual, “there would have been no false allegations lodged against him nor any punitive actions taken against him to drive him” out of the seminary, the complaint contends.

“We have more than adequate factual basis to vindicate our claims,” said Raymond W. Belair, Gorgia’s Manhattan-based lawyer. “This will become evident as the case moves forward.”

Gorgia suffered mental anguish, humiliation and economic loss, the complaint contends.

He alleges sexual harassment, hostile work environment, Human Rights Law violations, fraud and deceit, infliction of emotional distress, wrongful discharge, and slander by Dolan and Harman.

An Archdiocese spokesman reacted swiftly to the suit.

“The claims in this case against the Archdiocese of New York and Cardinal Dolan are absurd and have no basis in fact or law,” said Joseph Zwilling, the spokesman. “We are prepared to defend against it and will seek its dismissal in court.”

A lawyer for Park, Harman, McDonald and NAC did not immediately respond to multiple emails seeking comment.


Gorgia has battled adversity from birth.

He was diagnosed with painful scoliosis of the spine, and osteoporosis.

But Gorgia, who initially seemed fated for a life of disabilities, overcame his challenges.

He rose to the top of his class at Sea, as well as at St. John’s University, said the complaint.

He entered the seminary in 2015, and within two years Dolan nominated him for NAC, which is reserved for the cream of the crop.

At first, things went well at NAC.

Gorgia continued to maintain top grades in his studies, prompting Park to praise him in a performance evaluation in March 2018, said the complaint.

In fact, several months later in November 2018, Dolan commended Gorgia for his “strong academic performance” in the 2017-2018 year, according to a copy of a letter attached to the court file.

However, near the beginning of his second academic year, prior to receiving Dolan’s note, Gorgia had seen Park acting inappropriately, the complaint alleges.

The vice rector approached another seminarian from behind and “initiated uninvited physical contact” by rubbing the younger man’s back, alleges the complaint.

From his seminary training, Gorgia understood Park’s actions to be a “‘grooming activity’ used by sexual predators,” the complaint alleges.

Gorgia didn’t say anything.

But Park looked at Gorgia’s face and saw him “witnessing this behavior in a disapproving manner,” alleges the complaint.

Shortly afterward, the other seminarian told Gorgia that Park had given him similar back rubs before and he “found them to be offensive,” the complaint alleges.

In addition, another seminarian told Gorgia that Park had initiated “repeated uninvited physical contact,” alleges the complaint.

When that seminarian objected, Park taunted him, and the seminarian left within six months, the complaint said.

However, Gorgia did not report Park’s actions to anyone while at NAC.


Even so, the winds blew against him, he alleges.

In late 2018, Gorgia needed to return to New York for urgent spinal surgery, said the complaint.

The operation and convalescence required him to leave NAC for an extended period.

Gorgia obtained Dolan’s approval for the absence, and he arranged to keep up with his studies while recuperating, said the complaint.

However, shortly after Christmas of that year, Dolan wrote Gorgia and said Harman, the NAC vicar, had raised concerns and objected to his returning to NAC.

Harman contended Gorgia’s lengthy surgical leave would compromise the integrity of the first semester of his second academic year, the complaint said.

Harman also said Gorgia hadn’t obtained the appropriate permission from NAC for his absence, the filing alleges.

In addition, Harman said McDonald, Gorgia’s advisor at NAC, expressed concern about his “slow progress … in (his) human formation.”

According to Harman, McDonald said Gorgia didn’t like to try new things and presented himself as an “old man,” said the complaint.

Gorgia has scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine.

In short, Harman and others at NAC maintained Gorgia didn’t want to hear about, and resisted acting upon, his purported shortcomings and the need for improvement, the complaint alleges.

Such claims against him were “categorically false and entirely fabricated,” alleges the complaint. Especially since McDonald never expressed any of those concerns to him, contends the complaint.

In his December 2018 letter, Dolan told Gorgia he couldn’t return to NAC that year and would be reassigned in the Archdiocese from January through August 2019.

Dolan said Gorgia would be re-evaluated at the end of the assignment for re-admission to NAC to repeat his second year. Based on that review, he also potentially faced dismissal as a seminarian both at NAC and in the Archdiocese, said the complaint.

