A narcissistic founder with a worrying homoerotic past.

Monks receiving spiritual direction in underwear.

Homosexual grooming.

Superiors crossing boundaries in visiting cells.

Financial concerns.

Dear Robert,

You are correct when you assert that you and I are worlds apart in many of our views.

But we can have Diversity within Unity.

I did not head off on my own to found the “Buckleyites” 😀.

I desired to remain a priest of Down and Connor and minister in its parishes, under the obedience of the bishop.

I was not ordained to be a desk priest or promotion.

My greatest desire would to have been a good Parish Priest.

Bishop Cahal Daly dismissed me from the Diocese and offered me England, the USA or Australia.

I begged him not to force me into an independent.

But he pushed and I became independent. I had no desire to minister outside the Roman Catholic Church.

For 36 years I have sought reconciliation with the RCC.

Sadly in that quest, no bishop, no priest and very few Catholic laity have been willing to talk to me.

The very term RECONCILIATION requires two sides to interact 🙂

Secondly, I had no plan to assume episcopal ministry.

I stayed as an independent priest for 12 years – 1986 to 1998.

In 1998 men and women were expressing the desire to join my in ministry.

I was consecrated a bishop by an archbishop and a bishop.

I do not claim to be a member of the RC hierarchy internationally.

I have been the senior presbyter and overseer (episcopus) at Larne for 36 years. Now that’s STABILITY.

As the senior presbyter and overseer of the Christians who meet in Larne I am their bishop.

This has New Testament underpinnings.

I did notice in your video and it may not have been intended, that you suggested discernment of 1.the Magisterium, 2. Canon Law, 3. The Catechism and the Scriptures.

Personally I put Number 4 Scripture as NUMBER ONE.

By the way I am not arguing with you or challenging you. I just expressing my perspective.

With prayers and warm wishes,

Your very new and highly unlikely friend 🙂



Robert has asked me to leave the situation in Silverstream in his hands and has promised to sort it within a week or so.

So that’s what I am doing.

I’m sure Robert will update us when he is able.