When I came to Northern Ireland in 1978 the police force was the RUC. They were the police force until 2001. So, I had 23 years under the RUC.

In 2001 they became the PSNI. So I’ve had the PSNI for 20 years.

I wish we had the RUC back.

Don’t get me wrong. In many ways the RUC was a Loyalist and Protestant police for for a Loyalist and Protestant people. Members of the Nationalist and Catholjc

Many members of the RUC were prejudiced and bigoted and RUC members committed many heinous crimes.

But the PSNI is useless.

To report a crime to them you cannot go to the police station anymore. You have to ring 101. You then get speaking to a call centre to a non police person.

They will take the details and you may or may not hear from the police.

With the RUC you could go to the station and speak to a policeman.

If not satisfied you could make an appointment and speak to the duty inspector.

Now with the PSNI our police stations are fronted by security men and non police receptionists. No police present.

I do not blame individual PSNI officers for this situation. I blame the structures and those who operate them.



In the early 1980s I organised a big clean up of the Divis Flats with the residents.

We followed this with a week long music festival to celebrate the new cleanliness and state of the area.

It involved music performances and street parties.

In those days the presence of the police and army in the area caused street riots and more.

I didn’t want that happening during the festival.

I asked the chief superintendent to keep the police and army completely out of the area for seven days.

He told me that this was a big ask but he agreed on my promising him that if anything serious happened I would let him know.

We had a great incident free festival and everyone had a good time and nothing bad happened.

That was the result of practical community based, wise policing.


One day the same chief superintendent rang me and asked to see me urgently. He told me that the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) had placed in the area. He had the choice of flooding the area with police and army which would have led to months of rioting and probably human injuries and death.

So the chief super wanted to find a clever way around the issue.

He asked me to get the Provos to remove the INLA bomb.

I did.

It was gone in less than an hour.

No army. No police. No rioting.

Just clever police / community cooperation.

That’s why I miss the RUC.




***** FROM

Bombshell law suit

Man forced out of Catholic seminary because he’s heterosexual.

And the 2011 valedictorian of his St. Joseph by-the-Sea class seemed well on his way to achieving that goal just a few years ago.

In 2017, Cardinal Timothy Dolan nominated Gorgia, then a seminarian, to attend the prestigious Pontifical North American College (NAC) in Rome to continue his preparation for the priesthood and his ordination.

But just over a year later it all came crashing down on the 27-year-old Huguenot resident, alleges a blockbuster $125 million lawsuit against Dolan, the Archdiocese of New York, NAC and others.

Gorgia, a heterosexual, was drummed out of the seminary because he had seen the Rev. Adam Park, the vice rector at NAC, inappropriately touching another seminarian, alleges the civil complaint.

Gorgia later learned of the “homosexual proclivities” of the Rev. Peter Harman, NAC’s rector, the complaint alleges.

“Gorgia was discriminated against by defendants because of his heterosexual orientation, by defendants putting forth outrageous falsehoods against Gorgia or in failing to hear and correct the false allegations against him because of a preconceived intent to protect Park, Harman, (the Rev. John Geary) McDonald and the NAC by driving Gorgia out of the priestly formation,” alleges the complaint.

The defendants feared Gorgia’s knowledge of what was happening “could expose the breadth of homosexual activity at the NAC and in some defendants’ lives and dioceses,” alleges the complaint.

Had Gorgia been homosexual, “there would have been no false allegations lodged against him nor any punitive actions taken against him to drive him” out of the seminary, the complaint contends.

“We have more than adequate factual basis to vindicate our claims,” said Raymond W. Belair, Gorgia’s Manhattan-based lawyer. “This will become evident as the case moves forward.”

Gorgia suffered mental anguish, humiliation and economic loss, the complaint contends.

He alleges sexual harassment, hostile work environment, Human Rights Law violations, fraud and deceit, infliction of emotional distress, wrongful discharge, and slander by Dolan and Harman.

An Archdiocese spokesman reacted swiftly to the suit.

