Wikipedia: Worth Abbey and Worth School were initially created as the preparatory school for Downside. In 1995, Father Andrew Brenninkmeyer was suspended following complaints that he had sexually abused other monks, including Father Jonathan Monckton, who left the monastery in 1987 after no action was taken against Father Brenninkmeyer.

Father Paul Brenninkmeyer whose monastic name was Andrew, became a priest of the Diocese of Charleston in the USA.

Father Monckton was not the only complainant.

An English priest I know described Brenninkmeyer as being “cold and arrogant”.

The Benedictines did nothing about the complaints they received.

The Brenninkmeyer family are a hugely wealthy Dutch / German family who bankroll the Roman Catholic Church in many countries including the UK.

They are reputed to have given and still giving serious sums of money to the RCC in England.

It is said that Cormac Murphy O’Connor became Archbishop of Westminster and cardinal as a result of the lobbying of the Brenninkmeyers

Is the fact that no action has even been taken against Father Andrew Brenninkmeyer down to the family’s uber generousity to the RCC?

And, after his disgrace in Worth Abbey who organised his move to Charleston Diocese in the USA?

Were Charleston informed of his problems in the monastery?

Who wrote his letter of recommendation?

What role did now Abbot President play in the transfer.


What role did Cormac Murphy O’Connor, the then bishop of Arundel and Brighton play in it?


He was a favourite of the Brenninkmeyer family.

Some say this story goes to the very top of the RCC.

Anyone out there with any knowledge or insight?