When I came to Northern Ireland in 1978 the police force was the RUC. They were the police force until 2001. So, I had 23 years under the RUC.

In 2001 they became the PSNI. So I’ve had the PSNI for 20 years.

I wish we had the RUC back.

Don’t get me wrong. In many ways the RUC was a Loyalist and Protestant police for for a Loyalist and Protestant people. Members of the Nationalist and Catholjc

Many members of the RUC were prejudiced and bigoted and RUC members committed many heinous crimes.

But the PSNI is useless.

To report a crime to them you cannot go to the police station anymore. You have to ring 101. You then get speaking to a call centre to a non police person.

They will take the details and you may or may not hear from the police.

With the RUC you could go to the station and speak to a policeman.

If not satisfied you could make an appointment and speak to the duty inspector.

Now with the PSNI our police stations are fronted by security men and non police receptionists. No police present.

I do not blame individual PSNI officers for this situation. I blame the structures and those who operate them.



In the early 1980s I organised a big clean up of the Divis Flats with the residents.

We followed this with a week long music festival to celebrate the new cleanliness and state of the area.

It involved music performances and street parties.

In those days the presence of the police and army in the area caused street riots and more.

I didn’t want that happening during the festival.

I asked the chief superintendent to keep the police and army completely out of the area for seven days.

He told me that this was a big ask but he agreed on my promising him that if anything serious happened I would let him know.

We had a great incident free festival and everyone had a good time and nothing bad happened.

That was the result of practical community based, wise policing.


One day the same chief superintendent rang me and asked to see me urgently. He told me that the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) had placed in the area. He had the choice of flooding the area with police and army which would have led to months of rioting and probably human injuries and death.

So the chief super wanted to find a clever way around the issue.

He asked me to get the Provos to remove the INLA bomb.

I did.

It was gone in less than an hour.

No army. No police. No rioting.

Just clever police / community cooperation.

That’s why I miss the RUC.

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Let us always remember with pride and gratitude the 319 RUC officers who were killed during the Troubles and the almost 9,000 injured in paramilitary assassinations or attacks, mostly by the Provisional IRA, which made the RUC the most dangerous police force in the world in which to serve by 1983. There is many an empty chair in the homes of the widows and children of RUC officers, killed in the most grisly of fashion.


The last sentence could also read: There is many an empty chair in the homes of the widows, widowers and children of families murdered by RUC members who colluded with loyalist paramilitaries and state forces.


Plenty of collusion between the Guards and the Provos, and the Free State was a haven for terrorists, with extradition fought tooth and nail.


Very true, Pat. I think it’s better everywhere than it was in the 70s, when the Vice Squad in the Metropolitan Police was full of voce and the old RUC holding centre in Castlereagh was a place of great cruelty, torture and human rights abuses. Recruits are taught to do things by the book and cameras in CID interview rooms have stopped abuses.


I agree with you about the 101 farce, Pat. In my town we have illegal charity collectors who are out nearly ever Saturday, supposedly collecting for children with cancer. They were collecting even during lockdowns when street collections were banned.
I gave them 5p just to get a sticker and found that the so-called charity had been suspended. I phoned the PSNI and got a massive runaround, looking for descriptions and keeping me on the phone for half an hour. In the old days a patrol would have been sent to check.
Nothing seems to have happened. They are still there most Saturdays and I’m not going to waste my time reporting them again.


Bishop Pat would the PSNI investigate sausage roll eating priest who is home from Canary Islands today with his two amigos?


Catch a grip woman! If you had genuine concerns go to Treanor and report them. The mystery 3rd man is probably your estranged husband.


7.44: Maureen: see a therapist. You are a sicko. PAT – please remove thus piece of nuisance. She’s ruining commentary. Stuff her sausage rolls where the sun don’t shine..


