DAVID VARD gave a very good and confident interview.

His appearance was very good and neat. He spoke well and did not appear to be nervous.

So, a very well done interview.


When a priest goes on national television to explain and justify his life and the “goodness” within the Roman Catholic Church, he does set himself up to be both lauded and challenged.

He stated that he “fell in love with God and the Church” when he was 18.

I can say that the same thing happened to me – but while I remained in love with God, I fell out of love with the Church – because of what they were like and did to me.

Father Vard has declared before all of Ireland that he is both “celibate and chaste”.

But when Tommy Tiernan said to him that if he had sex it would NOT be a sin – Father Vard agreed with him.

But that is NOT the teaching of the Church he loves.

The Church he loves requires him not to have sex at all – even with himself!

Thankfully, like Amy Martin and Brian D’Arsey, he did not go on to say he would have loved to be a husband and father but had sacrificed all that for God.

But he did say that being married and being a priest would be UNFAIR to his wife and his priesthood both.

What about all the good married priests and ministers?

Are they not as pastoral and good as celibate priest? Does it take away from their marriage?


Father Vard was ordained in Maynooth in 2017.

That means he went in there in 2010 or 2011.

It also means he was there for the Maynooth Summer of Love in 2016 and the “Strange Goings On” (Diarmuid Martin) in the years leading up to it.

I have NEVER heard that Father Vard took part in any strange goings on.

But surely, he was aware of it. If he said he wasn’t, then he is either in another world or lying.

I suspect that Father Vard is gay. And, indeed, he may be the most holy, chaste, and continent priest in Ireland or the whole world.

But now that he has appeared on national television to talk openly about himself, his life, his chastity, and the goodness of the Roman Catholic Church, a lot of integrity will be expected of him.

Remember Old Michael Rasputin Cleary on the Late Late Show promoting no contraception and no sex before marriage – while all the while sleeping with women and making babies.


And our friend Brian D’Arsey stayed with Michael Cleary every week for years in Dublin and NEVER SAW NOTHIN 😀

“Pull the other one”, Brian. There’s bells 🔔 on it.