Robert Nugent has made very valid criticisms of the “Chrism Mass” at Killala Cathedral this year.

The Chrism Mass, traditionally is the ceremony during Holy Week where the Holy Oils are blessed by the bishop for use in all the Sacraments celebrated in the diocese for the coming year.

It is also the ceremony in which all the priests renew their priestly promises and commitment.

But this year  the Killala bishop, JOHN FLEMMING decided to use the Chrism Mass to induct all the members of parish councils in the diocese into office.

This is a TOTAL and THOROUGHLY INAPPROPRIATE way to use the longstanding tradition of the Chrism Mass.

Parish Council members can be inducted at any time.

And the existence and vocation of parish Council members is important.

Many people think that John Flemming made a mess of being the rector of the Irish College in Rome when he was there.

Homosexual carry on was rife in his time.

I do not rate John Flemming as a person, a priest or a bishop.

He got Killala because he was a company man and was known in Rome – not for any personal attributes he had.

He obviously has no respect for tradition and liturgy when he turns the Chrism Mass into a rally.

Killala has not had an ordination for ten years.

It has no seminarians.

Flemming is an undertaker presiding over the demise of Killala as he presided over the decline of the Irish College.

I don’t agree with much of what Robert Nugent says and visa versa.

Buy he he on the button about how the current clergy and bishops have nothing to hand on to new generations.

And that is very worrying.

I’m not sure that Robert’s solution of the Latin Mass and right wing young priests bedecked in lace and cassock will do it either 😞