RTE’s Pat Kenny stand his ground with Covid denier

I personally think its time that the government in Ireland and the UK got tough on Covid Deniers and Conspiracy nuts.

Covid is a threat to the life of each one of us.

If certain individuals don’t want to get vacinnated that’s their right.

But steps must be taken to stop them infecting others.

There has to be a balance between the COMMON GOOD and INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

I am very fortunate. I have had 3 full Pfizer vaccines in February April and November and am due to get the booster in March.

Fair play to the authorities in Northern Ireland for rolling out the vaccines so we’ll and so thoroughly.

Northern Ireland is ahead of the Republic and the rest of the UK in this. Well done.

I think that we should:

1. Introduce covid passports for everyone.

2. I think that mask wearing should be compulsory in all public spaces with penalties for those disobeying.

3. These covid passports should be obligatory for gaining entrance into workplaces, hospitals, GP surgeries, shoos, schools, pubs, restaurants, churches etc.

Of course I am a supporter of human rights etc.

But I do not believe that any individual has the “human right” to infect another person with a disease that will make them very ill or kill them.

I am not saying that the current vaccines are perfect.

But I am saying that they are the best defence we have just now against a massive threat to mankind.

And we are all too vulnerable just now to pander to conspiracy nuts.