“The claims in this case against the Archdiocese of New York and Cardinal Dolan are absurd and have no basis in fact or law,” said Joseph Zwilling, the spokesman. “We are prepared to defend against it and will seek its dismissal in court.”

A lawyer for Park, Harman, McDonald and NAC did not immediately respond to multiple emails seeking comment.


Gorgia has battled adversity from birth.

He was diagnosed with painful scoliosis of the spine, and osteoporosis.

But Gorgia, who initially seemed fated for a life of disabilities, overcame his challenges.

He rose to the top of his class at Sea, as well as at St. John’s University, said the complaint.

He entered the seminary in 2015, and within two years Dolan nominated him for NAC, which is reserved for the cream of the crop.

At first, things went well at NAC.

Gorgia continued to maintain top grades in his studies, prompting Park to praise him in a performance evaluation in March 2018, said the complaint.

In fact, several months later in November 2018, Dolan commended Gorgia for his “strong academic performance” in the 2017-2018 year, according to a copy of a letter attached to the court file.

However, near the beginning of his second academic year, prior to receiving Dolan’s note, Gorgia had seen Park acting inappropriately, the complaint alleges.

The vice rector approached another seminarian from behind and “initiated uninvited physical contact” by rubbing the younger man’s back, alleges the complaint.

From his seminary training, Gorgia understood Park’s actions to be a “‘grooming activity’ used by sexual predators,” the complaint alleges.

Gorgia didn’t say anything.

But Park looked at Gorgia’s face and saw him “witnessing this behavior in a disapproving manner,” alleges the complaint.

Shortly afterward, the other seminarian told Gorgia that Park had given him similar back rubs before and he “found them to be offensive,” the complaint alleges.

In addition, another seminarian told Gorgia that Park had initiated “repeated uninvited physical contact,” alleges the complaint.

When that seminarian objected, Park taunted him, and the seminarian left within six months, the complaint said.

However, Gorgia did not report Park’s actions to anyone while at NAC.


Even so, the winds blew against him, he alleges.

In late 2018, Gorgia needed to return to New York for urgent spinal surgery, said the complaint.

The operation and convalescence required him to leave NAC for an extended period.

Gorgia obtained Dolan’s approval for the absence, and he arranged to keep up with his studies while recuperating, said the complaint.

However, shortly after Christmas of that year, Dolan wrote Gorgia and said Harman, the NAC vicar, had raised concerns and objected to his returning to NAC.

Harman contended Gorgia’s lengthy surgical leave would compromise the integrity of the first semester of his second academic year, the complaint said.

Harman also said Gorgia hadn’t obtained the appropriate permission from NAC for his absence, the filing alleges.

In addition, Harman said McDonald, Gorgia’s advisor at NAC, expressed concern about his “slow progress … in (his) human formation.”

According to Harman, McDonald said Gorgia didn’t like to try new things and presented himself as an “old man,” said the complaint.

Gorgia has scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine.

In short, Harman and others at NAC maintained Gorgia didn’t want to hear about, and resisted acting upon, his purported shortcomings and the need for improvement, the complaint alleges.

Such claims against him were “categorically false and entirely fabricated,” alleges the complaint. Especially since McDonald never expressed any of those concerns to him, contends the complaint.

In his December 2018 letter, Dolan told Gorgia he couldn’t return to NAC that year and would be reassigned in the Archdiocese from January through August 2019.

Dolan said Gorgia would be re-evaluated at the end of the assignment for re-admission to NAC to repeat his second year. Based on that review, he also potentially faced dismissal as a seminarian both at NAC and in the Archdiocese, said the complaint.

Even a positive evaluation by a psychologist at the Cathedral Seminary House of Formation in Douglaston, Queens, couldn’t help Gorgia, the complaint said.

Gorgia had completed his minor seminary studies in Douglaston before going to Rome.

Dr. Robert Palumbo described Gorgia’s character as “excellent,” calling him a “young man of great honesty and humility,” according to a document attached to the court file.

“The allegation that he ‘relates like an old man,’ or his affect is that of ‘an old man’ is completely inaccurate,” wrote Palumbo. “Anthony’s affective maturity is totally appropriate.”

