The man who likes to pontificate on everything from yoga to cancer prevention vaccines for girls has maintained A SUSPICIOUS SILENCE on Richard Purcell since his shock resignation as abbot 35 days ago !!!

From the beginning of the Purcell scandal Phonsie was written to personally and copied letters and emails to others.

He took no notice of serious concerns.

In fact he went out of his to publish his friendship with Purcell by being photographed with him, concelebrating with him at Mount Melleray and inviting him to be a  concelebrant at important diocesan occasions.

All the time that Dick Purcell was giving us all the TWO FINGER SALUTE Phonsie was giving us the same salute.

As the bishop of the Diocese Phonsie was bound to have had discussions with Purcell himself, the abbot general and other concerned parties.

As bishop Phonsie has the solemn duty to protect the Faith in his territory and the solemn duty to see that the Catholic Faithful are not scandalised or have their faith undermined by other persons.

He has NOT performed that duty.

Of course the monastery is under obedience to the abbot general essentially.

But the bishop has the role of protecting the faith in the territory where the monastery is situated.

Phonsie has not spoken about this great scandal in spite of his wide mouthed pronunciations on everything else.

Why has Phonsie not spoken?

Was it because the complaints were started on this blog and Phonsie does not want us to get any credit?

Did he not believe the allegations?

Does he believe them now after two resignations?

Was Phonsie cynically protecting his friend Dick?

Is Phonsie compromised in some way?

Does Richard Purcell have something on Phonsie?

These are all very relevant questions at this juncture.

And if Phonsie does not clear these questions up he is dead in the water as a bishop and moral voice and guide.

In fact he has become Ireland’s Number 1 episcopal hypocrite.