Even a positive evaluation by a psychologist at the Cathedral Seminary House of Formation in Douglaston, Queens, couldn’t help Gorgia, the complaint said.

Gorgia had completed his minor seminary studies in Douglaston before going to Rome.

Dr. Robert Palumbo described Gorgia’s character as “excellent,” calling him a “young man of great honesty and humility,” according to a document attached to the court file.

“The allegation that he ‘relates like an old man,’ or his affect is that of ‘an old man’ is completely inaccurate,” wrote Palumbo. “Anthony’s affective maturity is totally appropriate.”

Gorgia tried on five occasions to speak to Dolan to straighten out the matter, but was refused, said the complaint.

At that point, Gorgia believed returning to the seminary in New York wasn’t a viable option.

The defendants’ claims against him would be made known there, “irretrievably poisoning the well” against him, alleges the complaint.


In a January 2019 letter to Dolan, Gorgia resigned “under duress,” the complaint said.

“Gorgia considered it intolerable in conscience to consent to baseless claims against himself and to thereby become complicit therein,” said the complaint. “Gorgia also stated that ‘an environment in which a seminarian is maligned by his superiors and not given the chance to bring the truth to transparency is harmful to his preparation toward the priesthood.’”

Dolan accepted his resignation.

But the Cardinal knew or should have known the allegations against Gorgia were bogus and prevented them from being spread, the complaint alleges.

At the time Gorgia wasn’t aware of what lay behind the defendants’ motives to discriminate against him, alleges the complaint.

It was only later, after other people had told him of Park and Harman’s “homosexual activities,” as well as Dolan’s purported “pattern of cover-up of clerical misconduct” that he figured it out, the complaint alleges.

“It finally became clear to Gorgia that he was perceived as a threat to having defendants’ secrets revealed,” alleges the complaint.

Making such information public could possibly result in the defendants’ dismissal or result in their being laicized, the complaint maintains.

Had Gorgia been a homosexual, “there is no reason to believe” the defendants would have colluded against him, alleges the complaint.


What an awful fraud and gangster Dolan is.

He has spent a lifetime covering up clerical, episcopal and church scandals.

He covered up the homosexual abuse of seminarians at the NAC and was then chosen to investigate the homosexual abuse at Maynooth.

Talk about putting a fox in charge of the chicken run!

Dolan is an ugly man with his outer ugliness betraying his greater internal ugliness.

The Medici’s had more to recommend them than the Dolans have.


I met Cardinal Dolan once and all I can say is, ‘buffoon’. He is a show man and has an attention span of about 5 seconds. I am not saying that he has covered up wrongdoing, I have no idea; however, he is clearly a man with a large ego who needs to be entertained continuously. On initial meeting with him, I think there is no depth to the man.


Looking at Dolan’s glass, I wonder how come so many of these RCC clergy, especially the hierarchy, are so grossly obese? Surely it’s nothing to do with non demanding work or excessive eating and drinking? I know that lots of time kneeling praying develops knee callus, but does sitting on your arse doing nothing cause this regular clerical phenomenon?


There are enough obese people walking around Londonderry so concern yourself with closer to home. Their diet of sausage roll baps and crisp sandwiches isn’t exactly a balanced diet. Plenty of chinese and other takeaways in the city to cater for the fatties you often see walking about up there.


Londonderry people always look a bit pasty.
As well as the massive chips on their shoulders, they usually have a massive bag of chips in one hand, a roll-up in the other and a Lotto scratchcard in their back pocket.


Is Dolan’s mother one of the Harrises of Ballinacurra Weston? His good looks resemble those of the OP provincial Fr John Mary Harris OP.


10.26: No, Dolan’s mother was a dancer from Rathkeale, a Miss Slapper….can’t you see it in his face…👢👠👢👜👜👢👢..


There was a Miss Harris from Tottenham.
Whose manners she had quite forgotten ‘em.
One night at the vicar’s
She took off her…(gloves?)
And said she felt rather quite hot in ‘em.



I am the King of Siam
For women I don’t give a damn;
But a good looking boy
Is always a joy.
They say I’m a bugger.
I am.