Gorgia tried on five occasions to speak to Dolan to straighten out the matter, but was refused, said the complaint.

At that point, Gorgia believed returning to the seminary in New York wasn’t a viable option.

The defendants’ claims against him would be made known there, “irretrievably poisoning the well” against him, alleges the complaint.


In a January 2019 letter to Dolan, Gorgia resigned “under duress,” the complaint said.

“Gorgia considered it intolerable in conscience to consent to baseless claims against himself and to thereby become complicit therein,” said the complaint. “Gorgia also stated that ‘an environment in which a seminarian is maligned by his superiors and not given the chance to bring the truth to transparency is harmful to his preparation toward the priesthood.’”

Dolan accepted his resignation.

But the Cardinal knew or should have known the allegations against Gorgia were bogus and prevented them from being spread, the complaint alleges.

At the time Gorgia wasn’t aware of what lay behind the defendants’ motives to discriminate against him, alleges the complaint.

It was only later, after other people had told him of Park and Harman’s “homosexual activities,” as well as Dolan’s purported “pattern of cover-up of clerical misconduct” that he figured it out, the complaint alleges.

“It finally became clear to Gorgia that he was perceived as a threat to having defendants’ secrets revealed,” alleges the complaint.

Making such information public could possibly result in the defendants’ dismissal or result in their being laicized, the complaint maintains.

Had Gorgia been a homosexual, “there is no reason to believe” the defendants would have colluded against him, alleges the complaint.


What an awful fraud and gangster Dolan is.

He has spent a lifetime covering up clerical, episcopal and church scandals.

He covered up the homosexual abuse of seminarians at the NAC and was then chosen to investigate the homosexual abuse at Maynooth.

Talk about putting a fox in charge of the chicken run!

Dolan is an ugly man with his outer ugliness betraying his greater internal ugliness.

The Medici’s had more to recommend them than the Dolans have.





The recent arrest of Fr. James Jackson, a priest, and one of the leading lights of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP), has exposed an insidious reality that is increasingly observed within supporters of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM; namely the naïve and disastrous view that priests who celebrate the TLM, can do no wrong.

When a priest who celebrates the TLM is accused of misconduct or in this case viewing and downloading images of child pornography — it is a “liberal” conspiracy aiming at silencing a “good priest”.

Fr. Jackson has displayed an autistic-like obsession with the TLM. He firmly belonged in the coterie of “Traditionalists” who opposed lockdowns. He told people to refuse the Covid-19 vaccination (it was part of the Covid religion) usually for spurious reasons. He has espoused a view of the world and the Church that belongs to another age.

The diehard “Traditionalists” will proffer the absurd view that “their priests” are being “set-up” because they stand in opposition to the “modernist” tendencies of the Church and it suits the agenda of their (usually gay) bishop, who is conspiring with the “Freemasons” who seek extermination of “Tradition” with the approbation of the Vatican. Sadly, they cannot accept that the evil of clerical sexual misconduct is just as entrenched among TLM clerics. They, too, display clerical depravity in the same manner as those priests who have sold their souls to celebrate so-called “New Mass”

These are the same supporters of “Tradition” who support a “law and order” agenda. Yet, these same “Traditionalists” (who practically idolise Cardinal Burke) now see the actions of “law enforcement” as being complicit with a “big government” conspiracy intent on the destruction of “conservative values” and the imposition of an illiberal liberalism. These are the same people who seek to impugn the integrity of a sworn affidavit by an experienced vendor agent attesting to the reality of over two terabytes of the most obscene criminal images on an external hard drive owned by Fr. Jackson, FSSP.

The “narrative” of his supporters who are in genuine shock at his arrest is that he was the victim of retaliation because he was opposing a “black mass” at a Satanic temple, and lives in an area festooned with “rainbow flags”, is in the realm of fantasy, and make them look more and more bizarre by the day.

Of course, Fr. Jackson FSSP, enjoys the presumption of innocence until he is convicted before a federal court and/or pleads guilty. However, it is increasingly difficult to see how his innocence can be established before a court of law. If the allegations are true, and he pleads guilty, it will be devastating to the FSSP and to TLM adherents in the United States, who (at times) display the worst aspects of “churchianity” over an authentic Christianity.

