More than 170 people paid tribute online. 

One person said: “A great man with a great sense of humour and time for everyone. He will be missed. RIP Fr Jim.” 

Another added: “What a man! A great laugh, was able to relate to everyone and wasn’t afraid to say what he thought. 

“A family friend who will be a great loss to everyone who has ever met him.” 

A third wrote: “A lovely man, who did a wonderful job for many communities. Rest in peace Father Doherty.”


Of your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of Father James Doherty, RIP who died last evening in the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.

Fr Jim (or “Big Jim” as he was affectionately known) was a priest of the Archdiocese of Glasgow and a long-standing friend of Saint Aloysius’ parish, especially during his early retirement due to ill health.

Jim was ordained in 1979 and served in Saint Peter’s, Partick; Saint Laurence’s Drumchapel; Our Lady& St Mark’s, Alexandra; St Robert Bellarmine, Pollock, and Saint Vincent de Paul in Thornliebank.

Jim went on to become Parish Priest in Saint Vincent de Paul’s before taking seriously unwell with leukaemia. Despite this illness taking him to the absolute edge of life; Jim’s robust personal will saw him recover and eventually return to ministry as Parish Priest in Saint Joachim’s, Carmyle.

In his retirement, Jim was a friend to many and a trusted counsellor to those who sought his wise pastoral advice.At the heart of Jim’s life was his relationship with Jesus Christ, developed by a keen love of theological and spiritual reading and firmly supported by his great devotion to the Mother of God.Our sympathies are with Jim’s sisters and his many close friends and acquaintances. He will be greatly missed.

One parishioner, Tricia McCallion, paid this tribute on social media: “Such sad news. Fr Jim was a legend. He told the best stories, he was so funny and a straight talker too. I hadn’t seen him in a few years but what a brilliant priest and person he was. Rest in peace Fr Jim, we’ll not see your likes again.”


Pat, we must say we had to laugh when we heard all the “nice things” about Fr Big Jim Docherty who died recently in the Archdiocese of Glasgow. More lies, we mean spin from the archdiocese and the sheep.

Jim was indeed well-read, articulate and intelligent regards to theology etc, however, it’s sad he never really put any of it into practice. He actually wasted his God-given talents. He ate him self alive on so many levels and was full of anger, jealousy, resentment and a vicious desire for revenge. He was quite a sad and pathetic figure. Jim was the archetypal donegal mammies boy who had Mammy issues his whole life.

For years he had nothing to do but mince about the diocese with his message bag like a big lassie. He was laughed at. He was a thorn in the side of the church in Glasgow and to three archbishops in a row: Winning, Conti & Tartaglia. He was an embarrassment to the church.​

Jim was very angry and unhappy with his sexuality and lack of career in the church. He never came to terms with either sadly. He was a nasty and evil man. Due to his lack of charity, vicious tongue, vulgar language & sexual innuendo he was not liked by many people and certainly many priests especially those whom he bullied and were afraid of him. He is no loss to the presbyterate nor the diocese.​

He also seemed to have a particular ministry to young men of a certain vintage. He wined and dined out in the finest of Glasgay restaurants on a very regular basis and clung onto the coattails of rich people and retired single men on big pensions. He also lived in a Grace and favour house that was purpose built for him. He was a donegal priest to his fingertips.​

He was a regular visitor to Canon Anthony Gallaghers clergy/laity dinners alongside Jim’s acolytes Deacon Christopher Morris, Mr Mark McGuire, Primary School teacher and Anthony OConner the brother of Fr Liam OConner and nephew of the Glasgow Safeguarding Officer.

Jim was a predator who never once observed celibacy since we were in seminary together and justified this as a priest as each of his Parish Priests in Drumchapel, Househillwood and Thornliebank were in sexual relations with their house keepers. 

Big Jim, Canon Gallagher, Deacon Christopher, Mr Mark McGuire, Mr Anthony OConner and a few single retired teachers from St Aloysius Jesuit College gather near that parish church on a Sunday afternoon for tea after the High Mass at which the College Choir Sing!!!

He is no loss to the presbyterate nor the diocese. A sigh of relief was heard when he died not only from bishops and priests but also from many young men, business owners, restaurantaurs and retired Catholics with good pensions. May the good Lord be more charitable and merciful to Big Jim than he was to others.


Two views.

Feels as people are talking are talking about two different men.