I can confirm all the accusations are 100% TRUE.
However what is needed is for the Bishops to take action and to be fair + Dolan does not have the energy and the health but the careerist Bishops should sort out his own dioceses.
Sort out ALL the C/O in every dioceses it is NOT the Bishops paying for it sadly it is the Lay Faithful.
As for the high ranking Cleric is was said he is getting replaced in the Autumn but he should be replaced NOW and resign from his Parish. What is needed is Leadership.


You would expect lawyers to be all over this simply because of its complexity, taking place in a different country, etc.
It’ll be interesting to see how the church play it
Although in the US he’ll probably get damages for something like hurt feelings, if nothing else.


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Charles Cavanagh was an English guy living at the Palazzo Doria Pamphili, Rome and pursuing studies as a layman at the Angelicum. He was a paedophile. Whilst in Rome in the early 2000s, his residence in Rome was busted, and a significant amount of child pornography seized by the police. Monsignor Kilgariff banned him from visiting the VEC. He was a great friend of Fr Rodney. A close friend. Amazingly Cavanagh, a wealthy man, managed to get himself ordained as a priest with the Melkites. It is inconceivable that Rodney did not know of his arrest in Rome when inviting him to assist him. Dolan must’ve been asleep on the job. Cavanagh even got himself assigned to a junior seminary. It makes you shudder.

Gene Thomas Gomulka Sep 18, 2021
” A groundbreaking report addressed to every U.S. Ordinary, the Apostolic Nunciature, and Knights of Columbus leadership releases findings of an 18-month independent investigation confirming that an ongoing surge in sexual misconduct and cover-up continues to devastate U.S. seminaries.The report exposes an unresolved chapter in the Catholic Church’s struggle with sexual abuse: the exploitation of seminarians.”


Click to access Seminaries.pdf

November 3, 2021

Gene Thomas Gomulka, CAPT, CHC, USN Ret.
Sexual abuse victims’ advocate, investigative reporter, and screenwriter; former seminary formator and instructor with an S.T.L. from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome; former Navy Chaplain/Captain…


Hey, this is a report by an ex-US Navy Chaplain. Well, never mind about seminaries or his UN Navy experiences, you just need to go to the RC Chaplains in the UK Armed Forces, especially the Army, and you’ll raise your eyebrows ! I never met a Catholic Chaplain when I was serving who didn’t. as they say, have an interesting backstory…..! Good fun, most of them by and large, and liked by the troops, but certainly not orthodox, mainstream, or shining examples of rectitude and probity. Pretty much in all areas. I bet that new bishop they got a couple of years ago will have had his eyes opened !


There’s an interesting bit (pp 59-60) in this report about HIV incidence amongst seminarians and priests. One diocesan study showed that priests in that area had a 7 times greater incidence of HIV than in the general population. As with most things, I guess this will be an underestimate rather than an overestimate. I guess it is sad for the individual when a priest or seminarian contracts HIV, but the report seems to suggest that there is a attitude of careless abandon in this group that results in them infecting others, even though they know that they are HIV. In some constituencies this constitutes criminal behaviour. I guess one glimmer of hope on the horizon is the increasing use of anti-virals for those who are HIV positive, which reduces their infectivity. Mind you, that presumes that they know they are HIV. I would not be surprised if some seminaries / bishops include an HIV test requirement before a young man enters the seminary. It all sounds a mess – the increasing homosexualisation of the clergy, disregard for their vows of chastity, promiscuity, denial, HIV…..what a potent mix. And a future cause for great scandal and even criminal investigation.


…sorry, that should read a seven times greater incidence of HIV that in the general population of that area…. Still pretty shocking….


Have you read that U = U – Undetectable = Untransmittable.

If you know you are HIV+ and are on antiretrovirals and have an undetectable viral load you cannot infect another person.


+ Pat @ 1107 – yes, U = U, but only if you are on anti-virals. But everybody who is HIV is not necessarily on anti-virals and therefore still has the capacity to transmit. I would worry that these priests and seminarians are untested and don’t know they are HIV and therefore are not accessing anti-virals. It may well be denial, or the accusatory and judgemental church culture in which they find themselves, or just fear, or ignorance, or whatever. The worry is those who do not know and therefore are passing it on – unknowingly, carelessly.


I agree. For instance 25% of HIV+ people in N. Ireland do not know they have it.