The stupidity of traditionalists is eloquently demonstrated by the (apparent) donation of $,1000 to Fr. Jackson’s defence fund by the Benedictine monks of Clear Creek Abbey, Oklahoma, a place favoured and loved by Cardinal Burke. Ironically, Clear Creek Abbey is geographically in the same Diocese (Tulsa) in which Dom Mark Kirby, OSB was given “licence” to do what he liked with impunity.

Speaking about Dom Kirby, and the “Traditionalist” Benedictine we have an Irish connection…

Peter Kwasniewski a diehard loyalist and supporter of Dom Mark Kirby, OSB, (the monk and priest of Silverstream Priory who takes dictation from “Jesus” in the tabernacle) cannot bring himself to condemn and acknowledge that Fr. Jackson, FSSP, has been accused of viewing and downloading child pornography.


Kwasniewski, a trained philosopher known for his adherence to supposed “Thomistic” exactitude, refers only to “apparent heinous crimes against the moral law”. Why does he not state very clearly that a priest who is a leading light of the “Traditionalist” movement has been accused of viewing and downloading child pornography, that include (according to the sworn affidavit) themes of occult blasphemy and bestiality? His reductionism is another demonstrable reason why Silverstream Priory should be suppressed immediately by the Holy See. Hypocrisy: thy name is Peter Kwasniewski.


I would be interested to know the views of readers who have come across this phenomenon. Is it common in Ireland or in other English-speaking parts of the world?

Do priests who celebrate the TLM think they are above the law?

Does it give very bad name to priests who celebrate the TLM with sincerity and affection, because it reflects their liturgical and spiritual sensibilities?

What does the arrest of Fr. Jackson mean for the FSSP?

What does it mean for the TLM movement in the United States?



Experts from Queensland Health want to break the taboo and hush-hush culture around self-pleasure and have decided to use their social media accounts for this purpose.

In a Facebook post, the institute decided to give some advice to their followers about how masturbation can be useful for one’s health. Loaded with multi-coloured infographics, the post began with a pun-based statement saying, “Give yourself a hand”.

The study’s lead author, Prof Juliet Richters, said the sex differences in masturbation prevalence and frequency were consistent across many studies.

The research found masturbation was relatively uncommon among younger women, a “disappointing” finding “as it is generally agreed to have benefits for women in learning about their own bodies and negotiating more rewarding sexual practice with partners.”


The whole Judeo Christian obsession with sex and masturbation is both crazy and unhealthy.

This teaching and thinking has disturbed the sanity and peace of mind for many, many millions of people down the ages.

Sexual arousal and sexual relief are absolutely normal and indeed are a vital part of how our human bodies work.


Gloria Brame, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist, believes masturbation should become a regular part of your personal care routine, kind of like brushing your teeth. “Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life,” Brame says. “It’s totally safe and harmless.”

1) It can help lower your prostate cancer risk.

A 2004 study found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by roughly 33 percent, compared to guys who only did the deed four to seven times a month. In 2016, researchers followed up with that same group of guys from 2004 and found that those who ejaculated 8 to 12 times per month reduced their prostate cancer risk by 10 percent.

2) It makes you harder.

As you age, you naturally lose muscle tone—yup, even down there. Regular sex or masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

3) It helps you last longer during sex.

Sometimes, guys don’t last long in bed simply because they haven’t had enough practice, either with a partner or solo. Regularly taking yourself to palm prom may help extend your sack sessions. “[Masturbating] an hour before a date will give you more control,” said Brame.

4) It boosts immunity.

Ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol, according to Jennifer Landa, M.D., a specialist in hormone therapy. Cortisol, which usually gets a bad rap as a havoc-wrecking stress hormone, actually helps regulate and maintain your immune system in small doses.

“Masturbation can produce the right environment for a strengthened immune system,” she said.

Plus, a very small study from 2004 showed that guys had more white blood cells 45 minutes after they had a solo orgasm.

5) It boosts your mood.

