The Catholic bishop of Innsbruck, Austria, inaugurated a “Lenten” decoration of the main altar of the historic University church of Saint John Nepomuk, a baroque jewel from the early 18th century. The “decoration” shows an enlarged partial inverted photograph of a naked young man with scars and tattoos lying on a bed and has been placed as an altarpiece above the tabernacle of the former main altar of the church. The piece of contemporary art by Carmen Brucic was specially chosen by Bishop Hermann Glettler, and bears the title: “Tired.”

Bishop Glettler has campaigned for the blessing of same-sex couples in the past (more on that later)


One of my worries for a long time now has been the gradual homosexualisation of the Catholic priesthood and church.

The priesthood is now a gay profession but it should not be.

The People of God are very diverse and that diversity should be expressed in Holy Orders.


I do not agree with the Austrian bishop displaying the image he has displayed.

And it’s not because I’m a prude – far from it.

I have no objection to erotic art or indeed homoerotic art. But I believe the place for such art is either in an art gallery or in the private home of an individual.

I do not believe that homoerotic or erotic art should be displayed in a church.

There is nothing wrong with church art that is challenging or makes us think.

But do we really need to see genitalia displayed above altars?

And this trend is not just in Austria. We have it in Ireland too.

Brother Emma’s who to my mind is an extreme good artist painted the picture below and it was apparently planned to be placed the the monastery Chapel.

Is it an angel or the archangel Michael?

It was actually banned by Facebook.

And apparently it was placed in the monasteries library and not the Chapel.

But what do achieve spiritually liturgically or pastorally from displaying an angel with his male genitalia?

Do angels have genitalia I wonder?

Is this another subtle way of homosexuising the priesthood church.

I have no personal objection to Brother Emmaus’ painting. And I would, personally have no problem having it in a private room in my house.

But not in a church surely?’


Dom Kirby had some of these paintings in Silverstream.

Again, in my opinion this actually very good painting by Terry Nelson, is not suitable for a church.

And again, a good painting but for an art gallery or private home.

I am concerned about the creeping homosexualisation of the priesthood.

It’s not good when any minority, lobby group or one issue campaign group tries to hijack the whole church.