Since I met him I believe that Robert Nugent is a very sincere man.

He has had to abandon his Silverstream campaign for personal reasons – mainly because “THEY” came after his wife and family.

His wife was receiving sinister, silent calls and this completely unnerved her.

Robert is her husband of 22 years and the father of their children.

When your family is being intimidated and frightened you simply cannot ignore it.

I don’t blame Robert for waving the white surrender flag.

The people who went after him are ruthless and dangerous.

They would be quite capable of cutting the brake pipes on his wife’s car.

They would be capable of much worse.

But this shows you the evil and disgusting under belly of the Catholic Institution internationally and in Ireland.

This is simply Satanic and Demonic. No other words for it.

PROFOUND EVIL pretending to BE OF GOD!

So many bishops, priests and fanatical Catholic laity disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.


Robert has another big problem and I mean no disrespect to Robert’s sincerity.

He has swallowed all THEIR bull shit about magisterium, Canon Law, hierarchy, ontological change etc.

And that’s where they have sincere Catholic like Robert by the short and curries.

They tell them that you can only have access to God and Heaven through US.

They have made themselves, the way, the truth and the life.

Here they have even hijacked Jesus Christ and his message.

The hierarchy and clergy are the SAVIOURS, not Jesus.

At the turn of the 20th century they were selling crucifixes in Rome with the pope on the cross and not Jesus!

What Jesus gave us for free is now being charged for by bishops and priests.