Masturbating releases a slew of feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain.

“An orgasm is the biggest non-drug blast of dopamine available,” said Brame.

6) It can help you fall asleep.

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep, from losing weight to eating certain kinds of food (hello, turkey and cheddar cheese). Masturbation can also help: having an orgasm releases chemicals like prolactin, serotonin, and oxytocin into the brain, all of which have been linked to feelings of happiness and relaxation. So if you find that you’re tossing and turning at night, paying a lil’ visit to Pornhub might be worth a shot.

7) It can increase your lifespan.

Yup, really: according to a Welsh study of 1000 men over the course of 20 years, the men who had two or more orgasms per week died at half the rate of men who had less than that number of orgasm per month.

8) It can improve your skin.

Orgasm causes increased blood flow to the skin, which makes your blood vessels open up; for some people, this can result in slightly rosy cheeks, or what’s better known as the post-sex glow. What’s even better? The oxytocin that’s released with orgasm can reduce inflammation, making zits and rashes less noticeable.

9) It helps you get to know your own body better.

Sure, you might think that you’re pretty well-acquainted with your body, particularly if you started masturbating at a younger age. But it’s always helpful to try new things and give yourself a refresher course in what your penis likes — and what it doesn’t. (If you want tips, check out these male masturbation techniques.)

10) It improves heart health.

Contrary to popular belief that rigorous sex can up your risk of a heart attack or stroke, regular orgasms can actually help protect you against cardiovascular disease. A report from the Massachusetts Aging Study found that men who had sex once a month or less were 45% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than men who had two or more orgasms per week. So if you cancel plans with friends to stay home and M-bate, just tell them it’s for your own health. Hey, you won’t be lying.



Association of Catholic Priests Statement

Monday 1st November 2021

As an association founded to represent, and if needs be to defend, our fellow-priests, the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) is receiving from both members and non-members an increase in the number of complaints about the way some bishops are treating some priests.

It is important to note that this is generally not the case with most bishops. With most bishops there is a respectful engagement with their priests with whatever concerns they have and whatever difficulties they encounter. That we note and accept.

But there is a small number of bishops and archbishops who consistently represent the vast majority of complaints being received from priests, and who need to be held to account for it.

Examples of these complaints include:

(i) priests being told that they have to take responsibility for another parish at short notice, without any effort on the part of the bishop to explain the situation to parishioners, apart from a letter to be read out by the priest who is left to his own devices to negotiate the extra workload;

(ii) priests whose bishops insist on appointing them against their will to parishes, for which, by common consent, they are completely unsuited and thereby inflict an inappropriate and unnecessary limitation on their ministry and on their levels of job satisfaction;

(iii) priests who take some time out, and are then not allowed to resume active ministry. Some have been coerced and bullied into leaving the priesthood against their wishes while others have been forced to make an inappropriate public confession contingent on a continuation in  ministry;

(iv) priests who have taken leave from their diocese (Diocese A) for a period and who have been refused a return to ministry by that diocese and then have applied to and are accepted by another diocese (Diocese B) in order to continue their ministry as priests but who are systematically blocked by the bishop of Diocese A;

(v) priests who are gay being refused permission to work in parishes while in other dioceses they are treated as equal and valued members of the priesthood;

(vi) priests who have concerns about the demands on their mental or physical health of remaining in full-time priestly work not being allowed to retire until they reach 75;

(vii)  priests who feel unable to stand up for themselves and find themselves in inadequate accommodation and lacking a level of support that other priests in the diocese enjoy. In one diocese, the ACP had to provide legal redress for a priest on sick leave who wasn’t paid his salary for two years. In another diocese, a priest who was out of ministry was not given accommodation and had to live with his family members;

(viii) priests whose bishops comment disparagingly on their personal appearance and active ministry and who, as a result, have their confidence undermined and their pastoral effectiveness diminished;

(ix) priests who have experienced specific difficulties being refused permission to say funeral Masses for parents or close family members;

(x) priests whose bishops seem to believe that they have to dominate every encounter with their priests and who, if they ‘lose a battle’ with a priest, will later vindictively ensure that they will ‘win the war’; and

(xi) priests with no accusation against them being forced out of priesthood, on the basis of a bishop’s decision that it is ‘the ‘best thing‘ for them.

