Mark Kirby, against all normal protocol for a religious superior, got all the young monks to go to Confrssion to him and open up about all their problems, and then told all the monks each others private faults.

He even shared the monks private issues with lay visitors over tea.

One of those secrets he shared was Dom Elijah’s problem with gay porn.

In spite of the fact that Elijah was the cellar man and ordered all the supplies, Kirby ordered that he could only be on the computer with all the office doors opened whereby he could be monitored.

All the monks could only access their emails on the omputer in the library.

Kirby was the only one allowed a computer in his cell.


“My point, Bishop Pat in telling you about Elijah and porn, was less about Elijah and his struggles and more about the way that Kirby has violated the privacy of every single man who has come into that religious house. And it’s all the more serious in light of the fact that even the sham visitation pointed out that there were egregious violations of the internal forum, including that Kirby himself was hearing the confessions of his subjects.

My personal view is that Kirby has almost certainly violated the seal in some way; the problem is that I cannot prove it.

Then there is the issue of medical our medical data protection. He spread the monks struggles far and wide, and I know that he shared about others’ struggles with people as well.

He even wrote into the constitutions (an article struck down by the visitation) that he had to have eyes and ears in the medical exam room, and the infirmarian (his representative) had to dole out medications for all of the brethren.

We had to have our medications doled out to us like patients in a mental institution. And Kirby would even overrule the doctor’s instructions about medications and when and how to take them


The more you discover about Silverstream you more you see that Robert Bugent is right about it being a cult.

Every aspect of each monks life was minutely controlled by Kirby.

It is a disgrace that he insisted that all the monks used him as a confessor. This does not happen anywhere else.

It is a disgrace that he had full access to all the monks private medical data.

It is a disgrace that he discussed one monks medical data with other monks.

It is a disgrace that he gossiped about monks private and medical information with lay people who visited Silverstream.

The monks at Silverstream may not know or admit the control Kirby had and still has.

They are literally prisoners of Kirby.

They are like mice that Cat Kirby plays with.

It is a thundering disgrace that people like Tom Deenihan is allowing this virtual prison to operate in his diocese.

Silverstream is a Cult gulag.