“Homosexuals are the second most disgusting species on the planet”.

I often get comments like this coming into the blog and invariably don’t publish them.

Why is it that when people talk a out “straight” couples they talk about love, children, mortgages, schools – as well as sex.

But when they talk about homosexual couples they concentrate on the physical sexual behaviour such couples get up to?

Gay couples nowadays also have love and mortgages – and now can also have children either through adoption or surrogacy.

All happy and fulfilled couples, whether hetero or homo, experience sex as one aspect of theirives.

Other aspects, such as partnership, love, affection and friendship take up much more time.

Some gay men and women are sexually promiscuous. But so are some straight men and women.

Some gay couples engage in anal sex. But so do many straight couples.

Some gay couples gave no sex life after a while. Some straight couples experience the same.

Some gay couple live their lives as brothers and brothers or sisters and sisters. So do some straight couples

In fact I would say more hetero couples opt for twin beds or separate bedrooms than gay couples do.

The point I’m trying to make is that we should not concentrate on sex when it comes to gay couples. There are many more aspects to theirives than sex.

And many gay couples have faith and pray together.

And I should know. I have been in such a partnership for 14 years.

So, let’s look at all couples in the broader context of the totality of their relationship.

Not to do so is simply indulging in ignorance and prejudice.




The recent concentration on Silverstream does NOT mean that our investigation into the bullhorn and death of Michael Deegan is being forgotten.

Far from it.

Michael Deegan was bullied to the poi t he voted take no more and chose the most tragic way of ending his pain.

Those responsible for his bullying and death are still alive must be named and held accountable.

The clergy who were aware of his horrific plight and did nothing are as guilty as the bullies.

The Church that has hidden or destroyed the records stands accused!

Michael Deegan’s blood in on many hands.

His cry for truth and justice is still heard on the breezes of Tipperary and Offaly.