The ACP, as an association committed to supporting priests in need, is prepared to challenge bishops who fail to live up to their responsibility as bishops which is to be shepherds to their priests as well as to their people.

As Pope Francis has observed, ‘Human dignity is the same for all human beings: when I trample on the dignity of another, I am trampling on my own’.

The matter will be discussed at the ACP AGM on Wed. 10 November @ 2.00pm in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone.


I suppose every body of workers is entitled to have an organisation that promotes the rights and interests of their members.

The ACP is the nearest thing to an Irish priest’s trade union?

In RC canon law and in practice priests have very few rights in relation to their bishops and archbishops.

If you made to offer someone a solemn promise of obedience it does not help you to have many rights from them.

Traditionally the bishops are MASTERS and the priests are his SERVANTS.

It gets worse when bishops like Cackle Daly believed that the bishop was the voice of God and appealed to the writings of St Ignatius of Antioch to prove his case.


Because I was powerless church wise when Daly sacked me, I had no other avenue open to me except to bring him before the industrial tribunal and high court where I lost my case on technicalities.

I think the law has changed since.

Eventually, Daly offered me a hearing with the following conditions:

1. Daly would choose the panel and I could choose one priest from a list Daly would to give one!

2. Daly could meet the panel but I could not. I could write to them!

3. Daly and the panel could see my file but I could not see it!

4. I could not hear the charges or witnesses against me!

5. There would be no right of appeal.

I told Daly to put his panel where the monkey put his nuts and that would prefer an IRA kangaroo court to his panel.

My greatest weapon Daly was my public protests and high media profile at the time.


To date the ACP have not shown much courage in their fights for priests.

They come across as a bunch of whiners and criers.

They want to inhabit priestly pedestals, stay within the organisation, with all its benefits, and nag for better things for priests.

The bishops, as always has been the case, treat them with disregard if not contempt.

The ACP needs to grow several sets of balls.

They need to name and shame the bullying archbishops and bishops.

They need to have a courageous public campaign.

They need to threaten going on strike.

They need to threaten to create independent parishes with their parishioners and take possession of presbyteries and churches.



Most Rev’d Jude T. Okolo
Titular Archbishop of Novica
Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to Ireland
The Apostolic Nunciature
183 Navan Road, Dublin 7

November 2, 2021.

Ref. Most Rev’d Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan / Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO.

Via e-mail and post.

Your Excellency,

Respectfully, I direct your attention to my letter dated November 1, 2021, addressed to Most Rev’d Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, Ordinarius, Dioecesis Vaterfordiensis et Lismoriensis. The said letter is copied to you as the representative of the Apostolic See on the island of Ireland.

Objectively, the failure of Bishop Cullinan to preventively suspend by Decree, the priestly faculties of Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO, Abbas et Ordinarius of Mount Melleray Abbey in his canonical territory is a grave scandal. It is indubitable that the incumbent of Vaterfordiensis et Lismoriensis is deliberately failing to exercise his authority for the greater good of his diocese, for reasons that at the time of this writing, remain, wholly arcane.

May, I respectfully request that my letter of November 1, 2021 be assigned a protocol number and for copies of same to be consigned to the Secretariat of State via the diplomatic pouch for consideration by the following Dicasteries:

1) The Congregation for Bishops with a note that the pertinacious attitude of Bishop Cullinan in this matter is a source of outrage; and,

2) The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, with a note apprising that the Abbot General of the Cistercians, Rt. Rev’d, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO, has acknowledged as true, and that that it was known to him; that Dom Richard Purcell had consensual anal sex with a priest (the then Fr. Neil Dargan) at Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea (Dioecesis Laoniensis), and apprise the Dicastery, this is a scandal that needs to be addressed, and, which will not be ameliorated by deliberate “inaction”.

With prayerful best wishes,

+Patrick Buckley


Readers aay tgat my letters will not be acted upon.

That is not the point.

