As a Christian and clergyman it is my firm belief that Christopher is now with his Lord in paradise.

In fact it seems to me that Heaven now has an interesting and colourful new character inside the Pearly Gates. Another reason to want to go there.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Christopher but friends who did, liked him greatly and admired his commitment to politics and his family.

Since Christopher died over a week ago at least four causes of his death have been circulating – aneurism, cardiac arrest, sudden cancer death and leukaemia.

In the past few days some sources have said his sad death was suicide.

Because Christopher was a public figure and was outspoken on so many issues his death is a genuine matter of public interest.

I know that this fact may be uncomfortable for  Christopher’s family, friends and political party.

But facts are facts.

It was most important that we did not ask these questions too soon in the wake of his very sad death and until he had been laid to rest.

I have been contacted to say a priest from County Down had some role to play in the life and death?

Another story cites some form of blackmail?

Another story cites massive divisions, intense meetings and disputes in the DUP?

I am not saying that these reports are true and accurate.

If anybody contributed to Christopher’s death they must be exposed and punished.

But Christopher was a public figure and as I say his sudden death is a genuine matter of public interest.

Also, a brief public statement clarifying this matter would bring an end to all rumour and speculation.

Jesus said: “The truth will set you free” !

May he now rest in peace and may God give comfort and strength to his wife, children, family and friends.