No because then the local ordinary wouldn’t have plausible deniability. Don’t you understand how the church works, 😂
Apparently the film Spotlight is used in formation at Valladolid, according to the IICSA statement linked here the other day. That is obviously to make sure any candidate for the priesthood does not have the normal reaction of any moral, compassionate person to that film, which is to get out of the despicable anti-life cult.


Great blog Pat. I somewhat agree with the vast of it, however the PSNI are still a more respectable force than the RCC. We have nobody to truly complain to or voice concerns to. Everything is brushed under their Afghanistan rugs.


The problem appears to be a change in policing practice and policy as opposed to the police service being rebranded from RUC to the PSNI. it is possible to have the PSNI engaging with people at a human level and at a community basis. I guess the context of the blog should concentrate on the change of practice, not the change in name.


Yes that’s the problem. I remember in the seventies if the police wanted to secure a conviction they would go out and arrest someone they didn’t like, manufacture evidence and job done. Then they were told that was naughty so they’ve just stopped trying.
Still not as corrupt or useless as the RCC though.


Pat, you are aware that the PSNI is the RUC? When the PSNI was formed, it was packed with RUC officers because it was nothing more than a rebrand. A new name and slightly different uniform were expected to be more user friendly to the nationalist community that the RUC had tortured, harassed, abused, victimized and in collusion with the loyalist paramilitaries murdered. Most people are fully aware of that reality and that’s why they had to pursue a huge recruitment drive to draft nationalists into their ranks.

Indeed, the PSNI no longer outwardly torture, harass, abuse, victimize and in collusion with the loyalist paramilitaries murder Irish people anymore but they still display huge levels of bias towards them. I wonder what this blog will come up with next, B Specials v PSNI, Black and Tans v PSNI?


I love the RC approach to reality.
Your priests abuse children.
– It’s society.
Your church is corrupt and spends charity donation on investments and luxuries.
– Stop lying, that’s anti-catholic.
Let’s not go to church.
– It’s the fault of society.
Your response to clerical abuse is inadequate.
– Look at the [name of any other denomination].
There are Catholic officers in the PSNI.
– I can’t wait to see what the response is to this. It’ll probably mention Biden and 5G.

You couldn’t make it up!!!!


For someone who self-identifies as unable to make it up, you do make up a lot of vacuous nonsense.


RUC or PSNI are far more professional and trustworthy than Gardai. BTW Pat, a priest is involved in criminal behaviour with certain Gardaí, which led to v v serious incident. Gardai are under various investigations, doubt the priest abd others are. Media waiting to print I believe.


Owl gossip a Lert @ 4.50

Same aim, same Different, same Name, aim different, aim name, Different Name.

Now do Wan ja gobscheidt

As for Jim S., he Is An Udder.


Bishop Pat Buckley, I was verbally abused by a man in Lisburn last week who hurled sectarianism abuse at me.
All because I was wearing a GAA top and shorts. I am a Protestant from a loyalist background, who was abused by a member of my own community as he assumed I was a catholic, I presume.
I rang the 101 hotline and as there were no independent witnesses who would be able to confirm this abuse I was advised to dress more appropriately taking into consideration my location.
What a damn liberty!


You sit on a throne of lies, “Dan” 🤥🤥🤥


How the hell does maureens priest afford all these damn holidays and sausage rolls and have a harem of bikes available to him Pat I’m considering ditching my teaching career for one in the clergy!


Calm yourself dearie. They go to gregs. It’s only a pound for a sausage roll. Brown sauce is free. Its not a crime. I’m on the dole but i can get a sausage roll every day so how dare you suggest ordinary people can’t afford them.


LOL no priest goes to Gregg’s, it’s way below their standard. Organic free range ones from Ocado is more their style.
Sadly that level of discernment doesn’t apply in their sex lives.


7.20: Linda, Maureen’s sausage rolls are different! Not of the supermarket type or size!! Maureen is after the real, meaty deal which leather clad bikers provide! Can’t you see she’s a slut….


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