In spite the emergence of other victims of Dom Kirby speaking out the Silverstream MONKS are currently unable or unwilling to see the DARKER side to Dom Kirby’s life.

This is regrettable, but understable given the fact that Kirby is Silverstream’s founder ( along with Dom Benedict Andersen).

In ways Silverstream in a small “cult”. Dom Kirby is the founder – and not only the founder – but a founder who claims that Jesus speaks to him from the Tabernacle on a daily basis.

So he a founder with a daily direct line to Jesus Christ!

To go against him is to go against Jesus!

A regular feature of cults is that the founder and guru is often involved in secret sexual activity with cult members – either women or men.

On the one hand Dom Kirby is handing down messages from God and at the same time touching monks and occasionally allowing his penis or testicles to pop out in what he calls “whopsey” moments.

He blames these things on his Mediterranean culture – even though he hails from North America.

Dom Kirby’s behaviour is a mini version of the great scandal of Father Marcoel Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ.

The only one who can successfully intervene here is the Bishop of Meath Tom Deenihan.

He needs to find a new residence for Dom Mark Kirby.

He also needs to apologise to Dom Benedict Andersen and restore all his rights and make up for all the wrongs done to him.

If these things are not done quickly Dom Kirby will continue to abuse and Silverstream will be suppressed


Vindication for the whistleblower.

I became aware of a site claiming that four other ‘victims’ have come forward to tell their story about the sexual harassments within the fledgling Benedictine priory.  I believe it’s a Public Association of the Faithful or a community of diocesan right and not federated with the Benedictine Order.  They follow the Rule of St. Benedict.  Thus far, canonically at least, they are not monks.  I may be wrong, but the founder, in order to make this foundation was exclaustrated from the monastic order of his profession and made private vows to the bishop of the diocese.

Former supporters of the priory are coming to the defense of whistleblower Dom Benedict Anderson who has lived in exile from his community after his request for a visitation to investigate the religious life of the community, the formation of aspirants to their mode of monastic life, along with the eccentricities of the prior.  Without further comment, I will link to an important post which details some of the misconduct and boundary issues the prior perpetrated upon aspirants to the community, which corelate to the original  harassment claims the whistleblower publicly revealed. Sadly Fr. Benedict is in a sort of limbo, having done nothing wrong, he remains in exile from the priory and apparently is unable to exercise his priestly ministry – a grave injustice.

Be forewarned, the blog post I link to is very disturbing, yet I’m convinced it vindicates Fr. Benedict’s original complaint.  Pray for him.

There Are At Least Four More Victims…I have been given the names and details of four more men who say that Kirby sexually harassed them during their stay at Silvetstream.

I have been refused permission to name them on the Blog for now.

All 4, for different reasons, are afraid of reprisals of various kinds. – Read more here.

I reached out to Fr. Mark to ask if all this was true, reminding him of the cautions  I offered some years ago after he had told me of his plans for a monastic foundation.  He eventually cut off all ties to me, since I even questioned the publishing of his locutions on his blog at the time.  I pray for him that he will not be destroyed by all of this and find peace.  

It is very important however, that Fr. Benedict is vindicated and can continue his ministry.

Very seriously, if one feels called to monastic life, look at the established orders and abbeys.  Stay away from charismatic – be they traditional or progressive communities.  Authentic monastic life is not about novelties or the imitation of an outdated form, enhanced by ancient architectural forms and strict adherence to rubrics and observances.  A tonsure doesn’t make one a monk.  Not a few ‘new’ communities seem to want to emulate the life style of cloistered nuns, which should be the first red flag something is off.

Terry NelsonĀ