Archbishop Arthur Roche

This week Arthur Roche, on behalf of Francis, has begun reining in the Latin Mass Taliban.

He says that the Latin Mass and its celebrations are to be tightly regulated.

Eventually it will be celebrated rarely and with specific permission each time.

And on the rare occasions it is used it will be restricted to the Latin translation of the Mass of Paul VI.

This move by Francis and Roche is vital because the Latin Mass has become a rallying point for all kinds of crazies and anti Vatican II cranks.

Benedict did great damage by changing the Vatican II missal and importing strange and unpronounceable terms into it.

I sincerely hope Francis and Arthur do away with Benedict’s innovations and let us back to the precepts Benedict rite.

I have never used the Benedict missal.

I am very much a Vatican II man.

Vatican II was a whole council of the church.

While it never formally claimed inflibility, such a Council has always been regarded as a source of sound and binding teaching.


Most of the TLM protagonists are people who want to reject Vatican II for a wide number of reasons.

Many of them are also involved in rejecting the papacy of Francis, who whatever you think of him, was properly elected by all the Cardinals in conclave.

The Mass of Paul VI is the one that is promulgated by the current, validly elected pope.

Why are these so called “Super Catholics” rejecting the teachings and instructions of the current pope?


Thete is a strong homosexual wing among the TLM crowd.

They want to celebrate the TLM by day and be in the gay saunas by night – or in each others beds.

But they are secret homosexuals.

Among the Liberal crowd -people like Richard Purcell, they are blatant about their homosexuality. They flaunt it.

To quote the Scriptures: “They are boasting about things they should be ashamed of”.


It’s good to keep faith simple.

We don’t need to keep inventing new religious groups like the TLM groups.

If the TLM groups are not willing to accept Vatican II or the duly elected pope, then maybe need to head off and form their own church.

The vast majority of the world’s Catholics accept Vatican II, Francis and the Mass of Paul VI.

They can have their own 21 st century reformation.