Bishop Pat, here is a rather sketchy history of Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx0

When Xxxxxxxxxxx was an applicant he befriended his fellow LGBT applicants: the now Rev Fr Xxxxxxxxx one host of Daisy Chain dinners; Mr Xxxxxxx, brother of Fr Xxxx and now a teacher who attended Graduation Mass in St Columbkilles, Rutherglen & Mr Xxxxxxx, the alcoholic Primary School Teacher whose career was saved by Fr Xxxxxxxxx who got him a job in his parish school where they tried to start a boys choir. Each of this quartet have been lovers of each other at one point and indulged in orgies and all attend the Daisy Chain dinner hosted by Fr Xxxxxxxxx They all frequent gay bars together in Glesgay, Rome and Spain. Ask Evan Macnamara.​

As a xxxxxxx for Motherwell he was sent to The Scots College in Rome. There he entered into a relationship with an Edinburgh student by the name of Xxxxx Xxxxx. When Xxxxx wanted out Xxxxxxxxxxx would not allow it. Xxxxx was so afraid he left the seminary and fled to Xxxxxxxxx  Xxxxx approached Bishop Toal recently before Xxxxxxxx  was accepted back but the bishop dismissed Xxxxx’s allegations, otherwise he’d have to have called the police if you get what I mean!?​

After Xxxxxx departed Xxxxxxxxxx then entered into a very open, violent and noisy nocturnal sexual relationship with the now Fr Xxxxxxxxx referred to above. Fr Xxxxxxxx, who has a terrible drink problem, has been banned from driving and carried out drunk from gay bars in Glasgow on numerous occasions. This was reported to Archbishop Tartaglia but he ignored it.​

Then along came the now Fr Xxxxxx tall, with nice salo skin, eyes like Princess Diana our Xxxxxxxxx couldn’t resist him. Xxxxxxx courted and loved the attention but then couldn’t bare it any more. A leading light in The Faith Movement he was named in this blog as Fr Xxxxxxx  bit of stuff and that he is.​

Through parish placements, friendships with different priests and visitors to The Scots College our Xxxxxxxxxx then engaged in a ménage-a-trios with Xxxx Xxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx of the Archdiocese of Glasgow and his long term lover, Fr Xxxxxx one time xxxxxxxxxx of Paisley. Bishop Keenan got rid of him as there was only one gay in the Curia village. Xxxxxxxxx also engaged in a sexual relationship with Fr Xxxx These three deviants then initiated Xxxxxxxxxxx into their​ ​ Daisy Chain group. This all happened whilst Xxxxxxxxxx was a seminarian known to be cruising in Burghese Gardens and the gay bars of Rome. He was outed by your dear friend one Mrs Patricia McKeever and dismissed from Rome.​

After returning to Glasgow Xxxxxxxxxx initially was given “rent” free lodgings in the presbytery of St Xxxxxx with the​  Parish Priest, Fr Paul Xxxxxx – yes him again. Xxxxxxxxxx was then introduced by his friend Mr Xxxxxxx named above to Fr Xxxx Xxxxxxx the long term lover of the Late Michael McCoy, Canon of Newcastle who hung himself this year. Xxxxxxxxxx was quite literally and physically torn between the vultures of two Monsignori Daisy Chain groups.

On his return to Glesgay our Xxxxxxxxx began studying at the University of Glasgow where he quickly become bosom buddies of Fr Xxxxxx and his assistant The Good Dr Xxxxxx Just before his Silver Jubilee Xxxxxx left the priesthood to set up home with his now husband. Together Xxxxxx and his husband attended Xxxxxxxxxxx Diaconate in Oscott.

During lockdown young Xxxxxxxxx was sent to live with one Fr Xxxxand 2 young priests who were in fear of him. Such was their fear and Xxxxxxxxxx predatory behaviour that both young priests reported it to bishop Toal and he moved the 2 priests.​

As a Deacon our Xxxxxxxxx was sent on placement to Fr Xxxxxx for whom he was an Altar Boy in Cambuslang where the PP was Scotland’s first openly gay priest the late Fr John Breslin. Deacon Xxxxxxxxx and Fr Xxxxxxx left East Kilbride and journeyed down to Oscott together stopping on the way for an overnight!!! Very soon Deacon​ ​ Xxxxxxxxx would bring down his dear friend Mgr Tommy after only months in the job as Scottish SD in Oscott.​

Priests advised Bishop Toal not to take him back; they’re angry, they won’t attend his ordination to priesthood. Most of them refused to allow him to go on placement as a student or deacon and most will do the same if he’s ordained. Rumour has it Fr Bernard Pug Face Mourninan is preparing rooms in Rutherglen for his new curate Fr Xxxxxxxxx next summer.

He’s a safeguarding concern. He’s a danger to young men. He must be stopped for his own sake, for the sake of the church, the priesthood and for the people of god; he’s a scandal waiting to burst. He must be stopped. We are genuinely



Bishop Pat,

The Terna for Glasgow is in Rome according to the Nuncio.

On 13th of January it’ll be a year since useless Tartaglia thankfully was removed by our gracious God.

On the Terna are 1) William Nolan;

2) Brian McGhee

3) John Keenan.

Heaven help us with these three: 1) is ice cold and heartless; 2) is as thick as they come and 3) well you know all about him.

None of them have what is required to take our parishes forward.

I ask your readers to pray for Glasgow. We’re doomed.