From Complicit Clergy

“The bishop-elect of Columbus, Ohio, has challenged the admission of men with homosexual tendencies into seminaries, vigorously defending Pope Benedict XVI’s ban on ordaining gays as priests.

Father Earl Fernandes, the first priest of Indian origin to be appointed a bishop in the United States, warned against the priesthood being seen “as a refuge for those who would not desire marriage,” given “the continual devolution of sexuality in the culture.”
Benedict’s Instruction

In an academic book titled Seminary Formation and Homosexuality, Fernandes argues that, according to Benedict, even “support of the homosexual movement” is sufficient “to disqualify a candidate from the priesthood.”

“Such a person cannot be judged to have the requisite affective maturity demanded of the priestly vocation and cannot properly assume the role of father and spouse,” writes the priest. The 44-page book is an elaboration of his earlier journal article on the topic.

Fernandes demonstrates how Benedict’s comments prohibiting homosexuals in seminaries in his book Light of the World “do not represent a new teaching of the Church.”

The former pontiff’s comments are “perfectly consistent with the Church’s doctrine and norms regarding homosexuality and the sacrament of Holy Orders,” the 49-year-old Cincinnati cleric notes, lamenting the fact there has been “little reference” to the instruction since its publication in 2005.

“It is no small matter to stand in persona Christi at the altars of the Church,” Fernandes emphasizes. Priests “are to be men, configured to Jesus Christ (the head, shepherd and spouse of the Church), capable of giving themselves completely to their Bride the Church with generous hearts, animated by the true spirit of pastoral charity.”

God Fearing Souls

December 24, 2018 from by

A former seminarian shares his personal experience as a student at the Pontifical seminary in Columbus, Ohio in the mid-1990s.  The age-old battle of good versus evil has infiltrated a system once designed to produce good men for the Catholic priesthood. What is happening today is a perversion of the original intent of the seminary—rife with sexual congress, homosexuals, and scandal—things are not what they once were.  The pontifical seminary directly injects men into positions of weight within the Catholic Church, but a number of these men, destined to be priests, are poised to cause damage from the inside out.  Atheists, agnostics, and immoral men have placed themselves in positions of authority and influence within Catholicism’s most sacred institutions. These evils exist for a dastardly purpose, and it is astonishing.  The belief that these institutions are places of purity and godly thought is a dangerous one, but God-Fearing Souls offers a rare, raw glimpse at scandals and debauchery heretofore untold in an attempt to shine light in dark places. It exposes the ugly truth and illuminates what has been covered up for so long.


The RCC is absolutely clear on its teachings about homosexuality and homosexuals in the priesthood and seminaries.

Their teaching says that homosexual acts are DISORDERED AND MORTALLY SINFUL.


*** Of course I personally disagree with Rome on these matters***

Buy that is their teaching.

The fact that there are thousands of priests and bishops and seminarians who are homosexually active does not invalidate this teachings for the RCC.

It just means that all those priests and bishops are HYPOCRITES.

And bishops and seminarians are breaching their own church teachings and allowing homosexually active men into the priesthood and seminaries.


If you are a homosexual why would you want anything to do with a Church that regards you as disordered and sinful?

Why not just pray to God who does NOT think you are disordered and sinful?

And if you want to be a priest why not join a Church who will accept you as you are and even love you for it?

I was a RC priest for 10 years and I’m now an “independent” Catholic priest and bishop for 12 years and 24 years.

I have a much happier and fuller life as an independent priest than I would have had as an RC one.

I don’t have to worry about canon laws or hierarchies.

I simply ask myself every day: :What would Jesus do” and then go and do it.

No need to beg a bishops permission or have to out up with his mood swings.

No need to be filling out endless forms and consulting chancellors (chancers) or other self important HMS Pinofore types.

Just look at the New Testament and do what Jesus tells you to do.

In the future most priests will be part time and holding down another job that pays his way.

Churches will be replaced by house churches or basic Christian communities – with people like the local plumber celebrating Mass.