If, as the monks of Silverstream would have us believe, the Priory got a clean bill of health from the civil authorities, why has Mark Kirby not been restored to his position as prior?

If NOBODY in Silverstream has done ANY WRONG why is a humble brother, Elijah, still the prior and the Great Seer Kirby, still on chains at the suspect Priory?

If Kirby was cleared of misbehaviour by both the church and civil authorities why has ne not been reappointed?

The truth is, that on spite of all protestations, the church authorities KNOW that Kirby was guilty of what Dom Benedict accused him of.

Dom B did not accuse Kirby of physical sexual assault.

He accused him of sexual harassment.

He also accused him of entering monks cells late at night.

He accused him of inappropriately touching semi naked monks while they were in bed.

He accused him of forcing monks to listen to the gorey details of his own sexual as a child at the hands of his two uncles.

This behaviour in a monastery is gross misconduct.

This behaviour by a religious superior towards his community is even more unforgivable.


Robert Nugent, formerly close to Silverstream and Mark Kirby, and also a former oblate of the monastery after examine the facts has reached the conclusion that:

1. Silverstream is a cult.

2. Dom Benedict has suffered a great injustice that should be put right.

3. Kirby should leave Silverstream.

4. A group of properly formed Benedictines should be brought to Silverstream to reform it.

Robert is correct. Silvetstream is a cult and Kirby a cult leader.

The monls there have not received a proper Benedictine formation.

They are not Benedictines. They are Kirbyites.


Tom Deenihan the incumbent of Meath, has tolerated all that has gone on in Silverstream and continues to tolerate it

This is a serious question:

Is Tom Deenihan compromised in any way that makes him tolerant of Kirby’s antics?

This question needs to be addressed.

And will be addressed by this blog.