All non-monagamous sexually active people should have regular testing.

SILENCE SHATTERED: Vatican Seminary Leaders Fall Amid Devastating Testimonies
Gene Thomas Gomulka
Nov 4, 2021
Disturbing new details come to light in affidavits filed today in a major lawsuit against New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan and North American College (NAC) seminary officials. The new testimonies, describing sexual predation and retaliation at the NAC, expose a culture of cover-up as the rector, Father Peter Harman, becomes the second accused NAC official this year to leave his post amid the sexual allegations. Victims’ advocates are hopeful that the unprecedented lawsuit against Dolan and NAC officials will at last give victimized seminarians a chance for their voices to be heard.


On retreat some years back I read Cardinal Dolan’s book on reflections for priests and found it to be excellent. I dip into it still and other material he has written. However, having watched him in action through various videos and more recently in a film by Church Militant, I had serious questions about his ministry, responsibilities and integrity as Archbishop and Cardinal and as director of the NAC, Rome..Now I see a very machiavellian style of a man, a politician, a suave showman, an operator among the elite. Having read other articles on this issue for today, I am deeply saddened that Cardinal Dolan seems very compromised in his tenure as president of the NAC and in his dealings about sexual abuse revelations under his watch. The unanswered questions about the whiltleblowers by the Cardinal reveals himself as a nasty, destructive politico-shepherd. TRUTH is crushed somewhere in these roles to make Gorgia look menacing and vindictive and a liar. Shame on the Cardinal. Shame.


8:46 The fact that he can publish an excellent book of reflections (I’m taking your word for it, I haven’t read it) and yet is a train wreck in reality indicates another problem with religion that doesn’t come up here often enough.
Religion attracts people who say the right thing. In formation they sail through because of saying the right thing and will usually impress people who meet them superficially or have read their books.
At its worst they are total sociopaths who don’t believe a word of what they are saying. Churches don’t face this possibility well enough and we’ve seen the results in the abuse holocaust.


In a lot of aspiring professions people who can talk the talk go far- including sociopaths.


I honestly don’t know why the revelations are described as shocking (in the embedded video). Surely by now everyone knows that saying one thing, doing another and getting away with whatever you can, is the norm in the church, not the exception.


Dolan has that outwardly effusive, self confident, hail fellow well met, blustering and bluffing idiot persona. He’s an oaf. It’s all a front to deflect what is really going on. And what is really going on for him and his ilk is power, authority, control, unaccountability, and fooling people. There will be a lot of dark secrets and goings on throughout Dolan’s priesthood and episcopacy in the roles that he has held. This particular episode is just one amongst many, I am sure. I am sure, too, that one day the edifice will crumble and the depth of his involvement in all sorts of questionable activities will be clear for all to see. He’ll try and bluff and bluster his way out of it. We shouldn’t let him. So, + Pat, keep him in your headlights, please.


I am straight, and while going through Maynooth for a few years felt left out at all the ‘fun’ the other gay lads were having. It made me question chastity. I felt like I was missing out so I left the vocation and I am now happily married with kids, but I did feel the odd one out for being straight and people just assuming as I was in training that I was homosexual. Pat this article rings true to me.


I was forced on numerous occasions to perform oral sex on Priests and was once threatened to have my ordination cancelled if I didn’t do it. I am straight and whilst I do not feel I was ‘raped’ or sexually harassed, I do feel violated. More so angry with myself for allowing them to have that power over me.


2.05 pm
Hahaha. Absolutely hilarious – watch his head go!
It’s just too funny.


It’s a pity Dolan’s full report on Gaynooth was never published or leaked. It would probably have led to the closure of that parody of a seminary.
Talking of which, does anyone know why the Irish College, Rome still has a rector, vice-rector and spiritual director despite no longer being a seminary and having no Irish students? Why aren’t those priests recalled to their Irish dioceses instead of living it up in Rome?


Dolan is, in the words of an earlier post, a bafoon. He is devoid of any really piety or religious sentiment. He is purely an administrator who happens to be in holy orders.


