Dear friends,

As you may be aware, in 2020 allegations were made to the Gardaí and to the Charities Regulatory Authority concerning our monastery and its founder, Dom Mark Daniel Kirby. While the allegations were denied, we understood that they had to be investigated by the various authorities and we cooperated fully with the lengthy and thorough investigations that followed.

An Garda Síochána, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Charities Regulatory Authority have now completed their thorough investigations and they have found no cause of action against either Dom Mark or Silverstream Priory.

Subsequently, an independent external canonical investigation found no canonical case to answer.

Silverstream Priory remains a recognised and registered charity with the Charities Regulatory Authority and complies fully with the Charities Governance Code. Dom Mark is a priest in good standing.

We want to thank you for your prayers and well wishes, which we appreciate sincerely.

We look forward to your support as our community continues to grow.

In Christ,

The Monastic Community


Dear Bishop Tom,

As you know a number of priests from the Diocese of Meath supply me with information about Silverstream Priory. They do so because they continue to be DEEPLY concerned about what they consider is your negligent handling of the so-called “Priory”. They are scandalised that you continue to permit a never-ending source of scandal to exist within the diocese. They are increasingly concerned that your judgement has become clouded because you do not wish to appear acting in response to the Bishop of Larne.

Let me be blunt, the vast majority of the priests in your diocese want Silverstream immediately suppressed. Of course, I want the Priory to remain open, because it continues to provide my blog a rich seam of scandal that my readers just love. I know this, because my viewing figures go through the roof when I have a Silverstream day.

This morning, I was sent a link to a statement, posted on December 16, 2021 on the website of Silverstream Priory. I enclose a copy below for your kind consideration. As ever, these statements beget more questions than answers. As you know, I am a quizzical individual, and readers of my blog like me to ask questions of you on their behalf. And, as I know you love hearing from me, I felt you would welcome the present correspondence.

Bishop Tom, are you aware of the statement? Did you personally and explicitly approve in writing its publication on the website of Silverstream Priory?

Now, the statement makes explicit reference to Dom Mark Kirby being a priest in good standing. As Silverstream Priory is a foundation of Diocesan Right, Dom Kirby is clearly a priest in good standing with his Ordinary, Bishop Thomas Deenihan. You would accept that is the natural inference of that statement; if not; why not?

Have you now rescinded the Decree that prohibited Dom Mark Kirby, OSB, publicly celebrating the sacraments?

If so, why did you not publish the original Decree that prohibited Kirby from celebrating the sacraments in the Diocese of Meath?

The allegations made against Dom Mark Kirby that are now a public reality by the publication of this statement on the website of Silverstream Priory shows that Dom Mark Kirby was credibly accused; the accusations were sufficiently serious for An Garda Síochána to investigate and for a file to be prepared and sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Objectively, you would accept that the failure to communicate to the public is a serious safeguarding failure within the Diocese of Meath. If not; why not?

Are you in a position to confirm if the Director of Public Prosecutions declined to prosecute Dom Kirby on the grounds of ill-health?

Who is the superior at Silverstream Priory? Is it still Dom Elijah Carroll? Of course, he is not a cleric, hence, he cannot exercise jurisdiction over clerics? Is this why the Dec. 16 statement was signed “The Monastic Community”? Why is it impossible to discover anywhere online (other than my blog) the identity of the superior of Silverstream Priory?

I am asking about the leadership of the community because in the 2022 calendar, I see that in the refectory at the top table there are two (2) chairs. Normally, the Prior sits alone at the top table: so are there two superiors at Silverstream. Is the current superior nothing more than a patsy for Dom Kirby? Is the current superior nothing more than a patsy for Dom Kirby, who, even in public disgrace, cannot bear to relinquish control of “his” community?

I loved the cryptic reference to the independent external canonical investigation. Was this investigation conducted by Abbot Brendan Coffey and the disgraced Richard Purcell? My readers would love to know. I also have it on very good authority that another investigation is taking place; but, I will protect its integrity at the moment.

Are you aware that the decision of the director of public prosecutions not to prosecute can be reviewed; and, if the review uncovers further evidence a prosecution can still be launched against Dom Kirby? If that is the case, is this statement on the website of Silverstream Priory, ill-timed, ill-judged and an exercise in stupidity, and driven by the desire to raise funds?

The statement makes reference to an investigation that has been completed by the Charities Regulator. By return, are you happy to provide me with a copy of same from my blog or would you prefer I wrote to the Regulator in Dublin for a copy of same?

With prayerful best wishes in this grace-full season of Advent,

Your brother bishop,

+ Pat Buckley.