Those of us involved in this matter knew perfectly well how the Church works, how things are ignored and how things are covered up.

When embarking on a long and difficult mission one is under no illusion.

However, one very important thing to do is to create a paper trail.

In this way people cannot say that they did not know about matters or that no one drew it to their attention.

Aslo, in Church matters, things do not change until the civil authorities are involved.

Another reason the paper trail is so important.

Houses are built a brick at a time.



Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan

RC Bishop of Waterford & Lismore

November 1, 2021

Solemnity of All the Saints.

Ref: Rt. Rev’d Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO.

Dear Bishop Cullinan,

The present arises from your attendance at: a) Mount Melleray Abbey on September 3, 2021 to celebrate the funeral liturgy of the late Rt. Rev’d Monsignor Michael Olden.


The late priest was an exemplary scholar who is rightly remembered with esteem for his considerable contribution to the Irish Church; b) your attendance at Mount Melleray Abbey to ordain, Fr. John Dineen, OCSO, to the priesthood on September 26, 2021; and, c) the presence of Dom Richard Purcell, as one of the twenty-three (23) priests that laid hands on, and concelebrated the Eucharist, with you, during the ordination to the priesthood of Fr. John McEneaney, at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Waterford on October 24, 2021.

In your homily at Mount Melleray Abbey for the deceased Monsignor Olden, you mentioned that the favourite subject of the late Monsignor Olden was “ecclesiastical history”. In your homily you further stated that you were not present in Mount Melleray Abbey to canonise the deceased priest; however, you could only find good things to recount about his exemplary priestly service. You ascribed to Monsignor Olden the admirable qualities of solidity and tranquillity. And, you further mentioned that he had a sense of “calmness” about him along with “a sense of balance”. You posited that all those qualities were a result of his deep study of church history. 

You further mentioned that Monsignor Olden recognised that the church was always failing from its very beginnings, “because it is made-up of frail human beings, but the power behind the Church propels her forward; and, if we have faith to see things from a supernatural point of view then we can have a solid hope no matter what is happening around us”. I note that one of the chalices used by the late Monsignor Olden was presented, by you, to Fr. John McEneaney before his priestly ordination.

In my limited spare time, I like to read. Some time ago, I came across the doctoral thesis of Christian D. Knudsen in the repository of the University of Toronto. It has a very provocative title: Naughty Nuns and Promiscuous Monks: Monastic Sexual Misconduct in Late Medieval England. I speculate, but I think it would be of legitimate interest to the late Monsignor Olden because it cites a wide variety highly respected academic sources including Dom David Knowles, OSB, a monk and priest of Downside Abbey, who was appointed Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge — a Chair he held from 1954 to 1963. Knowles’ corpus of work on the history of English monasticism from the tenth century to the dissolution of the monasteries is encyclopaedic and authoritative. The thesis eloquently demonstrates that sexual misconduct among monastics is a phenomenon as old as monastic life itself; an ugly reality that manifests itself in our own day.

On Friday, June 11, 2021 at 6.11 pm, I sent you an e-mail containing the text of the affidavit that I had sworn earlier that day before Mr. Mark Borland, a Northern Ireland-based Notary Public. I also copied the e-mail to all the members of the Irish episcopate. Thus, all the Irish Roman Catholic Bishops have known about, and have been complicit in the cover-up of the known sexual misconduct of Dom Richard Purcell from that moment. The stated and known sexual misconduct of Dom Richard Purcell has been acknowledged by Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO, the Abbot General of the Cistercians. Hence, we are not dealing with something speculative, but with an ugly reality.

So, in light of the above the logical conclusion is that you, Bishop Cullinan, are content with clerical sexual misconduct and by extension any other form of clerical misconduct. You are willing to rehabilitate/undermine the allegations by permitting “problematic clergy” whose misconduct has been acknowledged to concelebrate beside you during a priestly ordination in the cathedral church of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. The vast majority of right-minded people would consider that inexcusable, indefensible, and wholly unacceptable. 