The You Tubes have been viewed and listened to and nothing untoward on them.
Can you text or email the links to the blog and also the You Tubes to +Cardinal Dolan at or Call 212-371-1000
It maybe a few do not like his NYC Style it is only the people on here that has either a grudge or dislike to cardinal Dolan


Jim S, is back, ‘on the job’, talking you know what, you know why….! Are you alright, Jim? Did your legal people review the You Tubes?


Jim, do you have the Cardinal’s direct dial number and his private email addess, as any emails or calls using the details you provided are unlikely to reach him.


10.04 & 10.30: You are both liars. You are menacing and foolish. Being abused in any way is a serious issue and deserves to be treated with respect, intelligence and seriousness not in the shaggy, slutty way you are doing. You do a huge disservice to genuinely abused people. If you both want to write porn go to a publisher. Grow up.


It’s the same person who has been trolling under various names recently. He’ll get bored of it soon and might even start to feel a bit embarrassed.


I wonder if Ivor Payne could jog my memory? I’m trying to remember the name of the Australian priest (originally from the diocese of Waga-Waga) who was a postulant with the FSSP in Reading for about a year. He used to say Mass in Flitwick. You could always have a laugh and a joke with him, unlike most FSSP priests who could be austere, inscrutable and liked to keep their distance.


Go to YouTube : 2016 Al Smith Memorial Dinner: watch him play all sides as he sleazes between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, his slight of hand to withhold comment is a giveaway. Don’t think Bergoglio can have him at all and that’s saying something! You need a bit of time for that footage… I watched it (as it happened) in 2016 !



He was Denis Nultys patron because of a Sister in Father Nultys parish who taught the Mafia man in primary school.


Cardinal Dolan seems to be a larger than life character. Such people in any context, the church included, are capable of making the right noises (indeed usually a lot of noise). Apart from that there’s very little to them, no real substance. The subtlety of the widows mite rarely draws such attention but because it comes from the heart is more preferable to the clamour of those who like to be acknowledged.


It must be accepted at this juncture that the practice of homosexual acts is somewhat rife by priests in the RCC. I am sure this will be denied but from my own experiences many within the RCC don’t even hide their practice anymore. The fact the an abbot of a Cistercian abbey thinks it’s okay to visit a gay sauna speaks volumes. The default response by the powers that be is to deny or ignore. Some clerics within the RCC are bitchy gossips. Priests have info on other priests, bishops have info on priests and vice versa. The whole thing really is a vipers nest. I see no chance of salvation, the end is sooner rather than later.


Yes you see them on here. The really sad thing is the dirt they have is worthy of the 1950s and would be totally irrelevant in the real world outside.
‘I know you are a homosexual!’
‘So what? Fuck off you freak dressed up in lace.’


Catholic priesthood is a gay profession and attracts homosexuals of all shapes and sizes (size being the operative word in Dolan’s case). Deep in the Closet, Out of the Closet, practising, non practising, wish they were practising, those with AIDS, those with boyfriends and lovers, homophiles and the most complex and diabolical of all – homophobic zealots who loathe gays and condemn them but are practising and promiscuous themselves – but this homosexual and cruel and spiteful and viscously gossip and dark culture is no place for a heterosexual man – they will drive him out, shit, piss and spit on him, he is their enemy and they loathe him more than they loathe themselves.
Good luck with the law suit – 125 million dollars is chicken feed to the diocese of New York – Dolan will spend that on his defence – but this law case will do what they fear most – embarrass and expose them and drag some dark secrets into the light.


Realistically how come the TLM is such a problem when we still have the Church’s nonsensical teachings on sexuality in force?


I’m reading ” Operation Gladio -The Unholy Alliance between The Vatican, The CIA and The Mafia” by Paul L Williams. It probes into the affairs of Vatican, Inc., involvement with the CIA and Mafia. Explains much on wealth accumulation by the Church particularly since end of WW2.


What ever happened to Bishop William Lori – he was made Archbishop of Baltimore and was a rising star – a penchant for fine tailoring, large cuff links and as gay and spiteful as the day is long – I suspect the back hander he received from errant bishop (he had to pay back) and ties with McCarrick may have cooled his rise temporarily.
Can anyone shed light on odd and weird set up at Kings Heath Birmingham.
PP is a bloke called Harrop and lives with young assistant priest – they both parade around the parish in long cassocks (like something from 18 Century) with curate seeming like Harrop’s puppy dog.
Harrop face like a slapped arse, no joy, no sense of kindness or warmth, straight out of Pharisee central casting.
All is not what it seems at Kings Heath.
Under the veener of religious intensity one senses another kind of intensity at play between bossy bullying dominant PP and his submissive and altogether more compliant colleague.
Trouble at Mill and Trouble brewing.
Nursie either compliant or oblivious and suspect oblivious!!


