The pub above is the premises where Ryan McAleer was drinking on the night he sexually seduced one of his victims.

The victim had been drinking in another pub in the town, and the customers from all pubs drifted towards the chippy van in the town.

The victim is fully honest about the fact that he had been drinking.

He also says that Ryan McAleer had a lot of drink taken.

At the chippy Ryan asked the young man back to the parochial house.

The young man recognising him as a priest accepted the invitation and expected a chat and a cup of coffee.

At the parochial house, the young man was faced with a warren of stairs and rooms.

They ended up in a sitting room.

Eventually, Ryan initiated a sexual advance.

The young man drew back, but Ryan pushed forward.

Sexual contact was made, and the young man suffered an injury.

The young man has provided Eamon Martin with details and images.

The young man made contact with the PSNI, and all information and images were shared with the police.





Dear Eamon,

I know that this letter to you will not get you to act in the case of Ryan McAleer. From that perspective, as more and more people are coming to realise, writing to you is a waste of time.

"ag caint leis an gcapall agus an capall ina chodladh". Talking to the horse and the horse asleep.

So, I am writing this letter to you for three reasons:

1. So that victims can feel that someone cares about their sufferings.

2. So that this matter may be put on public record.

3. So that the Armagh priests who are disturbed about this matter and who have been in touch with me will know that the matter has been put to you both directly and publicly.

Some questions:

A. Is it true that several young men have been in touch with you after having had unwanted and unwelcome encounters with Ryan McAleer?

B. Is it true that you have been told about and shown material showing that Ryan McAleer was / is using the Grindr App?

C. Is it true that Ryan McAleer was placed “on leave” and told to abstain from ministry in the diocese?

D. Is it true that you have received various reports over a number of years regarding Ryan McAleer’s lifestyle in Dungannon and beyond?

These matters are very serious and require strong and decisive action on your part.

But over the years, you have shown no real interest in acting on such matters and indeed have given the strong impression that you have a “soft spot” for such priests.

What lies behind that lack of interest is a Freudian conundrum.

Please do not reply by telling me to report any crimes committed to the PSNI. I know that and have been acting accordingly for many years.

I do not need any reply from you as such a reply, I believe, would be meaningless and useless.

Just do your job. Control your priests. Care for their victims.

Your brother bishop,

+ Pat Buckley