The Rutherglen Mission is over.

It has been a spectacle. The money spent on resources, literature, media, liturgy and food and drink was mighty.

It has been an embarrassment of the Church. It is the talk of the country but in a bad way. People are laughing and sneering. People have actually attended just to see the 2 Missionaries to see whether they’re real or not. It’s like a Carry on film.

It has been a great time for the wee PP with his two chums from the Norbertines. He’s obsessed with money. Many have seen it for what it is and the priests hate him even more. He is referred to as Fr Moneyoenny.

This week there has been lavish breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as much alcohol consumed and cigars smoked.

Fr Moneypennys friends have been visiting all week especially Fr Paul Denney.


He’s a fine bit of stuff, very bright, shall we say. and the wee PP just loves being in his company.

Fr Denny likes to dress up for the TLM and was in the Scots College with Deacon Christopher Morris of Oscott.

Also present was Fr Liam OConnor, who likes to dress up for the TLM.

O’ Connor

Another connection here to Deacon Christopher is that Fr Liam is the brother of AnthonyO’Conner another former friend of Deacon Christopher.

Another frequent visitor has been the Chef from the neighbouring parish, Fr Ger Byrne. Fr Ger loves to dress up for the TLM.


The food and drink were supplied by Fr Moneypennys favourite local Catholic Funeral Director, Des Maguire, not allowed to attend any of the meals.

Mr Maguire

Well Pat, I need to finish my homily for tonight’s Vigil Mass, it’s entitled Faith of our Fathers (no women mentioned). By the way Pat most vigil Masses here have on average 50 people at them now though as many a 100in our big parishes. What a mess we’re in over here.


Christopher Morris


I see a comment n the blog re survivors of Oscott

Do you know the story of Deacon Christopher currently studying there for the Diocese of Motherwell?

He was thrown out of The Scots College in Rome – ask Patricia McKeever.

He also troubled other students some of whom have left and others now ordained.

He has had several friendships with priests with The Chancellor of Glasgow, Vocations Director of Motherwell and the Spiritual Director of Oscott who left recently.

Deacon Christopher is petrified your Blog will prevent his ordination.