Harrop is an ex Anglican vicar. He came over with Dinnis, Standen, Draycott, Crowe, Miller and trained at Oscott.


I am not compliant or oblivious and I think you will find my clergy are miserable because of being gawped at by fools like you. if you must go to church I suggest the United Reformed in Moseley.


Among the striking things revealed in the statement to IICSA by the rector of the English College, Valladolid (mentioned in blog comments yesterday) is that they want seminarians to be totally open to formation, have no positions of their own and be willing to do everything their formators tell them to do.
This is more like something you’d expect from the old Red Army. Surely they want mature, adult men who have their own views and draw on their experiences, and not be mere empty vessels to be filled by formators, many of whom are riddled with their own issues, as we have learned.
I was also astonished to learn that people are being admitted with deep psychological problems, including anxiety, stress and unresolved attachment issues, which then require counselling while in the seminary. Seminaries shouldn’t be therapeutic places for the unwell. Surely issues like that should disbar a candidate, not only for their own good, but because of the disruption caused to the formation of others.
As for this complaint against Dolan, seminaries have always been unkeen on those who act inappropriately for their age, whether this is acting jack the lad in your 40s, or dressing, talking and acting like an old man/old fogey in your 20s, which is increasingly common. And as for claiming $125m dollars, what is that about? It is ridiculous.


I think you will cease to be astonished when you realize that this is the recruitment pattern identified for cults. The reality is the church do not want mature, sensible, balanced people because they are the people most likely to pick up the phone to the police.


When I went to Valladolid, I was surprised how focused it was on psychology and on the two words I dreaded: “community” and “formation”. For any 21st century person, these words do not mean what they mean outside seminary. We all belong to different communities, from family and nation to parish and university. “Community” at Valladolid meant doing as you were told for the ostensible good of people with whom you would have had little to do otherwise. It is unrealistic to throw people together for one year with a timetable that is somewhat formless (afternoons were for siesta and drinking) and think that some sort of “community” would emerge when their backgrounds, education and interests were so different (we had all sorts, from a gay bus driver to a fairly rubbish poet). “Formation” meant, rather than living the fulness of one’s humanity and individuality, fitting into a little neat Vatican II-shaped Jehovah’s Witness sort of niceness. Of course, these twin obsessions of the Rector (Mgr John Pardo) meant that the seminarians bumming each other were ignored whereas I was chided more than once for putting out the wrong chalices as a sacristan (I can still hear him shouting, “The weekday chalices!”). It was an odd, frustrating and infantilising experience.


Actually it is in the nature of trolls to take different positions when it suits. Read the comments out loud and you’ll hear the tone of comments here.


You’re probably right about the Cardinal, Bp Pat, but that chap Gorgia looks a bit glaikit, as they used to say in Scotland.


2.42pm it is the hypocrisy that is the worst. The likes of Dick Purcell who preaches against homosexual acts yet getting up to who knows what when he gets the urge. This hypocrisy has a devastating impact on young people growing up, being told their feelings are wrong and evil. Purcell experienced this growing up. It is a pity he never had the courage to do what +Pat did and be honest and stand up to the zealots and hypocrites.


Have you ever heard R. Purcell preach against same-sex acts or have you ever heard that he had done so?


Jesus that ridiculous claim that if you don’t personally preach against it you can do it.
I’ve never preached against murder but am not therefore entitled to do it.
These men’s LIVES and PROFESSIONS preach against it, stop being so fucking stupid.


Cringe. The annual Rector’s dinner when they have the seminarians perform to elicit six fIgure donations from gullible wealthy catholic’s. Usually, elderly women who have had several facelifts.


4.24: You mean the annual “Erectors” dinner? And the cash flowed like a tsunami. Bet though you’d like to be a dancer like these two?


