“Pat, for those doubting our honesty or the well known facts of the leaders of The Daisy Chain in Glasgow here are some further details that may convince them.

FATHER A has since early days of his priesthood been in a sexual relationship with Fr  of Paisley. FACT!​​ ​​

They and 5 other priests known as “the gay Glums” go on holiday to a villa in Italy each year owned by The Vatican. It is basically an orgy (including drugs) between them though some days and nights rent boys are present and on other occasions the group attend the local gay bars as they do when home in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Carlisle. FACT!

Father A has had sexual relations with, amongst others: Fr C, Mr D a local and Deacon E . FACT!

Fr A goes at night to Queen’s Park and is in there regularly at night with Fr F & less frequently with Mr D. FACT!

He and Fr F have been together but are not in any sort of commitment though do share men.

On three seperate occasions Fr A has been beaten up by rent boys at The Polo Lounge & Del Monica’s gay bars and was unable to say Mass for days after these beatings. FACT!

Fr A is HIV Positive, one of several Glasgow priests living with HIV. FACT! He is host of one of the daisy chain dinners. FACT! How do we know these things? We’ve seen it with our own eyes and been told it by members of the group.​

FR G has since his seminary days in Rome been in a same sex relationship with the late Canon Michael McCoy of Newcastle. FACT! Fr G tried on many occasions to help his lover Michael with his disposition to younger men. This year Canon Michael was arrested for child abuse of numerous boys and within days was found hanging. FACT!

Although Fr G tried to distance himself publicly and privately from Michael during those days between Michaels arrest and suicide he is still distraught over his loss and was one of the few people at the funeral held in private where he was inconsolable. FACT!

Both of their families know it, diocesan clergy know it and people in Rome where Fr G worked know it. FACT!

After Michael hung himself Fr G should have resigned as he was compromised. The clergy are angry he didn’t resign and now have no respect for him. FACT!

He is lazy and lacking vision, all the qualities required for a Scottish bishop. He has been a terrible Pastor in all the parishes he’s served in where people find him heartless and unapproachable & a bit of a laughing stock. FACT!

Fr G has also historically been reported to Archbishop Conti for same sex relations with Mr H a teacher and deacon . FACT!

Father G is host of one of The Daisy Chain dinners. FACT! How do we know these things? We’ve seen it with our own eyes and been told it by members of the group.​

Fr I engaged in a sexual relationship at seminary with Deacon E – a relationship that was very noisy and violent. FACT!

Upon his first curacy he got involved in a sexual relationship with the local Mr D, which caused terrible scandal in the parish. FACT!

Fr I  was barred from the Mr D’s family home by Mrs D. They also went on overnights and long weekends together in the name of Mr D’s business. FACT!

One night Fr I was coming home from St Helen’s, Langside, where Dravon lwas living with Fr B having been thrown out of seminary. Instead of walking home Fr I, having consumed a full bottle of vodka, proceeded to drive home and only 300 yards from the parochial house forgot about the round about which he mounted and got stuck on. FACT!

By sheer coincidence only minutes later Strathclydes finest appeared and arrested him. FACT! He was detained overnight at Aitkenhead Road Police Station before appearing in court in the morning. FACT!

Within a month he was swapped with another naughty and horny priest. FACT!

In his next curacy and thereafter as Parish Priest Fr I has embarrassed himself and the collar by attending parish and school events as well as family homes very, very drunk. FACT!

In his role as ——- pin the diocese he attended a Head Teachers national conference and had to be taken to his room by female head teachers as the males refused to help him due to his vulgar tongue all night. FACT!l

Head Teachers complained to useless Tartaglia and asked for Fr I to be removed but his former rector protected him once again. FACT!

He continues to engage in a sexual relationship with Seacon E  amongst many others. FACT! He unashamedly attends gay bars in Glasgow and attends liturgical and social events in his current parish constantly drunk making all sorts of disgusting remarks about men and boys. FACT!

Fr I is host of one of The Daisy Chain dinners. FACT! How do we know these things? We’ve seen it with our own eyes and been told it by members of the group.​

We are frankly astounded by Bishop Toal disregard for all we (& many others independent of us) have told him (& shown him) in opposition to Deacon E being returned to seminary as well as his ordination to diaconate and priesthood, details of which appear in the latest pastoral letter. Toal is a fool who only listens to Fr J.  Toal is in full knowledge of Deacon E’s behavior and victims (lay & clerical) some of whom have spoken or written to Toal. There will be more scandals and more victims. He is a very dangerous, deviant, perverted and disturbed individual. He is out to ruin people, he does not take no for an answer!!! He is not only immoral but has been protected by The Daisy Chain from safeguarding and the law for which he has no regard. His casualties and victims both within and outside the seminary and church are well into double figures. Some left the seminary and fled the country whilst others left the seminary and the faith never to return. Some of our young priests in Motherwell are very worried for themselves if he’s ordained. These young men were physically, emotionally and sexually damaged by him and still bare the scars. Whilst we might not share their ecclesiology or love of TLM we are their brothers and as humans and Christian’s we fear for their health and ministry, some of them are fine young priests and men – hard working but with Feet of Clay. E may very well be the straw that breaks the camels back for some priests in terms of their ministry and also their relationship with the bishop and diocese; it will certainly divide and destroy the Presbyterate. Toal is arrogant in his attitude on this matter. What we wonder does E have on him or others. The church will never learn or change. The people must hold back their money.



The state of the Scottish Roman Catholic priesthood is abysmal.

And the Scottish bishops are doing nothing about it.

They either don’t care.

Or they are compromised and part of the problem.

The Church of Christ is being destroyed by the senior and junior clergy.