MARK KIRBY, the shamed founder and prior of Ireland’s homoerotic priory, has been writing to friends abroad telling them that he has been cleared of all wrongdoing by the Irish police, Canon law and the charity commissioners.

He is putting his vindication down to the direct intercession of the Virgin Mary

It may be true that no charges have been brought to date – but that is down to the fact that he sexually targeted a monk – an adult.

The monk, Father Benedict Andersen never claimed that Kirby actually assaulted him genitally- but rather sexually harassed him in a homosexual fashion.

Kirby came to Ireland with a well developed reputation of being dodgy when it comes to homosexuality.

He also restricts the age entrance to Silverstream to 30.

That means he only wants 18 – 30 old novices!

A very strange requirement. Does God no longer call those over 30 to priesthood or religious life.

That would even rule Jesus Himself out who did not begin his mission until the age of 30.

Apart from the homosexual concern, Father Benedict described in sworn documents and the drawer of cash Kirby kept in his desk – amounting to tens of thousands of Euros.

No legitimate religious house or diocese allows desk drawers bursting with notes.

Benedict also claimed that Kirby paid off a lay worker in the prior with cash after the workman spotted some “inappropriate touching” being engaged in by Kirby.

Kirby has always inhabited a strange world in which homosexuality and monasticism co-exist.

He is the author of a long letter to an Abbot outlining this monastic coexistence in his ownife.

The police and charity commissioners will only act if a crime has been committed.

The RCC us infamous for its support and tolerance of all kinds of Kirbys.

The local episcopus, Tom Deenihan is many things but certainly not a moral crusader.

It emerged this week that Kiby taught the leader of another monastic cult I Wyoming in the USA where all the monks strip for each other and novices are harassed.

These places of sexual and religious abuse are spring up in many places and two factors stand out:

1. Homoerotic overtones.

2. The Tridentine Mass.

Kirby and his ilk are a danger to all Catholics but particularly to Catholic young men feeling called to a monasticism life.

To paraphrase a Scripture:

“They are lions prowling around seeking young men to devour”.

And the amazing things is that otherwise intelligent Catholics are falling for their caca.

Kirby even claims that Jesus speaks to him from the tabernacle.

And people are paying money to Kirby to find out what Jesus says to him.

In my opinion, Kirby is dangerous and should be under psychiatric / psychotheraputic care.