The above is interesting – the bishop, with the help of the priest’s family, questioning the priest’s physical and mental health.

The reference to his liver is them suggesting the priest has an alcohol or substance abuse problem.

All meant to undermine the priest and his credibility.

Those of us who have stood up to the RCC and its bishops have always been attacked at the level of our physical and mental health.

And the RCC has attempted to use family members against us.

Auld Desmond Connell invited my Mum in for tea on her own.


She told him she would only join him if I was with here.

She may have left school at 14 but she was more than able for auld Connell.

These RC gangsters are ruthless.

I hope the priest is ok and if he’s not I hope he has friends to support him.


Hi Pat,

A few of us gathered Saturday to watch the Big Jim Docherty funeral online.​

The Liturgy was beautiful thanks to the Jesuit choir. Plenty of Latin.​

The Jesuit preached very well as you’d expect from a Jesuit.

The former priest also spoke very well in his eulogy; some of us studied with him – a lovely man who is very talented and a terrible loss to the priesthood. During the eulogy amongst other things we found the following points very interesting: 1) he spoke of ‘The Angry Years’ that big Jim went through; 2) he spoke of Big Jim finally ‘accepting himself’ & 3) he spoke about big Jim walking about Glasgow with his message bag containing amongst other things the latest fragrance! All of these would back up the theme of our obituary to you about Big Jim. It just sounded like an LGBT closet man being eulogized.

The Daisy Chain were out in force:​

  • Mgr Bradley presided but can’t stand, breath and preach at the same time and is too obese to give out Communion;
  • his MC was the teacher and meal attender Mr Mark McGuire.
  • another Daisy Chain Host, Canon Anthony Gallagher, presided over the Final Commendation.

An alternative Purvey was held at a restaurant frequented by Big Jim close by to the church. Only the daisy chain members were present, it was all very camp and tearful. They reminisced about Big Jim and absolutely tore you to ribbons. They’re frightened of you & the damage the blog has done to their reputations etc.