Just as you would assume the performers at any fundraiser were gay, there is nothing remotely suggesting heterosexuality in that video.


3.58: A brilliant set of dancers. Awesome as the lady in blue said. At least they’ll have options for the entertainment business if they leave…but very good dancers..🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️🤼‍♂️



Oh I didn’t know he was an ex- Anglican who trained at Oscott- is he married ex Anglican or single like that other odd former Anglican Philip Griffin in Brum?
Harrop seems like a power junkie and the two of them parading around Kings Heath in their long cassocks like two Friends of Dororthy if ever there was.
Harrop should cheer up – he puts the sour in sour pussy!!


They should take Dolan and his Igor Assistant Zwilling have been mums the word in the NY ARD for decades regarding Clergy sex Assaults. They should defrock Dolan and send them both to Antarctica. Any liturgical apologies with these types using Christs name to call their work Ministerial Service is a Great Deception and dangerous for some. No Wonder Dolan said Cardinal EGAN was great for the Church. Birds of a Feather, What a continued disaster.


The newspaper’s are full of the breaking scandal – funny as seems old hat to me that Tory donors and Conservative Treasurers get rewarded with a place in the Lords – Cash for Lords so to speak.
I’m sure this is for another day but and let’s be honest about this but the sex scandals in the RCC get more attention than the financial ones.
But from Vatican Treasurer all the way down to to a lowly diocesan Treasurer if we follow the money that’s where the real scandal is – and what does the money buy and what secrets do Diocesan Treasurers take with them to the grave.
Nothing talks like money to a Cardinal or Bishop – Dolan is a classic example a man who loves money and what that money buys.
The Westminster Treasurer is an interesting case – did he know nothing about the Vatican property fraud just a stones throw from his office?
Birmingham Treasurers were funding Penny and Robinson and Robinson was a fugitive FFS.
The Treasurers know where the bodies are buried because they dug the graves!!


I love the bitchy clerics on here.
Bitch 1: Ooh look Fr X.
Bitch 2 (dripping venom): Oh her, you know about her, she’s a convert.
Person: I wonder why people don’t go to church any more.
Both bitches: Because there isn’t enough lace!

You couldn’t make it up! Thank God they’re away from normal people.


Ah thanks for that – that makes more sense – he seems a man who enjoys wearing skirts and if he is gay which he almost certainly is he’s an unhappy one cuz he puts the dis in gruntled – he should try gruntled much more fun – poor baby!!
Mind you if he is gay placing that young assistant priest with him seems to be inviting an accident if it hasn’t happened already.
Yes Philip Griffin is another dress me up and put a hat on me and I’ll get right back to the 18/19th Century shrill Queen!!
I know I’m such a bitch – bite me!!


@8.08pm Clearly, you do not know how to interpret data. An education in a relevant social science discipline would caution your simple acceptance of what the charts reveal. Since you have not had the benefit of such an education you need to be informed that the idea that homosexual acts are always sinful increasing post 20210 tells you nothing about the number of homosexuals ordained to the priesthood. Might I suggest you exercise more caution before commenting again. A further error would be more than unfortunate.


Oh dear. Where did you say you studied? Jordanstown? Maynooth? Lol.
“Priests were also asked their sexual orientation. While around 21 percent of priests ordained prior to 1981 said they identify as “homosexual” or as “somewhere in between, but more on the homosexual side,” five percent of priests ordained after 2000 said so.”


What do you expect when you have a priesthood of spivs, fatties, pimps and criminals, that Christ never intended!


The GrayCP will all have shuffled off this mortal coil soon enough and there’ll be nobody to replace them. So we have that to look forward to.


I watched it again re movie called ‘Spotlight.

One comment from the actor intrigued me such as “The Church thinks in centuries, Mr Rezendes,” Garabedian says. “Do you think your paper has the resources to take that on?”

Does anybody expand on this comment re RCC think in centuries?

re Dolan, join the dots-> Weakland-> Dolan-> Cemetery funds.

Dolan got promoted to a Cardinal just because he protected church assets by transferring millions to cemetery fund, correct???

Those not familiar re the above mentioned ‘cemetery funds’,

see here link:


Yes we will. And we’ll make sure you never touch the Blessed Sacrament with your filthy deviant hands again.


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