Spanish bishops refuse to participate in State-run sex abuse inquiry

Catholic bishops in Spain say they will not cooperate with parliamentary commission because its focus is only on sexual abuse in the Church and not in all sectors of society.

The Catholic bishops of Spain have refused to participate in the State-run, independent investigation into Church-related sexual abuse of minors.

“We want to emphasize that investigating abuse within the Church only, when it is clear that of the 15,000 cases opened in Spain, only 69 involve the Church, is a surprising decision,” said Bishop Luis Argüello, spokesman for the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE).

Bishop Argüello said the commission, which Spanish Parliament agree on in March, should carry out a broader investigation, instead.

He pointed to the one recently set up by Catalonia’s regional government, which is also investigate sex abuse committed in schools, sports centers and recreational organizations.

The Church refuses to be a “scapegoat”

Argüello, who is the auxiliary bishop of Valladolid, said society “as a whole” must become aware of “the magnitude of this problem” and avoid making Church into a “scapegoat”.

Nonetheless, he said that he and his fellow the bishops “will collaborate with the civil authorities” and open their diocesan archives, “taking into account civil and canonical legislation and the law on data protection”.

But the 69-year-old prelate said it’s his “personal” view that there is an “overestimation of what can be found in the archives”.

Spanish Parliament voted overwhelming in favor of setting up the independent commission, which was first proposed the ruling Socialist Party.

It came after the Madrid daily El Pais published an expose revealing that an estimated 1,246 children had been abused in the Spanish Church since the 1930s.

The revelations prompted the bishops, who have long been reticent on the issue, to commission their own independent audit at the end of February in order to shed light on Church-related abuse cases.

The Catholic Church in Spain has officially recognizes only 220 cases of pedocriminality over the past 20 years


“BASTARDOS” is the Spanish word for male bastards.

And the Spanish Roman Catholic bishops like their Irish cousins, are out and out bastards.

Their Mother Institution is truly an axis of evil.

They put their institution before abused children, women and men.

They cover up for their perverts, deviants, thieves, abusers and murderers and destroy and discard anyone good in the institution.

The mouth the name of Jesus Christ and blaspheme Him by their evil actions.

They have their pathetic Holy See statelet but they really exist in all the countries of the Earth.

They are as ABSOLUTELY incapable of policing themselves as we’re the Nazis and the Third Reich.

Therefore it is more important than ever that the CIVIL AUTHORITIES begin to ruthlessly hold them to account.

Some countries may have to build extra prisons to accommodate bishops and priests.

That would be an Alleluia moment for victims and survivors world wide.

I hope the Spanish lead the way with their pursuit of their bastardos.

And I hope that other nations, including Ireland follow their lead.

Ireland needs these “bastardai” dealt with.

Maybe some future meeting of the Irish Episcopal Conference will have to take place in Mountjoy Prison Dublin?



🎵 How do you solve a problem like Markieeeeeeeeeee 🎵

Dear Mother Immaculata,

You may not be aware but a number of serious allegations of sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement have been made against the former Prior of Silverstream Priory, Fr Mark Kirby. These allegations were sufficiently serious to warrant an investigation by the Irish police force (An Garda Síochána) that lasted over a year. The police were satisfied to refer the allegations to the state prosecuting authorities so the allegations were not without substance.

It is my understanding that you are very “devoted” to Fr Kirby, and that is to your considerable misfortune. However, this devotion may have clouded your judgement and objectivity about Fr Kirby.

It has been alleged that Fr Kirby who mysteriously vanished from Silverstream Priory in the Republic of Ireland with two novices may have visited and spend time at the convent in Tegelen — is this true?

In fact, he may still be resident at the convent in Teleglen – is this true?

If so, did you, Mother Immaculata invite Fr Kirby to come and reside at the convent?

If you did so, did you seek the permission of the community by vote?

If Fr Kirby did visit the convent, did Fr Kirby have the written permission of the Bishop of Meath, Thomas Deenihan to visit and reside in the convent?

If Fr Kirby did visit the convent in Tegelen, did he celebrate the sacraments?

If so, was Fr Kirby in possession of a letter of good standing and a celebret from the Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath, Bishop Thomas Deenihan?

If Fr Kirby is not resident at the convent, at the time of this writing, do you know the precise location of Fr Mark Kirby?

Are you in contact with Fr Kirby?

Are the two novices previously resident at Silverstream Priory still with Fr. Kirby?

If Fr Kirby was/is staying at the convent in Tegelen given the controversy was his presence made known to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Roermond, Bishop Smeets?

Mother Immaculata, because I believe transparency is good for the Church, I will be placing a copy of this e-mail on my blog, which attracts a very wide readership across the world.

Also, I am copying this e-mail to the Ordinary of your Diocese, Bishop Smeets and to Bishop Thomas Deenihan, Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath, because, as a matter of civil and canon law Fr Kirby is a priest of the Diocese of Meath.

With prayerful best wishes,

+ Pat Buckley