Thus, it is legitimate to ask the following questions:

  1. If he were alive today, would you, Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan with a Pontifical Doctorate in Moral Theology concelebrate the Eucharist with the infamous and notorious paedophile Fr. Brendan Smith, O. Praem? It is provocative but legitimate question.
  1. Would you remove the faculties of a priest by Decree that had been credibly accused of sexual misconduct with a child or would you let them to continue to function as normal? And, that is also legitimate question, because you have not suspended the priestly faculties of Dom Richard Purcell by Decree in your own diocese? 
  1. Would you celebrate publicly the Eucharist with any priest of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore, who had been credibly accused of sexual misconduct involving a child? 

Sadly, one could be forgiven to think that you, Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, will wilfully and deliberately ignore any credible allegation made against a priest in your diocese with alacrity. In light of your past demonstrable behaviour, this is a logical inference to take.

Bishop John McAreavey of Dromore had the moral courage and decency to resign in March 2018, when it came to light that he had knowingly celebrated the Eucharist alongside a priest, Fr. Malachy Finnegan, that he knew was a paedophile fifteen (15) years earlier. I would respectfully submit there is no material difference between you, Bishop Cullinan and Bishop McAreavey, as both of you have deliberately celebrated the Eucharist with a priest that was known to both of you individually (at the time of the celebration of the liturgy) to be a sexual aberrant.  

Would you accept that your moral equivocation about Dom Richard Purcell invalidates your concerns about yoga and mindfulness in addition to your comments about the HPV vaccine? Would you accept that an outsider would legitimately accuse you of being a hypocrite; like the whited sepulchres so vigorously condemned by Christ in the Scriptures? 

Would you further accept those comments were a self-serving attempt to highlight your own status as a bishop (because I am told you are incredibly ambitious). In light of your doctoral thesis, on this desire for advancement, one feels you are being more like “Singer than Wojtila”. But, are you hopeful of translating to the Archdiocese of Tuam? Of course, if you did translate to Tuam, it would be devastating to the incumbent of Killaloe. This much is clear — the great moral crusader is conspicuously quiet about grave wrong-doing in his own diocese.

In a recent correspondence to Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, I included a post that was made in my blog on November 5, 2020 at 6.59 pm. It is telling and insightful:

“Remember, when Covid is over, and you meet Abbot Purcell and shake his hand…… Remember, given his proclivity for rawhide barebacking [the practice of having anal intercourse without a condom], that hand is liable also to have been where the sun does not shine, such is the menu card of sexual activities that is on offer in places like the Boilerhouse [a gay sauna in Dublin]. Now, by and large, I could not care what goes on behind closed doors. Each to their own. Other peoples’ business. But, for someone like a Cistercian monk, priest and abbot, with publicly professed vows of chastity and celibacy representing himself as a religious figure who implicitly upholds the RC church’s teaching on sexual morality….well, I think you know what he should do. Simple”

Is Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO, an appropriate person to be administering Holy Communion to the Christifideles of Waterford and Lismore?

As you know, it is my custom to place any letter that I write on my blog, because I believe transparency is good for the church.

This letter is being copied to His Excellency, Archbishop Jude T. Okolo, the Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to the Republic of Ireland, with the request that he forward a copy of same to the Secretariat of State, and for this letter to be placed in your file at the Congregation for Bishops, because you have continuously failed to exercise appropriate pastoral governance for the good of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. I will also request, His Excellency, to forward a copy of the present along with his own observations whatever they may-be to His Eminence, João Card. Bráz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

In conclusion, I respectfully request that you, by Decree, pre-emptively suspend the priestly faculties of Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO, to function as a priest anywhere in the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore and to notify the Irish Episcopal Conference of the said action in writing, and to publish the said Decree diocesan website.

In Domino,

+ Patrick Buckley.


  1. His Excellency, Archbishop Jude T. Okolo, the Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to the Republic of Ireland.
  1. Rt. Rev’d, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO, Abbot General, Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance. 
  1. Rt. Rev’d, Michael Ryan, OCSO, Abbot of Bolton Abbey, and Father Immediate of Mount Melleray Abbey.
  1. Ms. Teresa Devlin, Chief Executive Officer, National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.