Josephite marriage, also known as spiritual marriage, chaste marriage, and continent marriage, is a religiously motivated practice in which a man and a woman marry and live together without engaging in sexual activity.

Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi lived in a Josephite marriage after they had a family of four children.


A feature of Catholic spiritual marriage, or Josephite marriage, is that the agreement to abstain from sex should be a free mutual decision, rather than resulting from impotence or the views of one party.

In senses beyond spiritual marriage, abstinence is a key concept of Church doctrine that demands celibacy of priests, monks, nuns and certain other officials in the Church. The doctrine established a “spiritual marriage” of church officials to their church; in order to better serve God, one had to disavow the demands and temptations of traditional marriage. This rule was enforced by Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor, whose marriage to Cunigunde of Luxemburg was also a very famous spiritual marriage.


Saints Louis and Zélie Martin professed to enter a spiritual marriage, but consummated a year later when directed by their confessor to do so. Of their nine children the five who survived to adulthood all became nuns, including Saint Thérèse de Lisieux.

Occasionally, spiritual marriages may also be entered later in life, with the renunciation of sexual relations after raising a family to fully dedicate oneself to God. In October 2001, John Paul II beatified a married couple, Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi and Maria Corsini, who bore four children, but later in life lived separately and committed to a Josephite marriage.



These Josephite marriages were invented by the RCC for couples not validly married married in the eyes of the RCC to allow them to live together but not have sex!

In Ireland these relatioships were called “brother and sister” relatiohips. They could live together but not have sex.

They were based on the belief that St Joseph and Mary lived together but never had sex.

But how does anyone know that Joseph and Mary NEVER had sex?

I have no desire to formally deny the “Virgin Birth”.

But the New Testament does speak of “the brothers and sisters of Jesus”

The RCC wants us to believe that they were his cousins and that the translations mean cousins as well as brothers and sisters.

The RCC demands that for a marriage to be valid it must be sexually consummated.

You can even get an annulment for non-consummation and remarry in the RCC.

But they also claim that the marriage of Joseph and Mary was not consummated out of respect to God, the father of Jesus.

This seems to be to be having your cake and eating it.

It’s because the RCC thinks sex is DIRTY and certainly TOO DIRTY for God, Joseph and Mary.

In fact in Confession in Ireland in the old days, refusing your husband his conjugal rights (sex) was a sin women had to confess.

I had ladies in Belfast confess to me: “Far, I refused my old fella his jungle rights”


The RCC maintains that procreation is a wonderful gift from God to bring new babies into the church and the world.

Why did God go to all that trouble to create the miraculous human reproductive system but then send his son into the world by bypassing what he had created and what he called GOOD?

Do we mean the ordinary way is good enough for the rest of us but not good enough for God, Joe and Mary.

And to bolster this up they teach the Immaculate Conception of Mary, bypassing her parents Joachim and Anne?

We Catholics are called to believe in:

The Immaculate Conception of Mary


That Mary was FOREVER a virgin.

Does this means that poor old Joe never got his jungle rights?

Of course we are in all this trouble because of ORIGINAL SIN and the ancient belief that the original sin was SEX.

What was it Oscar Wilde that said:

“These is no such a thing as an original sin. They’ve all been done before”.