I have to say I am uneasy about this Brendan Kilcoyne fella.

He looks like a more agricultural version of our friend Robert Nugent.

I don’t really buy his “Ah lads” presentation.

I worry about him looking “elegant nonchalance” donations for Immaculata Press

Is that the Church Militant branch of the Legion of Mary?

Will the universal spiritual crisis we are in be addressed by “spiritual fast food”.

Does the promotion of the priest as “a man apart” not have echoes of the ontologically changed brigade?

Is it true that:

“The priests run the church and lay people run the world”?

Is his description of the priesthood “not been in great shape” a thundering understatement?

Is Kilcoyne on an ego trip?

Has he a secret life?

Is he a Mary man or a Joe man?

Is he a cider man or a wine connuser?

What do readers make of this bowsie, Kilcoyne?

For me, the jury is far out, and I’m wondering what the real story is.

You see, experience has taught me that what you see is not always what you get.

And I don’t know if Ireland is ready just yet for an Irish Rural Buddha.